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July 3rd 2018
Published: July 4th 2018
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Ice CubeIce CubeIce Cube

We are most of the way to the top of the Troll Road and encountered this pond. Ton of them up high in Norway. This one seems to still have an ice cube.
We have now landed on the coast after traversing the Troll Road. Before starting up we stopped for one of HP's countless shots where a Swedish couple began babbling to a clueless HP. He requested English, but they insisted there is a Swedish tag on the car. Sorry folks, only rented there. In perfect English they excitedly inquired if we were on our way to Trollstigen. Well yep, we sure are. They gushed about the beauty of the area, but the wife soon expressed horror at the drive finishing with "sure happy I was not driving". HP shared this info with Bird who became a bit irate at the anticipatory dread that was instilled in her.

Obviously, we had success in the drive and still comment about the wimpy flatlander Swedes. This is not a frightening road-there are much worse. Feel sorry for these wimps if they find 'em.

After touching down about 4pm, Bird and HP discover a boat trip to see Puffins is within their reach. Really, actual Puffins! Yeah, real Puffins! HP is ecstatic; Bird attempts to calm him. They jump up, hustle to Alesund for a few photos with the following full day then devoted
Wispy Clouds Among RockWispy Clouds Among RockWispy Clouds Among Rock

Bit higher noticed this.
to the Puffins.

Okay, okay we short sheeted Alsund; yeah not fair as it is certainly beautiful as you will also see. The beauty is actually the result of tragedy. In 1904 a fire consumed the entire town. With a great deal of assistance, including from Germany (you know the folks who invaded 36 years later) the town was rebuilt Art Nouveau. We think it's the prettiest town we have seen. What's your opinion?

Additional photos below
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Now at the top. Many trails and concrete walk paths to access various perspectives. There is another waterfall below the bottom of the picture. We took a flight for a pictorial record from the other side, but the wind almost took us away-scary moments. Managed to return to earth without injury. Whew! But no pictures.
The WaterfallThe Waterfall
The Waterfall

Here is the waterfall we attempted to photograph from the air. Captured this part way down. To the right is the descent of the Troll Road. Recommend not missing the turn in the curve. Yet the road looks more frightening than our experience of it.
Another View of MountainsAnother View of Mountains
Another View of Mountains

As we continue down took another shot of mountains.

Vikings feared the Trolls-they were monsters. This guy bears a striking resemblance to our Monsters, don't you think? Well, at least the older ones.
Fertile ValleyFertile Valley
Fertile Valley

Still another picture, now of the valley below.
Touring CyclistTouring Cyclist
Touring Cyclist

This guy, and his wife who is also pulling a cart, is touring Norway. Hey M-1, you can do it this way after college.
Can't Have BirdCan't Have Bird
Can't Have Bird

These fellas dropped in requesting our Bird join them. HP steadfastly refused.

Took this from a vantage point above the town. We cheated-show you how later.

Still up high. This architecture is repeated everywhere, although the colors not this bright.
Route For Non-CheatersRoute For Non-Cheaters
Route For Non-Cheaters

Notice the steps leading to the top. Bird indicates there are 450; we drove up from the other side-cheaters and we are and proud of it.

Many areas about town had various boats. The second sailboat is a Jeanneau 47, sister boat of HP and Bird's boat. She is salivating over this, wishing to be back at sea. Yeah!

Driving back to our apartment came upon this view to the east. Folks here have the sea, a beautiful town, and nearby mountains. What else could anyone desire?

4th July 2018

Who took the picture of HP with the fishing pole?
5th July 2018

Your right
Beautiful little village! My head would just be turning from place to place taking it all in. Fred, think you could have your on travel/comedy show. Enjoying the information and your commentary!! Go see something else beautiful!

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