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September 15th 2006
Published: September 15th 2006
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Last night I dreamed in Hebrew. It doesn't happen too much but this one I remember. I think I was teaching somebody how to say pear tree (etz agasim) or something. There were a few people from my Israel trip in my dream too. Either way, dreaming in another language, especially Hebrew, is always fun.

Not much happened today. I wanted to go and explore this lake that I saw on the map, but it was far away and there wasn't a simple one-road way to get there. Arjan said he would come with me but he's so awkward that I'd rather have gone alone so I can listen to music or read a book. Instead, I didn't go and maybe I'll brave the adventure on my own someday. I bummed around, read, sent out some emails, etc. The stupid dog barked the whole day - I love animals but yippy little rats get annoying after hearing it bark for 3 hours straight. I still can't see the damn thing because of the fence - I know it's white and very small. One day I'll peek over the edge of the fence and capture a shot of the beast. I
view from my doorview from my doorview from my door

I'll get a picture of that dog someday. For now you can see his silly wooden kennel on the left. Maybe he'll stay in there once it starts raining
tend to phase it out, but it gets annoying when I talk to people on skype because it's so loud that the microphone picks the barks up too.

Talked with Tal (from Israel) today for an hour. My hebrew is rusty, but it's so fun to speak with him and I can't wait to be in Israel next summer.

Janne came back just as I was heading out for a short bike ride. I wanted some fresh air and the sunset was looking mighty pretty. We rode together towards the university (she was heading to her boyfriend's place) and enjoyed the sunset the whole way. On my way back, I put my ipod on and sang outloud to some songs (too embarrassing to mention, haha). The air felt good and it smelled clean outside. I don't know how to describe it, but getting out for half an hour to see the sunset definitely made my day.

Tomorrow there's the open air market where i'll go buy some fresh food and hang out with Janne. Then it's off to the swimming pool with Kristen. A good end to a slow day.

goed nacht (good night),


p.s. One think I forgot to mention - when I was in Amsterdam, I listened to my cousin and her friends talk in Dutch. They were describing something. The new slang over there to descibe something neat or cool is: "super phat." Just thought i'd share. =)


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