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Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto July 19th 2017

Liz wanted to go and see Porto. We were close a few years ago but never made it to see the place.. So this time it was on. for a hectic drive through small villages where you have to stop for all sort of things that move from one to the other side of the street. Truck take the whole road so it very hard to pass. anyway we arrived in Porto late afternoon and the GPS took us right to the front door. The car park was over the road and . they gave us a hand with the luggage, so all good. Having first a cup of coffee we went out to see what Porto had to offer. As first we noticed it is a city where all streets go up and down that ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto July 17th 2017

We are on the way again. Still in Spain but slowly making our way to Portugal. Our next stop was Leon. We had been here before and on the way to Portugal. We knew we staying in the old town and were warned about the post in the middle of the road. You had to ring the monastery and they would arrange it from there. But there was no need to. Saw how another one got through while the post was up so did the same and our GPS took us right to the door and that was the time we saw we were at the same place we stayed three years ago, a bit of a shock. We remembered we had a good stay there so were happy to stay there again. Last time we ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve July 6th 2017

Na Kaapverdië zijn we in maart neergestreken in Almancil, in een duplex die we via internet gereserveerd hadden. Tja, als je niet bezoekt voor je boekt, kan het toch tegenvallen. Hoewel ik denk dat we na een bezoekje aan deze duplex, waar we uiteindelijk 3 maanden gezeten hebben, ook niet alles gezien hadden wat er aan mankeerde. Dat merk je pas in het gebruik. Wel zouden we snel in de gaten gekregen hebben dat het een vuile bende was. Maar de rest van het ongemak en achterstallig onderhoud zouden we waarschijnlijk pas gaandeweg gemerkt hebben, zoals dat nu ook gebeurd is.Daarbij kwam nog een hopeloze intermediair/makelaar en een huisbaas, die geen idee heeft van verhuren.Jammer was ook dat we ver van de winkels zaten en altijd de auto nodig hadden voor ieder ... read more
in het dorp

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa July 1st 2017

. Our little 'sojourn' in Lisbon. The collective ‘episodes’ (this being the second) describe our journey from our departure from Oz, our arrival in London from the 3rd week of May and onto to Portugal for a journey into the Portuguese culture and landscape. In the few weeks available to us, we cannot experience 'everything'. Even so, we'll do our best to enjoy all that is available. This 'episode' describes our Lisbon 'experience. We attach a few pics to give a flavour of our journey, and some may 'flow over' past the dialogue. If we do this, you may need to manually go to the 'spillover' page to see them. As always, if you want to 'see' more detail in an accompanying picture, click it to enlarge. . Monday 29th May 2017. . Today we flew ... read more
Lisbon Character
Fenicular - Lisbon
Palatio Quelez

Europe » Portugal June 26th 2017

While in Tomar, Portugal, we visited the ancient Knights Templar castle and Convento de Christo. I have been to many an impressive castle throughout Europe particularly, but this one clearly deserves a blog dedicated to it exclusively. To name but a few which come to mind, I include Josephine Baker's elegant and music-filled home (her own beautiful voice) in France and the 13th century Castlenaud on the Dordogne River which took part in the 100 years war between England and France. A few years ago, we stayed downstream across the river and just below its then French controlled rival castle in Beynac. Around 1190, this imposing structure in Tomar, built on the border of Christian and Muslim territory in Iberia, was encircled by the armies of Abu Yusuf al-Mansur, conquering Muslim caliph in the south and ... read more
This seemingly impregnable structure was imposing from the outside.
Notice the slanted area to your right.
The dominant circular church.

Europe » Portugal » Northern June 25th 2017

Leaving the sunshine of the Algarve,we headed north early for what I consider to be the heart and soul of this Iberian country. Evora This was our first stop after hours of driving on beautiful roads, away from the coast and into the interior hill country, bypassing numerous small towns and villages. Besides the sightseeing in the city itself, the most amazing discovery was the megalithic stones discovered nearby. The stones of Almendres Cromlech, have been in use since 6,000 BC and are two thousand years older than those of Stonehenge. It is worth Googling this for more in depth information. Tomar This small town of 40,000 was the perfect introduction to authentic Portugal. Later on, I will share an incident that we had with the police on the highway after we left this town on ... read more
Temple of Diana, Evora.
Cathedral in Evora.
This painting is so old, it is deteriorating at the top.

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira June 22nd 2017

This blog will be limited in narrative but focus on photographs. After the cauldron that was Sevilla at 45°c, arriving in Portugal's magnetic Algarve via a three hour coach ride and a hair-raising taxi ride to the Vila Gale Atlantico resort, ten minutes from Albufeira, we settled in to our top floor suite. A gentle breeze swept across our south-facing veranda as we looked down on orange coloured clay roofs covering the typically whitewashed homes below, most of them clearly high-end. We were mere minutes walk to the beach and an excellent supermarket. Our plans were to relax totally while leisurely taking in the joys of the Algarve and it's decidedly slower pace before heading north as far as the exciting and incredibly attractive city of Porto and later the capital, Lisboa (Lisbon) and much more ... read more
Beautiful view -our suite veranda in Gale
Nighttime from our veranda.
Restaurant on our beach.

Europe » Portugal » Algarve June 20th 2017

What you should know about portugal: The water tastes like swimming water, but you get used to it really fast. Somehow it's the same everywhere, but always a little bit different. There are at least only a few big citys: Porto (where I haven't been), Lisbon (the biggest and most interesting one), Lagos (the one with the biggest youth-, surf- and partyscene) and Faro (maybe the hidden beauty). Most of the other citys are small and empty. Maybe a little boring for tourists except you like beeing alone or in the nature. Have in mind that most of the people living on the countryside are not speaking english, so learning some phrases in portugese can be helpful, spanish as well! If you are interested in the nature there is nearly no other way than a car. ... read more
Lighthouse Cascais
Cliffs in Cascais
Lisbon Top View

Europe » Portugal June 18th 2017

FootNotes. This will be a documentary film following the trail of two young travellers and their adventures, encounters and discovery. We will be trekking along O Camino Portugese (The Portugese Way). An ancient pilgramage route spanning 640kms from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela. We will be travelling on restricted resources and wild camping where-ever possible. Whilst documenting our personal adventures, we will be seeking to capture a snapshot of life in contemporary Portugal. A small, forgotten European nation. A very proud and historic country merging abpruptly with the modern world and handling the hardships of the current economic climate. Socially, Portugal is experiencing a surge in alternative energy and lifestyles. It is rapidly becoming a melting-pot of nationalities and ideas. This blog will be our FootNotes. ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Funchal June 13th 2017

Madeira We have been to Madeira many times, normally at the beginning of the year so it was great to be back when some of gardens were in full bloom. The cruise is focussed on the flower festivals on the islands so it was off on a tour to see two of them. By the way as usual a half a day in each garden was not nearly enough to do the places justice. Gardens are open throughout the year and welcome visitors. Our first garden was on the Palheiro Estate known more famously as Blandys garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Madeira Island, today they form part of the Estate which includes a Hotel, Golf course, the Palheiro Village and Florialis orchid nurseries. The land first belonged to the Count of Carvalhal ... read more

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