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Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda August 23rd 2019

Thursday was a 5 hour bus journey crossing the Lithuanian border and a two night stay at the Litinterp Klaipeda Guesthouse. The journey was broken with a short stop at the Hill of Crosses at Siauliai, a pilgrim site in defiance of anti-religious Soviet rule. Upon arrival we wandered to the old town on the waterfront with it's old brick warehouse buildings converted into appartments or small businesses. While Klaipeda is historically the oldest town in Lithuania, devastating fires & modern war has meant the city no longer has any of the iconic buildings that we have encountered in all our stops up to now and instead is now mainly a gateway to the Curonian Spit. Friday was a perfect bike riding day & an excursion to the Curonian Spit, a long and narrow sand dune ... read more
Our group at the Russian border
Kieran in front of Curonian pennants
Baltic Sea beaches

Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda July 5th 2017

July 5 – Lithuania – Klaipaidia Today we got into port under sunny skies and warmish temperatures. We were booked for an 8:30am excursion so were up early to get ready. I had heard that this port was a bit under whelming so instead of staying in town to wander and take in the equivalent of the ‘napped flints’ museum we had signed up to visit a former Soviet missile installation located about an hour or so drive into the countryside. This trip was truly fascinating – partly due to the talk from our school teacher guide who shared her experiences growing up in Lithuania during the Soviet occupation. The Soviet missile site was amazing and they have done a really good job at recreating the life in the camp. We got to go down into ... read more
walk to missile site
Into the Abyss

Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda May 2nd 2015

Klaipeda - Nidda 125 km Wetterbericht: zuerst: kR, sk, Mittag: sR + sk, Nachmittag: kR + sk (5-7°C) Als erstes brauchte ich Geld, die lokale Währung. Überall standen die Preise in Euro und in litauischem Irgendwas, aber sicher haben die noch keinen Euro, oder? Ich überprüfe bei einem Währungsrechner im Internet - es gibt einen tagesaktuellen Kurs von Euro zu litauischem Irgendwas. Also ein Loch in der Wand muss her. Die Rezeptionsfee schickte mich zu “dem großen Platz, da ist das Casino, da gibt’s ATM.”. Nur war der große Platz nicht wirklich auffindbar. Ich kreuzte durch Klaipeda, sah auch gleich alle Sehenswürdigkeiten, aber weder Casino noch Bank noch ATM. An einer Ampel erfuhr ich dann, dass es in einem Einkaufszentrum einen ATM geben soll. Das ist wahrscheinlich völlig richtig, aber gegenüber war auch eine Bank. Beim ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda September 2nd 2014

Klaipeda and Palanga in Lithuania 2 September 2014 We crossed the Latvia/Lithuania border about 11.00am and reached Palanga which is a popular seaside resort at the Baltic sea. Palanga has a beach, but it is very crowded in summer, since all Lithuanians come to their short coastline. It was quiet when we got there as all the children had gone back to school and it was Tuesday. There was an amber museum which is prevalent in Latvia and Lithuania but we didn't visit it. When we walked down the pedestrian mall, Basanavicius street which is the focal point of Palanga. Along this street can be found most of the town's bars, restaurants, nightclubs, funfairs and souvenir shops. It continues to the Pier on the beach. Just before the beach started, there were some bench seats positioned ... read more
Curonian Spit - 100kms long one third in Lithuania and 2 thirds in Russia - fishing boat outdoor museum (2)
Curonian Spit - 100kms long one third in Lithuania and 2 thirds in Russia - fishing boat outdoor museum (4)
Curonian Spit - 100kms long one third in Lithuania and 2 thirds in Russia - forest on the edge of the big sand dune

Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda June 27th 2011

At 5:30 Saturday morning we set out for our outdoor adventure! Our group of 11 very different people made for quite an interesting weekend. In total we kayaked 22 kilometers (about 14 miles) within 8 hours, taking occasional breaks to talk, eat & enjoy the sights. We traveled down Minijos river in Klaipeda - a beautiful area with cleaner and fresher air then the 3 of us city girls were use to. Surprisingly, kayaking was the easy part of the trip. Our camping experience was a little more challenging. As soon as we reached land it started raining, the outhouse consisted of a smelly hole in the ground and our summer sweatshirts weren't quite warm enough. But with good company, delicious sandwiches and lots and lots of blankets, we managed to have a great time! The ... read more
Julija & Ziba

Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda July 13th 2010

July 13 - Today was an average day. I woke up early and went to the bus station for my 8:30am bus to Klaipeda, Lithuania. The ride was ok, but I was super productive. I checked out all the pictures from Latvia and decided what to put on the blog. In Klaipeda, the hostel was super easy to find as it is just outside the bus station. It seems ok. Once I got settled, I went for a walk to the downtown area and to the info office. Surprised? I got a map of the town and a walking tour map, as well as information about the Curonian Spit, where I will go tomorrow and how to get away from here later. Super productive. After grabbing a sandwich and eating it at the river, I started ... read more
Restaurant at harbor
Boats in rover
At river

Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda August 31st 2009

We woke early today in prep for our trip to Klaipėda -- especially me, as my sore throat kept me from sleeping past 3:30. We grabbed a quick breakfast at home and made our way to the airport. Riga International is a pretty nice airport; they had a drugstore, which was important for acquiring some ibuprofen, and a post office, where we mailed a bunch of postcards, and a souvenir shop with some of the things we’d not been able to find elsewhere (a Latvia patch for me, a small bottle of Black Balzsams liqueur for Graham), and a cafe that had milkshakes, though Graham wouldn’t let me get one and made me eat mushy fries instead. Mean, mean Graham. Our AirBaltic flight to Palanga was smooth -- again, the plane was nicer and the service ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda May 16th 2009

Today we went to the Curonian Spit. This involved us having to get up relatively early to make sure that we had breakfast and were at the ferry terminal in time for the 9am ferry. The hotel that we were staying at actually delivers breakfast to your room in a little wicker basket, so we had all asked for our breakfasts to be delivered at 8am to make sure that we had lots of time to eat and get ready to meet our tour guide at 8:45am. Unfortunately the breakfasts still hadn't arrived at 8:30am. MK and I have a strange door just beside the entrance to our room that has been locked since we got here and we couldn't work out what would be in the room. Well we found out at 8:35am when ... read more
Me and the Hag
MK and I surfing
MK on the bike ride

Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda May 15th 2009

Today was a bit of a travel day. But the good news was that the travel day only started at 11:45 so we had most of the morning free. MK, Jen and I decided to head off to the Coffee House for breakfast, where I had the most delicious bowl of porridge. The only hitch in the plan was the fact that we had to walk past 3 of the stores to find one that was open. Apparently they all only open at 9am - not sure what all the office workers who want coffee before work do. After our delicious breakfast we headed off to walk around the old town for a little while. This turned out to be a slightly expensive morning as I bought a lovely amber necklace and matching set of earrings ... read more
Blowing the dandelion time
MKs new hat
Pugsy waiting for the bus

Europe » Lithuania » Klaipeda » Trakai May 8th 2009

Day 6-7 (May 8-9) The following day was another bus journey to our next destination, Klaipeda on the Curonian spit in Lithuania, but not such an early start. We travelled through more amazingly green countryside. We arrived to find that we had a converted guest house which had two adjoining rooms sharing a small lounge area. More importantly it had a kettle so we were able to make our own coffee. Kettle’s in rooms is not the norm in Europe, apparently, so this was a real treat. (it’s funny how small things please when you don’t have them). Dinner was local sausage, potatoes and sauerkraut - a favourite for me. Klaipeda was a jumping off point for visiting the Curonian spit, which is a 15 minute ferry ride from town. We set out the following day ... read more
Bay side of Curonian Spit 2
Local guide telling us fairy stories
Demon disguised as mushroom

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