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August 24th 2008
Published: August 24th 2008
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Day 6
This was to be another trip out to NK for training but I awoke ton pouring rain and thunder etc which a hadnt let up by time I was to have left..9am and showed no signs of doing so, So I flagged that idea s I wasn’t keen to do 35km in wet on Polish roads no matter how much I needed to train on the intricate tracks in forests, I know i am going to get lost big time when racing starts but will still enjoy it. Took a cab into old town as I needed a was pouring and huge puddles had collected in rutted roads! Cab was 6 dollars for 3km trip. Driver asked if I knew German so I said nein.

Located the cafe I wanted as it said it was best in O..only one in it. It does music cds and newspapers and mags..called Gazeta. Great coffee so i had 2..short blacks with a chiiled glass of water in a shot glass. Bought a cd for7pln (5 NZD) of what hope is English pop songs..they are heavily into English language songs here....80s revival peeps would love it in pubs etc. Rain had eased by about 10 so i ambled around old town looking in shops and visited castle museum. Cost $6 to get in..well worth it. Olsztyn was birthplace and workplace of Nicholas Copernicus..1453 to 1523? Lots or his original studies in museum..he did planets and stuff...check it out on internet at some stage. They had one drawing of how he traced path of sun to het idea earth was round. Went into big shopping arcade next and had lunch around 12.30..spud things an salad as I had ride planned. Found location of football stadium and that local team was playing at 5pm and entry was free so that set the timeframe to ride and get back!

Right..just back from breakfast. Chaos a large group in.
Went for what was supposed to be a 15km ride out to find local golf not being big in Poland. Saw a billboard for it but no arrows or anything so kept going for it. After a hours riding all up I decided I had passed and past it so turned around. Then saw another sign saying it was 11kms back and found side road but after 10mins down that road and being aware of football gave up, Road 50kms all up so good exercise.
Walked to Stadion..about 20mins away from here. Probably due for demolition shortly by NZ standards. Bought a scarf from car driver near entrance and ambled on in. Two tired grandstand of concrete and steel on one side so followed crowd up to first level where we got body searched by security. I shrugged and said I didn’t speak Polish so got asked for passport but I flapped a hand in direction of hotel. Made my way to seat near halfway and sat down..old plastic chairs and chunks of concrete slabs cracked etc!. Opposite side of pitch was then local fever zone..In would not have been brace enough to go there. Match was 0-0 draw. Entertainment from bovva boys was great..good chants etc captured on vide. They would sing one and then this side of the stadium would reply and pay homage. Made hairs stand up on neck....Yellow fever could learn a few tricks as could rest of spectators. Wasnt many there..about 3-4000?
Went to deli and grabbed bread cheese chicken salads and 2 bottles of drink for $10NZD! Ate in room and got entertained by drunk next door who shouted and sang and walked up the corridor banging on all the doors and swearing in English and seeking a female! Language was coarse. Needless to say I chained phones in room to call geriatric security...he calmed down about 12pm.


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