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Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Olsztyn August 21st 2009

In the forest 10 km. before Stanica Wodna, 20-07-2001. It's only 10 more kilometers to Stanica Wodna, an easy 20 minutes with the late afternoon sun slowly sinking in the west but the shape of a huge but strangely formed bird out on this small lake stops me dead on my pedals, my hands gripping the brake handles in a death hold... It takes me a few precious seconds to get my small binoculars out of my daypack - a prized birthday present from lovely Amanda back in Amsterdam. For a short moment I search the lake's dark blue water before seeing HIM again, surrounded by spoonbills that sift their weirdly shaped beaks through the water hoping for small aquatic life, wading slowly through the water on incredibly long legs, his wings standing slightly up giving ... read more
My trip...
Mister Maribu 's friends

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Olsztyn October 16th 2008

October 16 through October 19, 2008 After my drive from the Baltic Sea I arrived at the small village of Orneta, Poland for the first of my Couchsurfing adventures. Fot those who don't know, Couchsurfing is the coolest website ever, where you can host or find hosts to stay with pretty much anywhere in the world. Although I had a little experience with this I was still mighty nervous about meeting the Kaminskis, my Couchsurfing hosts for the next couple of days. So there I was, at a bus stop in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, waiting for Danka, my host. A few minutes after I got to the bus stop, Danka comes zooming up in her car. We went back to the shop where I had asked directions for some food and ... read more
The newlyweds, Marcin and Ewa
A couple of young men trying to impress the girls.  Some things are the same everywhere in the world.
With some of Danka's English class

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Olsztyn August 30th 2008

Day 12..last race day done and dusted All finished here re racing..did a realy event with one other lost again at first control and them went okay till I passed 4 people and got excited andn went off course again....stayed lastish till teh finish Just had swim, spa and finnish sauna so that feels good. Body held up well considering. Dinner is at 6 till 7.30 the the "banquet" begins at 2030..might save some room for that..just saw cartons of french red going in so I will have some of that! Bike is all packed so its just now to pack clothes bag which will all be done pre banquet tiem so I can have fun and then get up at 7.30 brekky and struggle 500m down the road for the 8.53 to Warsaw....4 hour ... read more

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Olsztyn August 29th 2008

Day 11..I think. Race was scheduled for 5pm and as it was raining at day break I anticipated cabin fever and headed for Olsztyn for coffee after breakfast. It had eased by 1030 so after a short and long black I wandered around till the 1333 back to SJ, ate and got ready. 2days start was some 6km away so rode there with another kiwi and got ready. Another mass start but this time in age groups. It was a free order which means u get to choose the route for the 19 we had to do. I got lost going for control one but with the help of a couple of others got back on track and then sort of teamed up with another to do the rest of the controls. Second last again but ... read more

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Olsztyn August 28th 2008

Yesterdays race was good by my standards, had a latish start time..1650..we had 120 minutes to do it and I took 104..near the back again but it was funn. 4th last I think but only 20mins behind a fast NZer who was an hour ahead of me the other day, Funny thing happened nite before..I went to reception to complain by 2 sheets had been taken and not replaced in the morning clean. They said they wld refer it to Mnaager next day. 5mins later a lady turned up with big smile bearing 2 toilet rolls..something about sheets got lost in translation! early in the day just hung around and did domestic duties and worked on office ppt presentation as Im now having to deliver paper! Todays race was 1030 mass startand ultralong. It was cool ... read more

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Olsztyn August 26th 2008

Day 9..race day 2 A bad day in the forest... Executive summary would go like this: Went to Ostrada on 8.53 train as my race start was post 1630 Got back for lunch at 2pm Race started 1745,,,we had 100 minutes to complete. I didn’t complete as darkness fell so dnfed. Ostrada is a nice town on lake edge, It is the start of the Ostrada to Elblag canal which I wont go on as thw times don’t fit with racing. It is more run down that Olsztyn is. Brushed off 2 beggars,,one old and one about 12! Standard request was 5 PLN..about $3NZD. Had okay but expensive espresso and looked at a museum and some churches, They have this cool wakeboard thing on the lake between 2 towers and it mechanically swings u around a ... read more

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Olsztyn August 25th 2008

Day 8..race day Okay lets talk about 2moro instead of toady eh. Executive summary would go like this: Had nice breakfast Trained well Had nice lunch Started race at 5.50pm..better luck 2moro Had nice dinner and beer to commiserate with. Race day was back in Olsztyn so I travelled in with some other kiwis who had some errands to run...bit boring bit nothing else to do. 2 of us wanted coffee and as the conisewer I suggested Gazeta..ran out of time tho so tried our luck at hypermarket pub. I took one sip and left mine. Race event area was a uni grounds as this was a sprint around a urban area..complete with live pedestrians going about there biz and bikers going all directions as there were 5 courses underway at once. It was essentially blatting ... read more

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Olsztyn August 25th 2008

Day 7..race day minus one Today was all about getting from Olsztyn to Stare Jablonki by train and getting settled in and have practise on the model course. Train was at 1045 so I got up early ate and packed and checked out at 9 intending to go for coffee first. Enthusiastic security guard rushed off an got my bike so rather than say no I went to train station instead, bought ticket to SJ and sat on platform and read and trainspotted in the traditional sense. One long car train came through..hundreds of little Polishmobiles on it. Met 2 Poles on train who hadn’t met a kiwi so we chatted away..they took my photo. They were going 2 stops to meet friends and bike in forest..and probably pick mushrooms. Got to SJ about 1118 and ... read more

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Olsztyn August 24th 2008

Day 6 This was to be another trip out to NK for training but I awoke ton pouring rain and thunder etc which a hadnt let up by time I was to have left..9am and showed no signs of doing so, So I flagged that idea s I wasn’t keen to do 35km in wet on Polish roads no matter how much I needed to train on the intricate tracks in forests, I know i am going to get lost big time when racing starts but will still enjoy it. Took a cab into old town as I needed a was pouring and huge puddles had collected in rutted roads! Cab was 6 dollars for 3km trip. Driver asked if I knew German so I said nein. Located the cafe I wanted as it said ... read more

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Olsztyn August 24th 2008

Day 5 Woke about 5am as it gets light very early and caught up on earlier blog work. I tend to get up early and type for an hour before breakfast at 7ish. Left Olsztyn at about 9.15 for the 35km ride to Nowe Kaletka training area which I had partly ridden to the day before. Getting out of town(150000 pop) is reasonably easy. Most roads are 2 laned in town and u get used to traffic lights and right turns and get in correct lane. Drivers are considerate..except of walkers at ped crossings where they don’t stop unless u actually step out and make them stop. Better than Shanghai tho where they don’t stop at all. I had to cross a 6 lane road and u actually stand in middle of it various times on ... read more

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