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Europe » Portugal » Central February 24th 2015

hi 8.30pm here in the dinning room at the hostel Nazare . guppy is not behaving himself so am using the computer here at the hostel. have been able to catch up with the champions league games.... Manchester City is down 2 . 0 to Barcelona and that is at half time. Has been a great day here in Nazare ..... a bit cloudy and windy but good for walking so up the hill to Silio and on the sealed footpath for about three hours walking between the forest of pine an eucalptus trees..... some had recently been cut down so the smell was good there. and arrived at the village of Vale Furado small with about 20 houses and two cafe come restaurants both of which were closed..... so down about 50 steps to the ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Central February 22nd 2015

hi here in nazare portugal in the dinning room.. on the computer as -guppy- is not behaving him self so here goes..... think he has been bugged.. cloudy and cool but not windy like yesterday...... up late and showered and breakfast by 9.30 so not too bad. as ┬║guppy- was not working no photos today .... off to Mass at 11-30 ... they have a organ but do not use ll perhaps it is not working at present.... am not sure what is the case..... headed to north beach with lunch and some mandarins from the market that was open ..... did not know that Sitio also had a small vege and fish market.... one learns things every day,,,,, found a spot amongst the sand dunes for lunch and reflection .... two hours later and a ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Central February 21st 2015

Hi. 8.30PM and in the dinning room here in Nazare hostel. Had some lasagna for tea with salad and bread. Brought a dish of it from the supermarket today and it may even last four days if I am Lucky. Up late and had a shower then breakfast..... then to the supermarket to get the lasagna and salad to put in the fridge before heading out again. Very windy day and went to the information centre to find out about buses to Lisbon on Thursday... one at 12.20PM so will probably take that one ... 120km at 11 euros... Walked south past the marina to find a spot out of the wind which I finally succeeded. Enjoyed the sights and sounds for a few hours then continued on my walk. Up the hill and through the ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa February 20th 2015

Garry and I were excited to take a cooking lesson to indulge our senses and increase our international repertoire. Our class had folks from Britain, Ireland, and Korea. On the menu was a blended vegetable soup with kale, salted cod (bacalhau) with vegetables, baby clams, and chorizo in a tangy broth, whole chicken rendered to pieces by Garry (his efficiency had everyone wondering if he was a chef) with onions and garlic over Portuguese rice, and to finish a simple dolce de leche with egg white chilled. With Garry in fine social form, not to mention the wine flowing like a tap, it wasn't long before your Canadian correspondents made friends with everyone. Even the typically stuffy Brits were saying they were definitely at the fun end of the table. Portuguese cooking is simple and tasty ... read more
Our salt cod dish
Everyone hard at work
Doing what Randy does best

Europe » Portugal » Central February 20th 2015

Hi 8.30PM and here in Nazare hostel in the dinning room. Have had tea but no stars out tonight s it has been cloudy most of the day and drizzle this evening when I came out from 6.30 Mass. Woke at 5am and checked Guppy for the cricket score and when I saw that we only needed 124 runs I decided it was not worth getting up for. So slept for another three hours... I have been sleeping so much recently..... Then breakfast and checking emails and also checking on the readings for the day.. Must do it more often...... also sorted out some of the paper stuff in my bag ... how many MPs of Porto do I need ..... one is the answer not three.... Then I gave my new MP3 player to the ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Central February 19th 2015

Hi Now 8.10PM on Thursday 19 February. Champions league has started with Celtic just started so must keep an eye on scores. Went to the fresh fish and vegetables market this morning and gave the lady two euros and pointed to the cod so she was able to chop me off a piece for two euros. So it was fresh so not the problem of the last bit I brouget which was salty and I did not wash it for long enough... over three days changing the water daily... Did not fillet it very well but as I was eating on my own fingers came in handy.... Just boiled it in the frying on for 6 minutes each side... did not fall apart and quiet juicy Yesterday morning after breakfast was able to have a good ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Central February 17th 2015

hi here in the dinning room at Nazare Hostel..... guppy is not behaving so using the computer here instead. Yes it is Tuesday and a holiday here in Nazare ... due to the carnival.. i think last night woke at 4am to check out the cricket score to find out that New Zealand had beaten Scotland and the drums were still beating out side.... so town was still humming at that stage.... checked the readings for Mass this morning at breakfast time.... so I had some idea what the priest was saying.. will try and do it more often as it sure does help... so up the hill for Mass at 9am and about 15 of us present..... the gospel was read and the sermon given and the prayers of the faithful read then shortly afterwards ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa February 16th 2015

I arrived safely this morn after a non eventful and non productive (sleep wise) flight over the Atlantic. Lisbon is classic European with narrow cobblestone streets lined with 4 story buildings and churches abutted to each other. It's been 7 years since last being in Europe although I feel a calm sense of belonging. Missing are the skyscrapers, heavy traffic, box stores, and rush to be somewhere. Not to mention the cold (it was 15┬░ today - sorry had to rub it in). Gained are the numerous pedestrian streets, large plazas with fountains and statues where people meet or just hang out, as well as numerous sidewalk cafes where people sip coffee or vinho and watch leisurely as life passes by. Now I realize many of you have witnessed this way of life and it tough ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Central February 16th 2015

Hi Monday evening 7.20PM and here in the dinning room at Nazare hostel. Just finished tea so am feeling full but comfortable. Pasta tomatos sardines green pepper and a salad mix . Next mutiny do the dishes. A bit cool and no heating here in the dinning room but there is heating in the bedrooms. Good to hear this morning that Ireland beat the West Indies in the cricket world cup so hope New Zealand do well against Scotland tonight.... also tonight Preston North End take on Manchester United in a f.a. cup clash so will be keeping an eye on that score. Having breakfast got through to Mum. She been done to see Yvonne Rowland who is not well at present... Mary her daughter picked Mum up and John her son brought Mum home.... and ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa February 16th 2015

In my haste to deal with the dirty laundry I had accumulated while in Africa I rushed put on a washer load when I arrived here in Lisboa. Much to my chagrin my pants still held my passport in the pocket. My passport is now much cleaner, soggier and fainter as a result. A limp mess currently which I am trying to amend with paper towels and pressure. What are my odds of returning with that document (sheepishly) in hand when I hit Canadian customs? Time will tell. G... read more

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