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September 5th 2012
Published: September 7th 2012
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We woke up as normal, everyone had a good night sleep. Well not really, I did but Kirsten doesn’t like the hard European beds. She prefers a pillow soft bed.

We stayed a nice hotel, mostly business people. So when I walk in wearing shorts & sandals a few eyebrows were raised. Sort of like whenever I told Carryl something he didn’t want to hear. Oh how I miss those days, NOT! So when Kirsten and Bea come in and sat down with me they start starring at me. LOL.

Ok, somewhere between last night and this morning we decided to go to the Cinque Terre, it means 5 Towns. Paths connect them. This area as you remember is one of my bucket list items. Kirsten & I walked it 4 years earlier. Someday I hope to walk it with Lori & Drew. Bea hasn’t and wanted to, so we decided to do it. Just earlier than planned.

We left out of Parma and headed west toward the Cinque Terre. We went right past the agriturismo we tried to stay the night before, so we waved. The road were driving on is a pilgrimage for monks traveling to Rome. They’re not kidding when they say all roads lead to Rome.

Around noon as we’re going through Pontremoli, Kirsten spotted everyone walking toward the center of town. She squeals, its market day, as she turns down a one street. The wrong way, after, navigating to a parking spot, Kirsten is out of the car and was blending in with the crowd. Bea and I are trying to keep up.

We walk through the market and I spot the Pork man, just like the chicken man but he’s cooking a big O piece of pork. Yes, it’s as good as your thinking. We found some bread and start heading back to the car. Kirsten spots a small grocery and says go in and see if they have wine, I walk in and say Vino Rosa, Oma says Si and points to a shelve with boxes. I look puzzled; Kirsten walks in and says its wine in a box. Yep, wine in a milk carton. We get a small box and head out of town. After few KM we find a nice spot on the side of the road for a picnic.

After lunch we continued onto Vernazza, the second village of the five.

To make up time we jumped on the Autobahn and went to the first exit for the Cinque Terre. This area had major flooding last year around this time and was heavily damaged. We took detour after detour and were on dirt roads for more than half the way.

We made it to Vernazza, immediately we found a room and it was 1:30 PM Woo, Hoo. Kirsten and Bea went and purchased our tickets to walk the trails and ride the train. I stayed in the room and took a long over due nap.

Around 3 PM Kirsten and Bea were back, I was rested and so we decided, actually Kirsten & Bea decided to walk the first half of the 5 towns.

It was a good walk Bea enjoyed every step, how do I know this she told me, the whole way. Kirsten has now walked it twice and it’s not even on her bucket list.

We made to Monterosso the first town of the five. We sat down and had a beer and toasted each other on our accomplishment. We than began to discuss what to have for dinner.

We took the train back to Vernazza, Kirsten & Bea went shopping while I just sat and took in the beautiful sights. Basically I was people watching.

Around 7PM I went and asked the lady where I rented our room for a good restaurant.

During our broken discussion Rick Steves name came up. I told her I was a personal friend of Rick and she bought it. She then sends us to this nice seafood restaurant across the square where Rick had dinner just last week. As we approach, a handsome Italian waiter greeted us; Bea says were eating here no matter what. The food smelled good and was as good as ever so Bea was not leaving.

While finishing our meal, a lady walks up and is greeted by the waiter. She is asking about the menu and Bea takes the opportunity to get in on the conversation. Bea tells her how delicious our meals were and ask where she was from. Mistake one, Bea now has a new BFF. Her name is Beatrice but goes by Betty, and works for US Air. I know more but way to much to type. You get it.

Dinner took 3 hrs and was delicious; we walked down to waters edge eating our ice cream.

It was now almost 10 PM and I have blogs to write and publish.

It’s not raining.

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