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Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 3rd 2012

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! First of all, after multiple requests I have decided to continue my blog in English. I hope the Dutch people amongst you don’t mind. For the English speaking audience just catching on: Since June 1st I have been living in Riga, where I am studying the Russian language and working part-time. I am intending to stay here for a minimum of three months and have an amazing apartment in the city center of Riga (for pictures please see my first blog) I have been attempting to add photos to this blog for the past few days, however there are problems for people trying to upload pictures on the website from Macs so I am afraid I will have to save those for you till my next blog. Nonetheless, ... read more

Europe » Latvia July 2nd 2012

We explored Riga with our hosts and had our first joint rehearsal for the concert tomorrow. The girls spent their evening with their host families while the boys and chaperones soaked up the local ambiance, not to mention some French fries and onion rings! We are having trouble posting pictures to the blog so please check out the Anima Singers Facebook page.... read more

Europe » Latvia July 1st 2012

We were warmly welcomed to Latvia by our new friends from the Riga Girl's choir. The girls of our chorus our enjoying the first night of their home stay experience while the boys played cards in a square in the heart of Riga under the watchful eyes of their chaperones. Tomorrow is a day for a late breakfast and a guided tour of the city.... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga June 21st 2012

We are now sitting at Riga airport drinking our second morning coffee for today. Our first was back home 4 hours ago, and since then we have been on our way towards the Black sea. Regrettably no WIFI here, so this will be posted the next time we will have net access. We divided the writing turns so I start our blog, Johanna continues tomorrow, I continue the day after that and so on. So if you are looking for facts read the blog on odd numbered days, and if you are looking more for feelings I would recommend Johannas articles that should come at even numbered days. Fact 1. Johanna thinks I'm silly. :) We met an ex-colleague of mine on the plane here, and received some travelling tips for Istanbul. The big sights are ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga June 19th 2012

Wanderer Photo Suren Manvelyan No other living creature in the world has so special, beautiful, even stunning eyes – bright sky-blue, sometimes as the South sea or aquamarine color, sometimes darker – as a concentrate, as an old-time (!) school years ink. It is no coincidence, not a whim of nature. It is related to a specific gene that has been worked out in the biography of this species in its history through thousands of years. Mainly – from the permanent life on snow plains, hills and fields, where the snow is still there in the polar summer. A... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga June 19th 2012

Hallo allemaal, Welkom bij Blog nr. 2 vanuit Riga! Russisch leren, Riga ontdekken, werken, het EK, uitgaan en het eerste bezoek vanuit Nederland zorgen ervoor dat ik hier genoeg te doen heb. Het is hier inmiddels heerlijk weer, af en toe regen maar gegarandeerd temperaturen van boven de 20 graden. Vanaf begin juli verwachten ze temperaturen van rond de dertig graden die tot eind augustus zullen aanhouden. Allereerst wat betreft het Russisch leren; ik moet zeggen dat gaat tot nu toe aardig goed! Valeri en ik oefenen doorlopend Russische zinnen, en ik moet zeggen dat ik zowel in gesprekken tussen Russen en bijvoorbeeld commentaren op TV al het een en ander begrijp. Ik heb nog geen officiële Russische les gehad, maar dit gaat na het Midzomernachtfestival beginnen (maar daarover later meer..). Af en toe is het ... read more
IkI @ Yacht Club Jurmala
IkI @ Yacht Club Jurmala

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga June 5th 2012

Beste allemaal, Allereerst welkom op mijn blog! Vanaf deze plaats zal ik de komende drie maanden verslag doen van mijn tijd hier in de Baltische Staten. 1 Juni ben ik hier aangekomen en sindsdien verblijf ik in een geweldig appartement in Riga (de hoofdstad van Letland). Ik heb een paar foto' s bijgevoegd en zoals je kunt zien, het is echt heel mooi! Het appartement staat, zoals reeds eerder in een e-mail aan mij werd gemeld 'in het centrum van het centrum'; het oude centrum van Riga, welteverstaan. Ik woon op de zesde verdieping maar ik weet nog weinig van de andere appartement bewoners. Ik heb slechts 1 buurman voorbij zien komen (op de fiets!) en er is mij verteld dat dat de burgemeester in Riga is. Maar goed, laat ik bij het begin beginnen. Vrijdagavond ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region June 1st 2012

Motorhome News from Latvia Latvia Chapter I 28th April 2012 We're slowly becoming acquainted with the local currency but there's not enough time to make friends with all the coins and notes, the value in £UK or the price of food and diesel. In Lithuania it was Litas, and in Latvia it is Lats. To make life easy, we brought some of each with us and hopefully we can get home with pockets empty of both. The Latvian and Lithuanian languages are rather more to our liking than Polish. There are less W's, Z's, I's and O's and for some strange reason we seem to be able to understand a few more of the words. Not that it matters too much. English is spoken and understood by most people and information in English is shown as ... read more
Ventspils beach
Long tailed duck!

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga May 22nd 2012

Wanderer It is difficult or even impossible to find an animal friend who does not like the huskies (here I do not start a discussion on a variety of species, subspecies and multiformity – these dogs you encounter throughout the whole Arctic region: Canada, Alaska, Siberia). 'Like' is not the right word. So really it should be said it’s difficult to find one who isn’t delighted, enraptured by huskies, who does not rejoice in these creatures. In the same way the huskies behave to the people. They are so friendly, faithful and diligent, so sincerely. It is no accident. It has been worked out through thousands of years. However, other dogs and horses and even cats, who are known to love to walk, where ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga May 19th 2012

Wanderer Wings, Legs and Tails – was entitled a competition of photographs not much long ago organized by Kizhi Museum management. The results don’t count – that time was not important to make out who is who. By the way profi’s know it without any competitions. Important was a variety, much sense of humor, rich imagination. Fancy, fantasie! And luck. Because You can wait hours and hours till this beautiful insect or reptile – dear little thing – decides it’s time to rest a bit or, quite in juxtaposition, it’s time to go, to climb, to fly, to jump home. But… where is the home? Every photo has two titles. One from its author, mainly professional photographer. Other – from myself (NN) as it just came from above ( I mean heaven). I propone each of ... read more

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