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September 19th 2008
Published: September 19th 2008
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in Napoliin Napoliin Napoli

us on the rooftop bar at our hotel in Naples.
Do you want to wake up in the morning? I mean wide eyed & super allert? Then take a cab ride from our hotel in Naples to Statione Centrale. Excitement, exilleration, white nuckle fear are all words that come to mind when describing the 10 minute experience.
The train ride to Sorrento was a comfortably uneventful trip which provided some quiet time to unwind after the cab ride.
Every thing fell to pieces from Sorrento station on. We found our way out of the station. Easy. We found the kiosk to buy the tickets for the bus. Easy. The bus? Not so easy. We asked five different people, most of them bus drivers, and of course got five different answers as to which bus we should board. The helpful young lady from The Gap (yes Brisbane) only confused things more with her comments, and after telephoning the hotel for directions, we finally boarded the (wrong) bus. Our hotel was at the top of the hill, and the bus took us to the top of the hill, but when it started to go down the other side, we realised that all was not going to plan. Luckily the bus terminated and retraced
on the train to Sorrentoon the train to Sorrentoon the train to Sorrento

we stood up all the way
its route back to the top of the hill, where we got off. Got off with all our luggage which had been piled up on the seats for the trip thus far, since we were on a council bus taking kids home from school and mumma home from the shops(all muttering things in Italian about the lack of seats for them). So..... Off the bus, towing wheelie suit cases over the cobblestone roads, clack clack, clack clack, clack clack. Ask directions. Clack clack, clack clack, clack clack. GPS! Ah the GPS! Didn't realise that the street name on the hotel voucher was not actually the street that the hotel was on, did we. This seemed to be the root cause of our problems. No wonder everyone shrugged when we showed them our destination. GPS is turned off. Plan C. Clack clack, clack clack, clack clack. How long can these wheels take this punishment? Stop to ask directions, AGAIN, and check wheels are still on suit cases. Clack clack, clack clack, clack clack. Hasn't this country heard of bitumen yet? Two kilometres and 13 requests for directions later (should have studied the phrase book a bit more closely) we found our
view from our hotel in Sorrentoview from our hotel in Sorrentoview from our hotel in Sorrento

serenity after the chaos of transit
hotel. Checked again. Wheels still in tact.
Oh, by the way.... Sorrento is lovely.

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