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Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga September 9th 2011

An diesem Tag bin ich von Siauliai nach Riga, der Metropole des Baltikums gereist. Nach ich im Bus keinen Platz mehr bekommen habe, musste ich leider mit zwei anderen Reisenden ein Taxi nehmen. Zum Glück war es nicht allzu teuer. Ansonsten ist der Bus auf längeren Strecken im Baltikum das Mittel der Wahl, wenn nicht sogar das einzige Reisemittel. An diesem Tag habe ich keine Fotos mehr gemacht.... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga September 1st 2011

The beginning of my journey wasn't easy at all. Once I got to the city with a friend of mine, the hostel which was waiting for us was HORRIBLE. I've been traveling quite a lot and I've seen several places but I've never seen such a creepy hostel. It was at the very top of a building (without lift, but later on we discovered that here in Riga people don't really love lifts). Once we got into bedroom we just had a glance to the beds and to the sheets on the bed. They were totally black. Luckily we weren't alone, there was a latvian girl with us who decided to bring us to her home at least for the night. The day after I had to fill in a lots of papers for my Erasmus ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Jurmala August 2nd 2011

Geo: 56.9682, 23.7705We started off the day today with a trip to the resort city, Jurmala, on the Baltic Sea. Jurmala is a summer resort city for "poor Russian millionaires" (the rich ones go to Nice, France). After a stroll down the sandy beach, we took a few moments to dip our feet in the cool waters of the Baltic. None of us would have ever imagined when we left home that we would find ourselves on a sandy beach in Latvia listening to Bob Marley's “One Love.” Latvia is a land of many pleasant surprises. Latvia has been particularly hard hit by the world financial crisis that began in 2008. Here, like elsewhere, part of the problem was overspeculation. We were not pleased to encounter several GE Money Banks advertising mortgages. Instead of paying taxes ... read more
GE Money Bank.  Grr.
Jurmala pedestrian mall
View from nearby Stalin "wedding cake" building

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga August 1st 2011

Geo: 56.9465, 24.1048After a good night's sleep in our new hotel, grateful for cooler weather and with windows open all night, we awoke, stretched, and enjoyed our breakfast (from quite the spread) on a "summer terrace." Hotel Hanza is a beautifully restored 19th century building that sits on a square surrounding Jesus Church, a very old wooden structure that seats up to 1,200. Rich and Jake used a knife with chocolate syrup to try and train the bees to leave us alone. Bees don't train well. Nevertheless, it was a great breakfast.We were met by our driver and guide, Sergie shortly thereafter, who took us on a driving tour of areas of Riga. We stopped across the Daugava River (=much water) for some good photo opportunities. From here, we could see the spires and towers that ... read more
Narrowest Street in Riga
House of the Blackheads
Trouble in the making

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 23rd 2011

Dupa inca 300 km de drum prost polac , si dupa travesarea rapida a Lituaniei , am ajuns in Letonia, la Riga. Cazarea destul de ok, la approx 1.5 km de centrul vechi. O prima "ciudatenie" - cursul valutar. Moneda locala - lat-ul, fiind mai puternica decat euro (1 eur = 0.7 lat). Prima cladire inalta care ne-a iesit in drum, chiar la intrarea in centrul orasului a fost Monumentul Libertatii , dar din pacate nu ne-am putut urca in varf , fiind doar o statuie foarte inalta, oarecum tipic comunista. Centrul vechi insa, bine ingrijit, cu cladiri renovate si frumoase, dar cu destul de putina agitatie. Putin turisti, raspanditi sporadic intre cele cateva obiective de interes: Swedish Gate, Cat House si Three Broders. Orasul vechi este locuibil si functional. Ne-am gasit si punctul inalt pentru ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 13th 2011

I haven't had an overwhelming response to the should-I-stay-or-should-I-go question. In fact, no one has offered anything other than assurances that I will make the right one whatever I decision I choose. That's as much sitting on the fence as me. Leaving Liepaja the following morning (or was it that morning) I really wasn't feeling great. Tired, bit of ear ache, slight headache and well, not altogether that great and not having that much fun. But, the road was quite nice once out of Liepaja. Mainly farm land and again wonderful sky vistas. Oh yes. Wherever I looked, a black cloud. It was only a matter of time, I knew, before either I met the weather, or the weather met me. And, sure enough, early afternoon, a downpour. I was sheltering under some oak trees which ... read more
Just another day at a bus stop

Europe » Latvia » Kurzeme Region » Liepaja July 6th 2011

That when you want a haircut the hairdressers are always fully booked? And when you think you've found the perfect spot for a break (ie toilet stop) someone comes along either on a bicycle or on foot looking like they're in no real hurry (as opposed to me). And when you think you cannot stand another day of rain and call a rest day it's sunny? Why? Please explain. And so it was today here in Liepaja back in Latvia. Couldn't manage to get my haircut here either because they're fully booked today. The sun is shining, not quite not-a-cloud-in-the-sky kind of weather but... And rest assured I have not tried to find a spot in the city to "break" - I leave that for the countryside. it might not look like I've done a fair ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 5th 2011

We travelled to Latvia via Lux Bus and it was luxury in terms of space when you consider the room on the Easyjet flight. The bus driver was rather tense and stressed, felt like he was about 10 coffees in before our departure time of 8.30am. The funniest part of the journey was when the drivers changed and the new guy had clearly never driven the automated bus before and managed to stall twice leaving the car park. He persisted but it was a long drive in as the bus bunny hopped and stalled about 4 times on the long straight road into Riga, hilarious. When we crossed into Latvia boarder control staff did jump on the bus and do a check of passports even though it was EU to EU. We did notice the difference ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 4th 2011

Hicran Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu ‘nun Letonya/Latvia- RIGA Devr-i Alem Hicri Alem Hicran Çiğdem Seyahatnamesi’nden ..seyahat notlarından alıntılardır . Her hakkı saklıdır .. / Eserin tüm telif hakları H.Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu’na aittir . Eserin izinsiz kopyalanması çoğaltımı ,yayını ,dağıtımı halinde 5846 sayılı Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri Kanunun hükümleri geçerli olacaktır. LETONYA CUMHURİYETİ Hint-Avrupa kavimlerinin torunlarına ziyaret vakti .94. Ülkeme döndü pruvam . Öncesi,sonrası ve dahasında ,hangi diyârda kimin hava sahasında Ve dehâsında Miskü amber kokar yeni günüm. Yorganda ,yastıkta , sürmeli rastıkta göz güler kaş çatıkta .Bilirim aradığım ne İskandinavya’da ne de Baltık ‘ta , ne de hevesine doyulmayan artıkta. Bu Kuzey Avrupada Baltık Ülkesinin adı Latvia . Cumhuriyet ile yönetilen ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 3rd 2011

After a 4 hour train trip from Tallinn to Riga, I checked into Hotel De Rome. It is very nice. Then went to a restaurant by the name of Vincents and got the most popular dish on the menu which was Potatoes with cabbage salad and bacon. ... read more

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