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Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor June 26th 2019

And off to Montenegro the land of the second tallest people in Europe apparently - or so we thought! Not long before we were due to catch the ferry to Bar we found out we needed the original V5 documentation to travel on the ferry - which of course we didn’t have. An hour or so later and after a call to Chris he kindly searched their house to find the original - once found he sent us a pdf and we tried to use that. Clearly it’s the info on the document they want not just to see a piece of paper but no! First the ferry agents berated us for not having such an important document in the car. Then checked they asked us to send the PDF to them and after talking with ... read more
Sveti Stefan - view from our balcony
Sunset Sveti Stefan
Lilies on Lake Skadar

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor May 31st 2019

Nach den entspannten und größtenteils einsamen Tagen in Bosnien sind wir wieder bereit für etwas Massentourismus und wollen uns Dubrovnik ansehen, wohlwissend, dass wir nicht die einzigen Touristen sein werden, dass man sich vermutlich durch die Gassen schieben lassen muss und innerhalb der Altstadtmauern vermutlich kein Plätzchen für sich alleine haben wird. Aber zunächst brauchen wir noch ein Weilchen, bis wir unseren Campingplatz, übrigens auch der teuerste und schlechteste der bisherigen Reise, bei Dubrovnik erreichen. Denn wenn man von Mostar kommend die Hauptstrecke in Richtung Dubrovnik fährt, reist man zunächst aus Bosnien aus und nach Kroatien ein, und zwar so richtig mit allem was dazu gehört, denn man reist ja aus einem Nicht-EU-Land in die EU ein. Allerdings ist die Grenze hier recht wenig frequentiert. Dann fährt man allerdings auf der Küstenstraße, die alle Tou... read more
Dubrovnik (7)
Dubrovnik (11)
Dubrovnik (12)

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor October 4th 2018

This morning we were on the bus by 9 as we had to drive to the port to get the car ferry across to the peninsula on the mainland. We only had to wait a little while to drive in the bus onto the ferry and once we were in, we hopped off the bus and went upstairs. It was very windy this morning - apparently this was coming from some cyclone activity near Italy - so after sitting outside for a while, I had to end up going inside once the ferry started to cross the channel. The ride across didn't take very long and then we were back in the bus and heading down the peninsula towards Dubrovnik. Intererstingly, some of the Dalmatian coast was given to Bosnia Herzegovina after the war, so if ... read more
The town of Ston, with the wall on the right
The city walls - Kotor
Inside the old town at night with he walls & fortress lit up in the distance

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor July 30th 2018

Käytiin vielä kerran uimassa hotellin rannassa ennen aamiaista. Yhdeksän jälkeen päästiin liikenteeseen. Navigaattoria tarvittiin Dubrovnikin läpiajossa. Sitten matka sujui nopeasti rajalle. Tie oli hyvä ja liikennettä vähän. Mennessä rajalla menikin sitten 45 minuuttia (klo 9.45 - 10.20). Ensin jonotettiin Kroatian puolella ja uudestaan Montenegron puolella. Hitauden ymmärtää toki siinä, että kyseessä on EU:n ulkoraja. Ennen rajanylitystä laitoin oman puhelimeni lentotilaan, jotta siitä ei menisi varmastikaan velotusta mistään kalliista datayhteydestä. Minulla oli mukana myös Amerikan-matkoilleni hankkima puhelin, jossa ei ollut lainkaan mitään sim-korttia, eli sillä oli hyvä testata wifin toimivuutta. Montenegrossa matka sujuikin sitten paljon hitaammin. Tie meni rannikkoa pitkin, ja asutusta oli koko ajan. Pysähdyttiin ensin paikalliseen ravintolaan, jo... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor May 24th 2018

Thursday, May 24 Today we took a day trip to Montenegro - one of the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Border crossings are interesting. Our guide, Branko, had no way of guessing what would happen. Turns out the Croatia border crossing was slow, about 45 minutes, and a policeman comes on the bus & collects everyone's passports & takes them in the office & scans them. The Montenegro crossing was a breeze, they waved us through. On the way back in the afternoon it was similar except the Croatia crossing was only 15 minutes. Montenegro is south of Croatia, and although not part of the EU, their currency is Euros. It's a very mountainous country, and small - smaller than state of Connecticut. Their history is similar but different than Croatia: Illyrians, Romans, Venetians, Austrians, Russians, ... read more
Bay of Kotor.
Our Lady of the Rocks Church (Gospa od Skrpjela)
Door of Our Lady of Rocks Church

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor July 5th 2017

Picked up our hire car that will be with us for the next month. Managed to navigate out of the narrow lanes of Dubrovinc and onto the route to Kotor in Montenegro. Hadn’t anticipated the hour long crawl through customs with all of the other traffic and in the midday heat. Apart from that the journey was a pretty one, particularly the drive around the Bay of Kotor. Stopped briefly to have a look around a couple of towns, first in Hercvig Novi which was wonderfully quiet after the crowds in Dubrovnic. Very peaceful with pretty and ancient stone buildings, lots of churches and great views from the sea front fort. Further into the bay is Perast which was much busier, very small and more lovely stone buildings, these clearly from the times when the Ventians ... read more
Hercvig Novi Anchor graveyard
Perast sea front

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor December 29th 2016

I believe I always wanted to travel. My family had a very old atlas in the house and even as a child I loved to thumb through the pages and look at the colorful maps displayed inside. The book was huge and had heavy covers and thick paper that made a distinct sound when you turned it. Pastel pink, green and purple countries filled the pages. Thin black lines connected the cities and different size dots indicated the relative populations of each. Rivers and lakes were marked by a wonderful shade of light blue. Creating journeys along the roads or waterways to the most intriguing sounding places was an interesting pastime. I remember writing down the names of the countries or cities that sounded the most exotic. I knew nothing about the places other than their ... read more
Perast, Montenegro
Clock Tower Square
Kotor Fortress Walls

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor November 11th 2016

We packed our bags and left the apartment nice and early. We caught the public bus straight away and in no time at all got to the bus station. Kind of regretted we left so early as it was pretty cold that morning, temperature dropped a good few degrees – it was only 10C! Thankfully they had waiting room so we could hide away from the cold. My jaw dropped slightly when we were told the price of the tickets to Kotor – 20Eur per person for a 2 hour drive, quite pricey to me! Ah well, there wasn't much we could do about that... Once the bus arrived, we put our luggage in the compartment. We were supposed to pay 15kuna, but ended up paying 20 as the guy didn't have change – at least ... read more
Little trails off the main path to the fortress...
Living on the edge...
Fishing in Perast

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor August 20th 2016

The drive from Dubrovnik to Kotor Montenegro is a short one, but it involves a change in worlds. Croatia is blessed with a beautiful coast extending for hundreds of miles of shoreline, including islands. The bounteous sun is almost ever-present, and tourists are plentiful. As a result, they have had the money to invest in their infrastructure and it shows. Roads are well-constructed and well-maintained. Hotels are everywhere, and restaurants plentiful. Almost everyone speaks English, a virtual necessity in the tourist trade. The parliamentary government is apparently well-organized, and the population is relatively homogeneous. Croatia has emerged from the break-up of the old Yugoslavia and the resulting civil war with a bright future, realizable now. As far as I can tell, the same is true for Slovenia, although we did not see as much there. It ... read more
View from our pension near Kotor
Mussel farm in Bay of Kotor
St.Tryphon's Cathedral, Kotor

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor August 14th 2016

Montenegro, aka "Black Mountain" as expected, a country with only mountain roads. We entered the country without any special border formalities. This country was on my bucket list and off course initial research was done prior the visit. Our first stop is at "Sveti Stefan". This is a small island with a connection to the shore. It is known as the Monaco of the Adriatic coast, where these days the high profile elites are visiting the resort. We attempted a chance to look the island from close. When we arrived to the beach in front of the island, we immediately got an impression regarding the visitors. Ladies were going to the beach dressed like they were going to the theater. Also the prices of renting a beach chair were insane. 60 euros if you want to ... read more

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