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September 14th 2006
Published: September 14th 2006
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Waste of time.Waste of time.Waste of time.

haha. get my title? waste? I'm too funny... ;)
This morning I turned on the TV to watch some music videos. I like the variety of music the European MTV plays. Here's the top 11 today:

11- George Michael, (forget song name)
10- LIT, Miserable
9- Ini Kamoze, Here Comes The Hotstepper
8- The White Stripes, I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself
7- Jamiroquai, Love Foolosophy
6- Michael Jackson, In the Closet
5- Ru Paul, Supermodel
4- Chris Isaak, Wicked Game
3- George Michael, Freedom '90
2- Jay-z feat. Pharrell, Change Clothes
1- Guns 'n' Roses, November Rain

So that's it folks, a trip down memory lane for some and ultimate confusion for others about MTV Europe's choice in top-notch songs today.

As for my class that lectures in Dutch on multicultural communication...the powerpoint didn't work today so it was really really hard to just listen to Professor Henk speak in Dutch. I think I only understood about 5% of lecture today. A really nice girl named Andra helped me out and filled me in about the important things and she also said that she would be willing to be my partner for the article we have to write with somebody. She said she doesn't mind to write in English and that if anything, it would give her practice. For some reason, the bike ride home today was especially difficult. I don't know why, but in whatever direction I ride, I'm alway riding against the wind. It results in giving me a great workout wherever I go but also slows me down quite a bit.

So far, the walls in my room are white and I believe made out of plaster. I only guess this because last night I wacked a mosquito really hard against the wall and it left a little bloody spot (my blood, thank you) on my wall. I went to clean it off with a wet rag and the wall paint and weave started to dissolve slightly. This inspired me to put something on my wall as decoration. In holland they have this cool way to advertise. It's called Boomerang cards and they are postcards that you can actually send to somebody. The postcard is usually very artistic and usually has a funny slogan on it. I've been collecting these cards since they're free and now I'm taping them to my wall in a design. If it looks cool enough to share, I'll take a picture when I'm done. Each week the boomerang cards are switched out in the building that one of my classes is in.

The rest of the day has been pretty lazy. Janne (housemate from germany) has a fairly new boyfriend and he just returned from vacation. I think now that he's back she'll be gone quite a bit. Anouk only has class in the beginning of the week and she already left yesterday afternoon to go home, returning on Monday. So it's just me and the boys...both glued to the television for the past couple nights. It's football (a.k.a. soccer) fever. There are the national teams - so from each country - and then there are the club teams. The club teams have a mix of nationalities, so you can be german and be on a Netherlands club team. The most popular club team in the Netherlands is called Ajax (pronounced Ayax - the "j" is a "y" sound for future reference). Ajax's home is Amsterdam and people go nuts over them, including my uncle, Eyal. Anyway, football is only so interesting to me but on the same subject, I got an email from SMIT (international office) and they're putting together an international football team and wanted to know if I want to play. I've never played soccer competitively, just in gym class and most of the time I stood around because the boys were ball hogs. I also don't have any sports clothes or shoes here and I don't really know any rules. I'm thinking no, but for some reason I'm curious to see. I think I'll email them and see how serious the team is because if everybody is actually good, then it's better if I'm on the sidelines cheering. =)

But yeah, I'm feeling a bit lonely here. It's always the case when you first move to a brand spanking new place. I had totally forgotten this feeling because I haven't felt it since I moved into the freshman dorms in 2003. Ever since then I've been living with my friends, so having to feel loneliness and a bit invisible is something I'll have to get used to for a while longer. I really just need to find somebody to explore the city with. I also need to plan a visit to Paris (my dream) sometime. Nina, a girl I met at the birthday party a while ago said that she wants to go, so I'll see what her schedule is like. She also knows Jessi who's moving there to be an au pair at the end of this month.

I haven't heard the news from the USA since I got here really. Though last night I found myself reading something about students in Montreal getting shot at. Quite sickening. I don't think I'll read much of the US news while I'm over here - too depressing. The Enschede paper came today and on the front page was a giant picture of a couple getting married in the Volkspark (I posted some photos from there).

Other news included a person who is a big fan of the game Sudoku designed toilet paper where each sheet is a different puzzle. They call it the "Sudoku loo paper." haha. I find this hilarious and I thought of my mom immediately. I just hope they don't put it in public restrooms - as if there isn't always a long line for the ladies room, this would makes this ridiculous! I don't think I have to worry about it since each roll costs 8 euros...I don't think my butt will ever be that expensive. =)

doei xoxo


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