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Europe » Moldova » Transnistria January 1st 2020

The previous morning, I hadn't really had a good look out of the hotel room and since it was nice and sunny, I stood on the balcony for a bit taking in the river view. It was lovely. Since there was no options for breakfast we had to do it DIY style with some fruit, coffee and ghetto pre-packaged baked goods. We left the main city of Tiraspol and headed to Bender. We stopped on the way at a Sheriff gas station that was across the road from another Sheriff gas station, no need to turn and cross the road to get petrol. The gas station was in front of Sheriff Stadium where FC Sheriff Tiraspol play. The stadium was opened in 2002 and renovated in 2011. It looked very impressive. if only I liked football ... read more
Sheriff Stadium
Sheriff Gas Station

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria » Tiraspol December 30th 2019

30th Dec: We left Odessa and drove to the Trasnistrian/Moldovan border. The journey didn't take too long and I slept through most of it. The borders weren't too bad, just a bit tedious as the staff were too busy playing computer games to actually do any work. Also, because we were entering Moldova via Transnistria, our guide had to take all our passports to the Moldovan immigration booth to it stamped as we needed the proper Moldovan entry stamp or there would be problems when we leave Moldova. Transnistria, or Pridnestrovia as it is known in Russian, is an unrecognised, breakaway state. It is considered part of Moldova by the UN and only other breakaway states recognise it as its own country. The journey then took another hour or so to reach Tiraspol, the capital city. ... read more
Civil Registry

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria June 27th 2018

I passed through immigration quickly although the staff seemed suspicious wanting to know why I wasn't transiting, it must be unusual for people to actually come here. The arguing with dirt bag taxi drivers began immediately, they tried to charge me triple the normal price but by walking a short distance I found one with a metre and the guy actually turned it on so it cost me 85 Leu rather than the 250 those bastard wanted. You should have seen the last one scowl at me as I drove away grinning. My hotel is quaint but adequate and my hostess bought me plate of pastries and a glass of the famous Moldovan red, which wasn't bad after eating I went to bed as I have an early start tomorrow. After a breakfast of salad, cheese, ... read more
Lenin in fromt of Parliament
Soviet power
Lenin again

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria » Tiraspol October 5th 2016

My cycling trip from Kishinev (capital of Moldova) to Transnistria (conflict zone) was 70km and was easy to do. So after a good breakfast i started around 10:00 and I arrived about 2pm in Transnistria where border control is present. Even though you are still officially in Moldova, it is a conflict zone so they want to check and see your passport. Then they give you a ticket where it stands that you must leave within 12 or 24 hours. They give me a ticket of 24 hours. It is special to be here in transnistria. The conflict zone since the Soviet era did not want to reunite with Moldova and isolated remained surrounded by the red Soviet army. It is, Therefore, a zone-which you normally can entrance but need out again within 24 hours. It ... read more
At the streets of Tiraspol
The blue plastic money

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria » Tiraspol September 18th 2016

Ever wanted to know what life was like back in the USSR? Transnistria - a 'state' within a state, recognised only by themselves - is about as close as you can get. When Moldova declared independence from the Soviet Union, a sliver of land just to the east of the Dniester River didn't want to go with them. There was a short civil war in 1992 which was ended by a ceasefire. These days, the Moldovan government recognises Transnistria as an autonomous territorial unit; Transnistria regards itself as an independent republic but is not recognised as one by any UN member state. Nevertheless this "country that isn't" has gone on to develop its own constitution, government, parliament, flag, national anthem, currency, military, police, postal system and licence plates. This promised to be interesting. No place proud ... read more
Communist Block
City Hall
Notable Transnistrians

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria » Tiraspol March 5th 2016

A group of girls became rather loud. It was Friday night. They had consumed a few drinks. One in particular, had clearly had consumed one too many! The volume rose further. The scene was probably being repeated all over Europe. It wasn't unusual, but in Tiraspol, Transnistria it seemed to be so. We were sitting in 7 Fridays on 25th October Street. There were few people in the restaurant and few passing on the street outside. We are familiar with the term ..... quiet night in ......but perhaps not the quiet night out! In Tiraspol, you would use to the latter term - it seemed dead. We had dined on a very good pizza and were drinking Russian beer (at 15 Transnistrian Roubles a pint), whilst surveying the Tiraspol nightlife. The menu in 7 Fridays had ... read more

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria » Tiraspol March 3rd 2016

Transnistria. Trans-Dniestr. Transdniestria. Pridnestrovian Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic. The country that doesn’t exist! According the majority of the world, the enclave in the east of Moldova, isn’t there. It isn’t an East / West thing either in terms of recognition. Western Europe doesn’t recognise it as a country and neither does Russia. Moldova – who believes it is still their territory - certainly doesn’t, but has chosen to tolerate it in it’s own backyard since the brief but intense conflict in 1992. The rest of the world was looking the other way, when Transnistria separatists decided to take the fight to Moldova concerned about the new nation looking West when they wished to look east to Mother Russia. It is quoted that over 500 died in fighting, before an uneasy truce was made with the Russian ... read more
I Love Tiraspol
Tank Monument
Christmas Cathedral

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria November 10th 2013

I got the overnight bus from Simferopol to Chisinau and crossed the border at about 3am. We didn't even have to get off the bus. The roads in Ukraine are pretty bad, and the ones in Moldova are little better, but the no man's land between was completely potholed and it took us a longer to weave our way safely between the two stations than to complete the checks. When we got into Moldova the roads became much smoother and it didn't take us too long to get to the capital. When I arrive at the hostel it as locked. I rang the bell and one of the other gests came but couldn't get the door open. In the end I climbed in the kitchen window as two girls heading to Transnistria (the breakaway state that ... read more

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria » Tiraspol March 31st 2013

So, onto the rest of Moldova, by which I mean 'anything other than Chisinau and surrounds'. A rented car plus driver seemed like a solid enough plan, and appeared, even prior to departure, to be the kind of arrangement which would make 2 separate areas of Moldova visitable in the context of one full day. The first port of call was destined to be the most rural location of the lot - the monastery, cliffs and caves at Orheiul Vechi, and the place which the guide book described as the country's most spectacular sight. Visibility wasn't favourable enough to view this spot in the most glorious context, but the rocky edges of the cliffs, coupled with the sight of the river in the valley down below, and the monastery perched atop the highest plain was enough ... read more
Tank (Tiraspol; Transniestr)
City emblem (Bender; Transniestr)
The fortress (Bender; Transniestr)

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria » Tiraspol July 10th 2012

Yesterday evening we had made arrangements for accomodation in Tiraspol and had planned to leave quite early in the morning. But in the morning we found an sms from the host saying we should arrive only around 2pm. So, we spend the morning at the hotel using internet and blogging. We left eventually by a bus a bit before noon. As mentioned before, Tiraspol is located in Transnistria area, which is an autonomous breakaway republic in Moldova. We were kind of nervous because we had heard officials at border crossing were asking for bribes and harrassing westerners also in other ways. On the way it however became obvious that what we should have been worried about was the traffic and the driving style of our maxitaxi driver. He (and other drivers) were making insane passings all ... read more
Tiraspol had its share of Soviet style monuments
On a tank in Tiraspol

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