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Europe » Portugal » Central » Fátima May 7th 2017

Having a flight early morning back to Lisbon, we were ready for our next destination: Fatima in central Portugal. At the airport we waited for 2 friends who arrived a bit later from the Azores and together we rented a car and drove to Fatima. It was an easy drive on the highway for about 1 hour. Why did we go to Fátima? Well, this is one of the holiest places in Europe and our spiritual master was giving 2 darshans there - and this just 4 days prior to the 100-years celebration of the Marian Apparition on the 13 may 1017. For those of you interested, a little bit of the story behind that: Since the early 20th century, Fátima has been associated with events in which three local children, Lúcia dos Santos and her ... read more
Markus and our friend from Lisbon during Darshan

Europe » Portugal » Central » Fátima August 1st 2016

Italian-born Christopher Columbus got the gong in 1492 for scoring the first goal in the exploration game. But as he was financed by the Spanish crown, his actions were on behalf of Spain. Portugal’s Vasco de Gama succeeded in something different when he found a sea route to the riches of India and beyond in 1498. Then Spain and Portugal began a series of colonial conquests that fetched riches in proportions never before dreamt of. (Note to classmates from U3A – sentence ending in a preposition. But as Winston Churchill noted – “that is a rule up with which I will not put”) Anyhow Spain and Portugal became super powers, selected citizens became filthy rich, and a whole new world opened up. Some rich merchants from Italy realised they had been left behind at the starting ... read more
Portugal West Coast PORTO (6)
Portugal West Coast Villa Nova de Cerviera  (4)
Portugal Porto Covo (1)

Europe » Portugal » Central » Fátima November 4th 2013

Today we are off for the holy site of Fatima,and the ancient towns of Obidos, and Sintra. Fatima is about 2 hrs north of Lisbon so we set our early for our destination. Andrew our guide is giving us good background on Portugal and we are enjoying his stories. As we pulled into Fatima, Andrew gave us quick orientation to the holy site and gave us time to explore. We started in the massive new church that seats 9000 pilgrims. This church is very modern and has a very cool architectural design. We stopped by the statue of Pope John Paul who loved Fatima, a chunk of the Berlin Wall ( one of Mary's promises was the downfall of Communism), and a picture of the three little children who received a vision of Mary. The main ... read more
Old cathedral in Fatima

Europe » Portugal » Central » Fátima June 1st 2013

I woke up quite late this morning, so I couldn’t make the trip to Tomar. Plus, I didn’t want to get stuck there since buses don’t run very often on the weekends. Instead, I decided to take a relaxing day and just explore Fatima. So I took my time getting ready. Once I was done, I headed towards the cathedral. Fatima is very well known for people seeing an apparition of Mary. On May 13, 1917, three children saw it. No one believed them; in fact, they told them that they needed to be punished for it. A little while later, 60,000 people saw the apparition. It appeared every month on the 13th and ended in October. Every month on the 13th between the months of May to October, people come from all over to see ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Central » Fátima May 30th 2013

I woke up early this morning so I could get to the bus station by ten. I packed all of my things and walked to the nearest bus stop. I lugged my suitcase about a mile, and quickly jumped on the bus that was already leaving. Once I got to the main bus station, I waited for my 7 hour ride to Portugal. A bus came up that was going to Lisbon, so I grabbed my stuff and tried to get on it. The guy informed me that it wasn’t the right bus. So I nervously waited. Finally, the right bus came up; I put my luggage in the bottom, and got on board. At our first stop, I really had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t want to get off and then have the ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Central » Fátima April 15th 2010

On Thursday we left Lisboa bound for Porto. We stopped in Fatima on the way which is a very special religious place that a lot of pilgrims come to visit. The Pope has also visited a number of times. Even when we went on just a normal day, there was a large mass and people walking on their knees down to the chapel which was quite a long way! The Basilica didn’t seem to be anything special in terms of it’s architecture or beauty however it did have a different feel and there were many people praying there. It was quite an emotional place even a little bit for us. Although it did spark a healthy debate between us regarding evolution/religion! We didn’t have another stop planned for this leg however we decided to pull off ... read more
Praia de Mira

Europe » Portugal » Central » Fátima March 19th 2006

We are planning on a trip to Fatima on Sunday and then I'll have some pictures to post from there. In the meantime here is a little info about this city.... Fatima became know in 1916 when Virgin Mary appeared to the 3 little shepherd children, Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia. In 1918 the then priest of Fatima asks that he be allowed to erect an alter where the apparitions took place. However Francisco dies in 1919, 15 days before the inauguration of the alter. In 1982 the actual cathedral is inaugurated with the visit of Pope John Paul II. Jacinta his sister dies on the 20th Feb. 1920 on the exact date that the Virgin had told her she would. Lucia died recently on the 13th Feb. 2005. Extra Info: 1st apparition - (May 13) 2nd ... read more

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