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April 24th 2012
Published: April 24th 2012
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It is the emblem (Cout of Arms!) of Liepāja. On one side of the Eschutcheon – a lion. Although it is not heard that in Liepāja or around the town ever lived any lions. However, this does not prevent to put the lion on the emblem. Some other people, towns and states – and even further north – put on their coats of arms even more lions. But some of the coats of arms have even the Moon and Sun on them!
On the second half of the emblem is a lime (liepa / Tilia cordiata), from which, presumably, hence the common Latvian name Liepāja (until 1917 Germ. Libau, Russ. Libava). Limes in the city are everywhere, and a pity that there are little convincing, expressive images to display.
Liepāja is an old, proud Courland Province City. It has always been a stand-alone, independent and even competing with Riga. Quite simply it was when Liepaja got rid of the rival (Riga 1621st became a city of Sweden). Today, Liepāja is very multi-coloured, mixed city. Old Town with its splendor and misery, untidiness. Soviet naval port facilities, prisons and ruins. Restored Art Nouveau building richness and pride. The official buildings raised at various times with their style incompatibility (local government, university, museum, theater, etc.). And the tram, which as early as 4 am wake clinking townspeople and all day line from the one end to another. There already dominate the nine-storey blockhouses built during Brezhnev epoche. City is also characterized by the existence of various churches.
Liepāja has a lot of different and wonderful places and things, but most wonderful of them is the beach. Wide (40 – 50 meters in width), free, with bright white silky-soft, fine sand. Right there on bush area are small places for those who prefer to bask in the sun. At a very hot wheather it is impossible – as on the pan. The beach also is a key feature and the trump card that allows to attribute Liepāja without any doubt to the Nordic Nature. Unfortunately, the beach has any overwhelming pictures, too, but trust me – it is unique. Beach is close to the ever proud Kurhaus which greenery and pavilions echoes even now.
And one thing more – there is always the wind. If guest-ladies have prepared their coiffure for the evening go to a concert, theater or restaurant, then after half an hour every effort is literally in the wind. Therefore, the real inhabitants are not making any special hairstyles at all – not worth it. But the wind can not really be photographed well, too, so at the end – another evening beach view.

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