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Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 15th 2012

Friday I stayed in Warszawa city of Statues. All their old and new heroes but also Mr Reagon are to be seen all over the city.Did some sightseeing in the centre and the old town, an Unesco world heritage site ,and had a 2 hours panoramic tour by coach. Compared to three years ago not much difference only they keep building new offices, houses, stations but still an awful lot of old communist style buildings. In Waeszawa you ee like everywhere in Poland still lots of priests and nuns , young and old and churches are full/... read more
racing in front of the hop on hop off coach
one of the many statues

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 12th 2012

I didn't think these photos were good enough for the main blog ...... read more
Riga - The Baltic Festival
Riga - The Baltic Festival
Riga - The Baltic Festival

Europe » Latvia » Zemgale Region July 9th 2012

After an early breakfast, I rushed to the supermarket in order to buy some lunch and then made my way, with my luggage, to the waiting coach. An hour after leaving, the bus pulled into Rundales Palace, last used by the Soviets as offices. It was built between 1736 and 1740 as a summer residence of Duke Ernst Johann of Courland, one of whose descendants was Gaston Palewski (of Nancy Mitford fame). After viewing the house, with its interesting variations in decorations, I took lunch in the garden before getting back to the bus ... and Lithuania.... read more
Rundales Pils
The Gold Hall
Ceiling Detail

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 8th 2012

Today, I did no sightseeing whatsoever. Indeed, I did very little, except sit in the sun and listen to jazz ...... read more
Blackhead's House - Main Entrance
Small Guild

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Jurmala July 7th 2012

Breakfast at the weekend starts an hour later. The shops open at the same time breakfast starts. I only had 45 mins to go to the shops to buy a packed lunch, pack a rucksack and have breakfast. The breakfast lost! Three cups of coffee and some heavy black bread would have to suffice. Set off for the station in the early morning heat and, on arrival, realised that I didn't know the Latvian for Ticket Office! Having eventually bought a ticket, the nice lady in the office informed me that I needed to leave from Platform 3 - the only problem was that I didn't know the Latvian for Platform 3! Well, the 3 was easy, but there were quite a few "Something" 3! Finally, by walking towards the tracks, it became obvious where the ... read more
Kemeri Station
Little Orthodox Church
Love Isle - clearly seen better days

Europe » Latvia » Vidzeme Region » Sigulda July 6th 2012

Before breakfast, headed to the supermarket to buy packed lunch. What a start to the day! Left the hotel at 08h45 and walked to the bus station in order to catch the 09h20. Though due to arrive at 10h30, traffic jams in Riga meant that the bus didn't reach the city boundary until 45 minutes after departure, eventually arriving in Sigulda at 10h50, quite a bit later than planned. Before doing anything else, decided to buy an ice-cream once in Sigulda as it was already so hot. Then set off for the walk to the cable car, passing some pretty gardens and odd sculptures. The first set of (250) stairs down to the river took me through some very cooling trees, the route being fairly mosquito free. Having crossed the river though, the walk up to ... read more
The first 250 steps
Kimulda (Ruined) Castle
View to Turaida Castle

Europe » Latvia July 5th 2012

We are aboard the train. It is like something out of a movie. Forests of birch trees pass by our window. Hope to get some sleep before we arrive.... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 5th 2012

After breakfast with an obnoxious and brash Aussie, I walked down to the canal to take a boat trip. The 100 year old historic boat, though solar powered, were running late, and only arrived after waiting forty minutes! However, it was a delightful tour of the canal and harbour although there was no commentary. I then met a local guide (Aija Tamsone) who took me on a three hour walking tour of Riga, with particular emphasis on the Art Nouveau aspects. Coffee at Vincent's provided a welcome break before taking a short bus ride to the Freedom Monument and a continuation of the tour in the Old Town. In the evening, I went to a themed restaurant (Pie Kristapa) where the food was reasonable and served in a medieval atmosphere. However, the service was super speedy ... read more
Historic (solar powered) cruiser
Riga Canal
St Peter's

Europe » Latvia July 4th 2012

Hope you are having a wonderful July 4 th. We sure did. We toured Ogre and were treated to an arts and crafts workshop. Lots of creative oportunities. The concert was a huge success and we received astanding ovation during the closing number, Chicago. Tomorrow we are off to Russia. I am not sure of our Internet access but will try and keep posting when I can.... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 4th 2012

After leaving Parnu, the next stop was Latvia, stopping at the Latvian border at 13h50 for coffee. On crossing the border, the quality of the roads worsened and, once in Riga, even the traffic lights became unphased resulting in a stop-start journey through Riga. Arrived in Riga at 16h00 but, due to badly parked vehicles, the coach was unable to get close to the hotel - an old Convent - and so I have had to walk dragging my suitcase. Leaving my bag in my room, I headed out to get some local currency, taking in the Dome, the Town Hall Square, St. Peter's Church and the Shopping Centre whilst out.... read more
My room in the Convent
My room in the Convent
Art Nouveau

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