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Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz July 7th 2020

Bonjour à tous, Je vous confirme que les Suisses ne paraissent pas très concernés par les mesures de précaution contre le covid. J'ai mangé hier au soir sur le quai touristique, juste en bas de mon hôtel, sur les terrasses les tables ne sont pas particulièrement espacées, aucun serveurs ne portent de masque, le même menu pour tous les clients, et après le départ des clients, juste un coup d'éponge sur la table. Heureusement que je ne suis pas dans la psychose si non ce serait retour maison. Ici tout est allemand, même les menus, je me suis donc rabattu, sur du sûr la pizzeria, avec un menu en anglais le seul. Le français est totalement absent. Malgré la fraîcheur du soir c'était très agréable cette terrasse le long du Reuss. Apparemment très peu de touristes ... read more
la beauté du matin
Vaduz centre ville

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz October 13th 2019

Sometimes people travel to countries to add them to a list of countries seen. We usually don't visit just to add it to our list but seeing as we are in this part of the world with Liechtenstein on our route it would be rude not to visit and see what is occuring. Liechtenstein is bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and Austria to the east and north. It is Europes fourth smallest country and just has an land area of 160 square kilometres or 62 square miles to you and me. Its capital is Vaduz and it has a Prince and a castle . It reminded me a little of a tax haven - an Andorra or a Gibraltar where you could pick up your cigarettes and petrol cheaper than in your own ... read more
High Street Vaduz style

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz April 20th 2018

The Johns Family are off on holiday to Central and Eastern Europe. We caught a cheap flight from Seattle, USA and rented a car in Zurich, Switzerland to take us on a loop through Europe. The best thing about the car is we could get outside the cities and explore areas that are not as accessible. We arrived in Zurich at 6:30am so had a bonus day to visit some unplanned stops including the city of Bern that overlooks the Aare River and the walled medieval town of Murten. We found our hotel in Interlaken and stayed on the highest floor with a view out over the mountains. We went for a hike to the Unspunnen Castle ruins and found a nice tail back along the ridge. The next day we drove into the Lauterbrunnen valley, ... read more
Medieval Murten, Switzerland
Our Hotel in Interlaken, Switzerland
Ann at the Unspunnen Castle ruins

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz February 6th 2017

What is it that drives some people to explore the world, to keep pushing new boundaries when most of us would surely be sated? The thrill of visiting a new country casts a powerful spell; clearly I’m still afflicted with the travel bug that has propelled me around the world for all these years! One of the few Micro States I’ve not visited is the Principality of Liechtenstein. This landlocked country in Central Europe is surrounded by Switzerland and Austria, with German the national language. My research indicated the best way to get there is from Zurich, providing an unexpected bonus as I haven’t yet visited the financial hub and biggest city in Switzerland. The journal left off at the conclusion of a wonderful visit to Kosovo, where I boarded a direct flight to Zurich. I ... read more
Centre of Vaduz
Lovely building
Colours in the snow

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz October 19th 2016

Having walked around Innsbruckall day, I arrived late in the border town of Feldkirch. I then just managed to check in to the hostel before the reception closed but people shouldn't be made to put on sheets and duvet covers in the dark when other people in the dorm sleeping - especially for the price being paid. All you wanna do after a long day and journey is to just get into bed. The country which borders Feldkirch in the most western part of Austria is the pint-sized principailty of Liechtenstein. Like my visit to San Marino earlier in the trip, there is a fascination and novelty value about visiting curious, almost unheard of, micro-states. And like my visit to San Marino earlier in the trip, I decided to do Liechtenstein as a day trip. For ... read more
Rote Haus & Vineyard

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz August 28th 2016

This is one blog of an intended occasional series, reflecting on travels to the Micro-States of Europe (Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco, Malta etc). Our entry point to Vaduz in Liechtenstein was Zurich. This is a city so eye wateringly expensive that on arrival, you can feel your wallet curling itself into a protective ball like a hedgehog. After the single overnight stay in the centre of of the city, it was on to our destination for the weekend; Liechtenstein. This double-landlocked, 62 square kilometres sized, pissant principality receives only around 37,000 tourists a year. One of its few claims to fame is that it leads the world in false teeth manufacturing (around 20% of global sales). Due to the absence of an airport, country does take some getting to for a disinterested casual tourist. The train ... read more

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz March 27th 2016

Another day, another scenic rail journey - were it not for the sheer cost of all this, it would be pleasant to allow this lifestyle to run on forever. The tiny nation of Liechtenstein is one of the world's 2 double-landlocked countries (the other being Uzbekistan), and is easily reachable by train from Zurich, by making one's way to the Swiss border town of Sargans. The scenery en route to Sargans comes into its own, and makes for the kind of vistas which one would stereotypically associate with the Swiss countryside. First port of call in Liechtenstein was the nation's one and only ski resort of Malbun, which required two buses to reach, and the latter half of the journey involved an ever-winding, ever-climbing route which peaked when the resort town had been reached. The mountainous ... read more
Mountainous vista (Malbun; Liechtenstein)
City-centre building (Vaduz; Liechtenstein)
Finely-carved statues (Vaduz; Liechtenstein)

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz June 23rd 2015

Hello my fellow travellers! This day has really been packed to the brim! We started the day with a steady breakfast together with Brigitt and the other couch-surfer, Tim from England. Today we also met Sam, he's a nice American who is living with Brigitt and Jürg for 2 months while studying. First thing on our schedule today was to go to Liechtenstein, first you take a bus to Schaan where you can then switch to Vaduz or to Feldkirch which is in Austria. When we learned about this and that our Swisspass is valid there as well we decided to go there after Vaduz! Reaching Vaduz takes roughly 20 minutes from Buchs and said and done we started our journey there. The weather at first was quite bad with heavy rains so Brigitt and Tim ... read more
Schattenburg Castle

Europe » Liechtenstein » Vaduz September 11th 2013

5º dia - Suíça / Liechtenstein / Alemanha Entrando no onibus, a proxima parada era ainda na Suíça em um lugar chamado Mr Sternshorn, neste lugar você vai até o topo da montanha primeiro de trem e depois de teleferico. Neste teleferico, você pode ir dentro fechado, ou vc pode subir as escadas e ir em cima... o que eu preferi.. Tomando aquele ar gelado dos Alpes... Encantador! Amei! Uma das melhores coisas da viagem. A visão que se tem de lá é fora do comum... Tirei muita foto. Após algum tepinho era realmente a hora de descer e mudar de país. Próxima parada: Vaduz, simpática cidade de Liechtenstein... paramos somente para almoar, mas como a cidade é minuscula, deu para ver tudo. Almocei, comprei e entrei no ônibus para a próxima parada: Munique. Munique, como ... read more
Suíça 333

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