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July 4th 2018
Published: July 5th 2018
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We Sail in This?We Sail in This?We Sail in This?

Notice Bird's enthusiasm over the boat.
We made it to Runde Island, home of Puffins. The trip required two buses and a high speed ferry. BTW, have you ever been on a boat with seat belts. Neither have we, until today. Yes, there were actual seat belts on the boat. No, we didn't use them. The entire trip took a shade under two hours before we boarded the Good Ship Kunde. The captain soon inquired, "does anyone want life jackets?" What? And two people accepted! Bird, recalling the Pulpit Rock, eyed HP, "you did it again".

The trip out not so bad as we had a following sea-the return, well that's another story. One couple became entirely soaked (yet remained in place with the sea flowing upon them), and everyone acquired varying amounts of salt water. Yet, it could have been worse, say if we came in the spring or fall with colder weather. But we were here in balmy July with a high in the 50's. Nonetheless there were actual Puffins; we have the pictures to prove it.

Next stop Trondheim via the Atlantic Road.

Additional photos below
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The Sea Voyage BeginsThe Sea Voyage Begins
The Sea Voyage Begins

Took this after rounding the breakwater. We had a following sea on the way out-mamma nature had knowledge of that fact and so increased the wind on the return. Thanks mom.
First StopFirst Stop
First Stop

These folks are called Shags; nope, don't know why.
Not a MARTA BridgeNot a MARTA Bridge
Not a MARTA Bridge

Notice the narrowness of the bridge. Reminded us of a MARTA track. Actually it's a one lane bridge. Wider at the top for folks to stop and let someone pass. We know, we rode over it.

Is this not cuteness personified? Watch out M-4, they are challenging you.
Yes, Yes, Another PuffinYes, Yes, Another Puffin
Yes, Yes, Another Puffin

Still cute. HP came for the cute Puffins.
Get Lost HumansGet Lost Humans
Get Lost Humans

This guy, and others, had enough of humans and left.

Yes, that is the name. In this fairly small area swim three different species. They know their spot and stick to it. Maybe fifty yards separates each.
View From the Side of Bird MountainView From the Side of Bird Mountain
View From the Side of Bird Mountain

No, not our Bird's mountain. Tour guides named this cliff Bird Mountain as a ton of birds nest here. Yet, there are insufficient nests for everyone, so some folks just hang out. The two birds you see at the center and bottom left are just flying like kites. Very little wing movement and no significant change of position.
Fishing/Nesting AreaFishing/Nesting Area
Fishing/Nesting Area

The birds nest on these cliffs protected by Norway and fish in the water below. Not a good place to be a fish.

Hope to leave you happy with a Puffin.

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