14 September 2016, Wednesday, day 16 , Porto to Povoa de Varzim

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September 14th 2016
Published: October 4th 2016
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'Fab Five' eager to start walking!'Fab Five' eager to start walking!'Fab Five' eager to start walking!

Julian, Moira, Jo, Karen, Harlan
14 September 2016, day 16, Wednesday. From Porto to Povoa de Varzim. 19 miles. Hotel Axis Ver Mar Conference and Beach Hotel.

We head out the door of the Carris Hotel in Porto, our eager band of five for Julian and Moira's first day and our 16th day. We have the steep walk up to the Sao Bento metro train station for the subway line that we will take to the coastal town of Matosinhos. The trains are packed as it is rush hour but there are individuals on the train platforms to answer questions. We get off at Mercado, the next-to-last stop as it is the nearest stop to the 'lifting bridge.' We rapidly climb the spiral staircase as we do not want to have to wait if the bridge is being lifted. We cross the River Leca.

We stop for the first cup of coffee and then head for the coast and the Portuguese El Camino coastal route.

We pass by a large oceanside swimming pool and an impressive stone fort, steadily walking toward a large faro (lighthouse.) We walk along a wide boulevard to pass the faro that acts as a pilgrim 'beacon' and on to the chapel, Capela, that is built on a large rocky promontory over the sea.

A constant landmark is a huge gas-fired power station. It is a huge enterprise and many storage tanks are being built.

We are now walking on one of many boardwalks which are much easier on the feet and legs than asphalt.

We pass by where a shipwreck occurred. It is a very rocky coastline and the waters treacherous.

Next is a memoria obelisk telling of the July 8 1832 landing by King Pedro and 7500 men of his liberal army that marked the end of an absolutist regime. I can not even begin to imagine that number of men advancing upon land here from the rough sea.

At Casa do Mar there is a traditional stone fisherman's shed and nearby are replica Roman salt tanks.

We are now in the area of S. Paio where archeological investigations continue, exploring the myths and meaning of the ancient settlement.

Rain clouds have now become serious and we just make it to a cafe before the heavens open. We wait until the squall has passed and then find our way across the Rio Ave with the huge church and monastery of Santa Clara staring down upon us from its lofty heights. We are now in lovely Vila do Conde with its cobbled alleyways.

We now wearily trod on to Povoa do Varzim where we will stay for the night.

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Looking across River LecaLooking across River Leca
Looking across River Leca

Another view across river, after crossing bridge

Gas power plant beyond refineries with many giant tanks under construction.

Refinery lasts a full kilometer. These stretched along the shore a long way
The "farewell," "hello," "how you doing" greetingThe "farewell," "hello," "how you doing" greeting
The "farewell," "hello," "how you doing" greeting

Board walk 'Buen Camino' in yellow. Much of this day was on boardwalk
Capela (chapel) Capela (chapel)
Capela (chapel)

A memorial chapel built after offshore shipwreck
Right foot, left footRight foot, left foot
Right foot, left foot

4 of our merry band of 5 walk along path near beach
Marker for King Pedro IV and his menMarker for King Pedro IV and his men
Marker for King Pedro IV and his men

Important event in Portugeuse history with overthrow of absolutist rule
Site of German sub sinkingSite of German sub sinking
Site of German sub sinking

A WW II German submarine was sunk offshore and is now a favorite diving spot.
Fish tanksFish tanks
Fish tanks

Old Roman fish tanks for drying and salting fish
Phillipa and her grandmotherPhillipa and her grandmother
Phillipa and her grandmother

This little girl was helping her grandmother sweep sand from the walk.
Old fisherman shedsOld fisherman sheds
Old fisherman sheds

Could be used to store boats and equipment

4th October 2016

Lifting Bridge
I assume that means a draw bridge. And you made it over before it had to draw. The colors of the fishermen sheds remind me of the colorful houses in Aruba. Glad you are doping so well on your Camino. We prayed again for you this past weekend at all four services! Vaya con Dios good friends.
8th October 2016

Lifting bridge
A lifting bridge the entire span goes up where a draw bridge opens from one or both sides and generally there is no overhead clearance to worry about.

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