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Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor September 19th 2021

Short stop in Kotor traveling from Croatia to Albania. Short blog entry, too. Did the same trip in 2012 but in reverse. This time I had planned to ascend the Ladder of Kotor (Cattaro is the Italian name, the trail is an old route to Cetinje before roads connected Kotor) all the way to Lovcen National Park. But after a couple of Germans I met at the hostel thoroughly knackered themselves hiking to Lovcen the day before, I was dissuaded and only climbed to the trail junction a couple of hundred meters above the fortress. Great views the entire way. $US ≈ €0.85 Accommodation and food There are way more hostels now than back in 2021. Guesthouse STEP was €9/night including taxes in a 6 person AC dorm. Place is fairly new, super clean, decent kitchen, ... read more
Bay of Kotor and Old Town
Bay of Kotor and Old Town
Bay of Kotor and Old Town

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor August 8th 2021

Bonjour à tous, Ca aurait dû être une journée fabuleuse, mais elle a été en partie gâchée.!!!! Je triche un peu quand je mets Kotor, le village où je suis ce soir est tellement petit, de même pour les avoisinants, que je fais au plus simple. Si je ne rempli pas les cases, continent pays etc, je ne peux pas publier. Je reviens sur ma caguade d'hier avec la réservation d'hôtel. Je cherchais, à loger à Kotor et environ. Les premiers hôtels qui s'affichent, 1700e 1200e la nuit, 800-700-400, ça fait quand même un peu beaucoup, je ne suis pas en voyage de noce. Le reste tout complet. J'élargi, jusqu'à Dubrovnik, tout complet, j'ai tellement élargi la recherche, sans vérifier la distance que je me retrouve à 80km de Dubrovnik. Mais l'hôtel en vaut vraiment le ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor October 18th 2019

We left Berat at about 9am and retraced our steps back to Shkoder. After stopping briefly in Shkoder to spend our last Albanian lek on some soft drink we continued on back across the same border crossing we’d entered Albania at. The border was busier than on the way through, but still not too bad. After crossing the border we continued on to Podgorica. Our first task back in Montenegro was to sort out sim cards for our phones. We entered the phone store and asked the assistant whether they sold tourist sim cards, to which she replied no. Then asked if they had any short term sims, to which she replied no. When I asked if they said do you sell prepaid sim cards, she said they did and that they had one which lasted ... read more
Pavlova Strana viewpoint, Lake Skadar National Park
Bay of Kotor

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor September 5th 2019

We were ready to visit a new country to us, Montenegro. In fact it is not only new to us, but is quite a new country as it had been part of Yugoslavia and became an independent country in 2006. We sailed from Cavtat in Croatia after doing our official check out paperwork to the Bay of Kotor. Montenegro actually only has a total of 182 miles of coastline, with a third of it being the shores of the Bay of Kotor indicating how large it is. While going along the coastline of Croatia we continued to see numerous bunkers and even at the border of the country at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor there was a fortification still standing proudly over the cliff there. On the other side of the bay which is ... read more
There Are 6 US Flags Here - Can You Find
This Russian Boat Actually States It Is From Russia
The Coastal Walk From the Marina

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor June 26th 2019

And off to Montenegro the land of the second tallest people in Europe apparently - or so we thought! Not long before we were due to catch the ferry to Bar we found out we needed the original V5 documentation to travel on the ferry - which of course we didn’t have. An hour or so later and after a call to Chris he kindly searched their house to find the original - once found he sent us a pdf and we tried to use that. Clearly it’s the info on the document they want not just to see a piece of paper but no! First the ferry agents berated us for not having such an important document in the car. Then checked they asked us to send the PDF to them and after talking with ... read more
Sveti Stefan - view from our balcony
Sunset Sveti Stefan
Lilies on Lake Skadar

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor May 31st 2019

Nach den entspannten und größtenteils einsamen Tagen in Bosnien sind wir wieder bereit für etwas Massentourismus und wollen uns Dubrovnik ansehen, wohlwissend, dass wir nicht die einzigen Touristen sein werden, dass man sich vermutlich durch die Gassen schieben lassen muss und innerhalb der Altstadtmauern vermutlich kein Plätzchen für sich alleine haben wird. Aber zunächst brauchen wir noch ein Weilchen, bis wir unseren Campingplatz, übrigens auch der teuerste und schlechteste der bisherigen Reise, bei Dubrovnik erreichen. Denn wenn man von Mostar kommend die Hauptstrecke in Richtung Dubrovnik fährt, reist man zunächst aus Bosnien aus und nach Kroatien ein, und zwar so richtig mit allem was dazu gehört, denn man reist ja aus einem Nicht-EU-Land in die EU ein. Allerdings ist die Grenze hier recht wenig frequentiert. Dann fährt man allerdings auf der Küstenstraße, die alle Tou... read more
Dubrovnik (7)
Dubrovnik (11)
Dubrovnik (12)

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor April 4th 2019

Despite disturbed sleep last night, my energy was up for a long, full day in Montenegro. About forty minutes down the main road was the emigration post for Croatia. Our driver, Tomas, collected our passports and presented them through a window to the official, who did a computer scan and solemnly stamped each one. We drove a few minutes on, and Tomas presented the bunch of passports to the Montenegrin official, who just stamped us in. A moment later we were stopped for a police check; the official made a motion of checking the passports, but he didn’t really. Montenegro is lusher than Croatia (4000 mm of rain compared to 400 mm annually). Some trees were adorned with white flowers, from which the petals dropped like snow. The upper parts of the mountains were dry with ... read more
Bay of Kotor
Kotor, old city

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor October 4th 2018

This morning we were on the bus by 9 as we had to drive to the port to get the car ferry across to the peninsula on the mainland. We only had to wait a little while to drive in the bus onto the ferry and once we were in, we hopped off the bus and went upstairs. It was very windy this morning - apparently this was coming from some cyclone activity near Italy - so after sitting outside for a while, I had to end up going inside once the ferry started to cross the channel. The ride across didn't take very long and then we were back in the bus and heading down the peninsula towards Dubrovnik. Intererstingly, some of the Dalmatian coast was given to Bosnia Herzegovina after the war, so if ... read more
The town of Ston, with the wall on the right
The city walls - Kotor
Inside the old town at night with he walls & fortress lit up in the distance

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor July 30th 2018

Käytiin vielä kerran uimassa hotellin rannassa ennen aamiaista. Yhdeksän jälkeen päästiin liikenteeseen. Navigaattoria tarvittiin Dubrovnikin läpiajossa. Sitten matka sujui nopeasti rajalle. Tie oli hyvä ja liikennettä vähän. Mennessä rajalla menikin sitten 45 minuuttia (klo 9.45 - 10.20). Ensin jonotettiin Kroatian puolella ja uudestaan Montenegron puolella. Hitauden ymmärtää toki siinä, että kyseessä on EU:n ulkoraja. Ennen rajanylitystä laitoin oman puhelimeni lentotilaan, jotta siitä ei menisi varmastikaan velotusta mistään kalliista datayhteydestä. Minulla oli mukana myös Amerikan-matkoilleni hankkima puhelin, jossa ei ollut lainkaan mitään sim-korttia, eli sillä oli hyvä testata wifin toimivuutta. Montenegrossa matka sujuikin sitten paljon hitaammin. Tie meni rannikkoa pitkin, ja asutusta oli koko ajan. Pysähdyttiin ensin paikalliseen ravintolaan, jo... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor May 24th 2018

Thursday, May 24 Today we took a day trip to Montenegro - one of the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Border crossings are interesting. Our guide, Branko, had no way of guessing what would happen. Turns out the Croatia border crossing was slow, about 45 minutes, and a policeman comes on the bus & collects everyone's passports & takes them in the office & scans them. The Montenegro crossing was a breeze, they waved us through. On the way back in the afternoon it was similar except the Croatia crossing was only 15 minutes. Montenegro is south of Croatia, and although not part of the EU, their currency is Euros. It's a very mountainous country, and small - smaller than state of Connecticut. Their history is similar but different than Croatia: Illyrians, Romans, Venetians, Austrians, Russians, ... read more
Bay of Kotor.
Our Lady of the Rocks Church (Gospa od Skrpjela)
Door of Our Lady of Rocks Church

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