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September 16th 2008
Published: September 16th 2008
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After the Vatican in the morning we had a chance to explore a bit more and found ourselves at the Spanish steps. The Trevi Fountain is just around the corner, so we braved the waves of like-minded tourists and tossed a coin in, while posing for the obligatory photo. From there it was home to rest our weary legs. Seems we are doing 15 or so k's a day at the moment.
It stormed Monday night, and today is breezy, but beautiful & sunny, though perhaps justs little cool at only 16 degrees this morning.
Today is the Coloseum and the Paletine Hill tour. Again we thought that the prebooked tour was safer than the stand and wait option, and we were so right again. But also we had a local Roman guide named Bruno, and he was excellent. Very knowledgable and friendly. (also the audio on the Vatican tour was pretty scrappy, but today it was good).
Roma has a lived in look about it, but step across the street and back a couple of thousand years into ancient Rome and it takes your breath away. The scale of things is mind-boggling. The architecture is brilliant, but the execution of
Trevi FountainTrevi FountainTrevi Fountain

Dot makes a wish
the concepts is even more amazing considering the technology & tools available at the time.
Again we seem to be lost for words. What is also hard to get your head around, since we don't have history like this running thru our Australian viens, is that the average Roman gets up in the morning, drinks too much coffee i think, and then walks (or rides his Vespa) to work thru it all. And completely oblivious to the tens of thousands of tourists.

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Inside the ColoseumInside the Coloseum
Inside the Coloseum

looking down into the rooms below the arena surface

16th September 2008

Hi guys, Your photo's are lovely. I'm glad you are enjoying Italy and all the historic wonders it beholds. I hope you have bought some nice clothes in Milan and come back all fashionable like - not that you aren't already of course! :) Shame you didn't get to talk to the pontiff. I do hope he left you a note to appologise for not being there. Miss you guys.... stay safe. I love reading about your adventures. Lots of love, Sare

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