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Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin December 1st 2019

I realise you can't predict weather with any accuracy, but Turin was now beginning to wear our patience. It had now been raining constantly since Friday evening. We awoke Monday morning and it was still as bad as ever. Will there by an end in sight? The forecast suggested a positive outcome, but then we had seen previous lights at the end of the tunnel. Breakfast was quiet. The weekend visitors and people in town for the Turino match had now departed and it was just a few business types and the random English football tourists looking for sunshine. We followed our usual route towards the Lingotto centre. There was another Italian Job on the cards. The first movie location today was the Palavela down near the Motor Museum and the river. The strangely shaped, futuristic ... read more
Church of Santa Maria, Monte Dei Cappuccino, Turin
Palatine Gate, Turin

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin November 28th 2019

We awoke and it was still raining cats and dogs. There was no sign of respite. The ever trusty Accuweather site suggested rain for another 120 minutes. It proved to be very wrong. I would like to fully enlighten you about our trip to Vercelli at this point, but the weather forecast for the small town half way to Milan made the Turin scenario look positively favourable. Vercelli held the appeal of Pro Vercelli 1892, the 5th most successful football teams in Italy in terms of Serie A titles. Seven. Yes, seven! OK so things had been on a downturn since 1922 when big city teams overtook them with their huge resources, but still pretty impressive. Napoli. Roma. Lazio. They all trail in the wake of the minnows from a small town in Piedmont and only ... read more
Museo Nazionale Dell'Automobile, Torino
Galleria San Fedrico, Turin
Museo Nazionale Dell'Automobile, Torino

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin November 28th 2019

If you mention that you are visiting Turin, the inevitable football question comes back to Juventus. The looks of confounded disbelief are much in evidence when it is revealed that the objective of the mission is their cross city rivals, the Granata otherwise known as Torino FC. Torino are these days the forgotten team, consigned to perceptions of mediocrity by the sweeping success of their neighbours. It was not always so. As you might have read in my first blog of the trip, the all conquering Torino team of the late 1940s were all set up for a period of dominance similar to that currently being enjoyed by the Notts County impersonators. Disaster struck in the form of the 1949 Superga disaster which effectively wiped out the entire Grande Torino team and the Serie A would ... read more
Centro Storico Fiat, Turin
Torino FC 0 Inter Milan 3

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin November 27th 2019

London Stansted was the usual early morning nightmare. It had been a tortuous journey down in the small hours. The ongoing project, that is the alleged improvement of the A14, was in full swing. You have to think somebody has got this contract very wrong. How can such a short stretch of new road cause so much misery? Why has it taken so long? Today, there was a new complication. If it isn't enough to close the road, the site office had sought to amuse themselves by deploying incorrect diversion signs. East is East. West is West. Tonight, East and West were the same direction. Drivers circled in confusion. It was only because the HGV trucks found a way out of the maze, that we eventually rejoined the main carriageway and headed on to the M11. ... read more
Stadio Filadelfia, Torino
Fiat Lingotto Factory
Torino 100

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin June 3rd 2019

In late May, the European Conference of Work and Organizational Psychology took me to Turin in Italy. I arrived there in the evening and met a few acquaintances in the airport. They were, of course, going to attend the conference as well. We shared a taxi into the city, I checked into my hotel and then met my former colleagues Richie, Lena, and Mats for a very tasty Italian dinner. The Italian cuisine is one of my favourite cuisines, and I love Italy in general: not only the food, the ice-cream and the coffee (I usually drink way too much coffee when I’m there just because I like it so much, so my heart is racing quite often), but also the people, the language (it is so passionate), the landscapes, the many historic sites one can ... read more
View of Turin
River Po
Borgo Medievale

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin August 9th 2017

Today I recommend... a nice slice of polenta! No, I’m not talking about food. Today I’m taking you on a journey to the first capital of Italy, Turin, to visit a very curious building: Casa Scaccabarozzi, also known with the name of Slice of Polenta, which is one of the narrowest buildings in the world with one of its side measuring just 54 centimetres! The nickname commonly attributed by the people of Turin, Slice of Polenta, is most probably given by the curious shape of the building, that make it resembling a real slice , but also its characteristic yellow colour. The building, built in 1840, has got a triangular shape (16 metres x 5 metres x 54 centimetres) and consists of 9 floors, 2 of which are underground, all connected through an internal staircase. The ... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin June 29th 2017

Turin, the home of Fiat. Why did we want to stay here? Originally we had planned for a three night stay but as it got closer to book our accommodation we decided two nights would be enough. After yesterday’s awful drive we are pleased we decided on two nights. Our apartment is comfortable and we don’t mind the slow start today. Once we get ourselves organized we’ll visit a tabacchi and buy two 24 hour bus tickets. It is only a short distance into the centre of Turin but the bus is best. Last night’s washing is dry, a breakfast of cereals, yoghurt and some brioche filled with apricot jam purchased that morning (we think baked the day before), the day planned, and we’re off. We walk to the nearest tabacchi, not that close, and get ... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin June 28th 2017

We wake to another wet morning. Thunderstorms have been sweeping across northern Italy for the past week. In the south it is hot and dry. In spite of all this rain we have not worn our raincoats. We have been lucky enough to get our sightseeing completed before the rain starts. We just hope we can pack the car without getting wet. Time for breakfast and a chance to say farewell to our friends in the bar. Today they are discussing the outcome of next year’s World Cup, a favourite topic in Italy. There is so much football on TV and in the papers. Perhaps they are discussing the future of their pension. We leave and thank everyone for making our stay enjoyable. Each morning we wake to the baking smells of the panificio next door. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin July 31st 2016

Woolly says – Having left the tusk and trunk eating baby behind for the day, an hours train ride left us in the centre of Turin.......well it would have done if either of the women had a sense of direction! Having left the station we turned right, an hours walking and we seemed to have discovered the suburbs, in the interests of helping my paws and not covering more miles than necessary I went for the sensible option of asking for directions and then having retraced most of our paw steps back towards the train line we finally found ourselves in what appeared to be a large square with some strange cows which seemed a little random. Pizzia Reale is home to The Royal Palace of Turin, originally built in the 16th century and modernized in ... read more
The Shroud's box
One of the many statues of Victor Emmanuel
We might get lost but the buildings are great!

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin July 5th 2016

"What news from the cafes today?" Apparently when King Victor Emmanuel II of Turin wanted the latest political gossip, that is what he would ask his advisors. Turin is famous for its beautiful cafes and they form part of the cultural and political history of the city. While we didn't have much time, I was keen to experience some of that cafe culture for myself. I particularly loved the magnificent Caffè San Carlo, with its gilded mirrors, wonderful chandelier and fabulous waitstaff. I must say I walked in and wondered if I should be turning right around again, but a coffee here is the same price as it is anywhere else in Turin (and costs much less than it does at home), despite the decor being so opulent and the waiters so crisply attired! Apparently anyone ... read more
The most beautiful chandelier
Porticoes on Via Roma
Lunch together at Eataly

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