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September 21st 2008
Published: September 21st 2008
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Our first full day in Sorrento was Friday, and what better day to head off to the Isle of Capri. The weather was a bit gloomy, and rain had been forecast for later, so we jumped the local bus to Sorrento early and made our way down to the port. There are ticket booths everywhere, so we just rocked up to one and asked for two ferry tickets to Capri. Ferry rater than hydrofoil as the guide books said the hydros were impersonal, and the ferries a little more romantic. Leaving dock 3 in 20 minutes. Cool.
The boat that berthd at dock 5 was pretty big, so we figured that that wasn't ours, and we stood around watching the small ocean liner docking at dock 2. Geting close to our leaving time, and most of the people on the wharf were boarding QEII next door. Better check. Yep, you guessed it. We were first on the wharf waiting for our little ferry, and by the time we board The Titanic, we are almost last on.
1/2 an hour later we spilled out onto the shores of Capri. Being the fit types we are we decided to ignor public transport and do the island on foot. We didn't realise that the only flat piece of ground on Capri is the wharf. Every where else is up hill. We walked thru the town hoping to run into someone like Sophia Loren, she must have been seeing the Pope that day, she wasn't in town. Its realy a playground for the rich & famous, with beautiful people everywhere, the scenery &it views are gorgeous.
We headed for the pier a little after lunch since the rain clouds were building in the west. We wondered the streets of Sorrento for a while until the sprinkles became rain, and then found our homebound bus (in a different location, again) back up the hill for a cosy night indoors.

Saturday was very windy, but the winds had cleared the skies to their usual brilliant blue. Where to today you ask ? Positano and Amalfi. Sounds a little poetic don't you think ? It is. These towns are beautiful, stunning, gorgeous. The coast between the towns is the same, only also breathtaking, amazing and almost overwhelming. Sheer cliff faces, with homes impossibly clinging to them, washed by that deep blue Mediteranean water. We've not seen anything
the dress that got away........the dress that got away........the dress that got away........

€690.00 ($1,242.00) not this time!
that compares in Oz.
Getting there is the exciting part. the roads are sooooo narrow that we spent almost half of our jouney forcing oncoming cars to back up out of the way of our tour size bus. With vertical cliffs rising hundreds of metres above us, and hundreds of metres below us, its not a trip for the feint hearted, but well worth the effort. Positano is similar to Capri, in that the only flat ground is the wharf, only everywhere else is steeper than Capri. The bus let us off at the main road (read top of the hill) and we walked down the road and stairs to the main piazza (read bottom of the hill). We spent most of our time wandering as usual until it was time to climb all those stairs back to the bus stop at the top so we could continue to Amalfi.
After a bit more horn tooting, more cliffs, more hand waving by the driver we were in Amalfi. Ah, Amalfi. We had planned to travel on to Revallo, but when we stepped onto the pavement at Amalfi we didn't need another town. This was it. Was there any need to
Our trip to the blue grotto..Our trip to the blue grotto..Our trip to the blue grotto..

the beer is realy expensive here !
go further when we had found paradise ? Lunch was a couple of hours in a sunny ristorante above the private beach, out of the wind, watching the sunbathers, swimmers and bridal parties (2) having their post ceremony photos snapped in this idyllic setting by the sea.
The town is small, so we had to walk around it twice to walk off lunch before thinking about our bus trip home.

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cathedral from the piazza cathedral from the piazza
cathedral from the piazza

gold glistening in the sunlight

21st September 2008

Your photo's are stunning! Glad you didn't do anything overly impulsive and get married over there without us - swept up in the romance of it all. Of course, we do want you to tie the knot.. but not without us there!! hehe. Sounds like you are having the time of your lives. I gather you have found your new favourite spot? - Perhaps one that is even worth re-visiting? I'm glad you are loving Italy as much as I did - and that after all my talking the country up you wont be coming home disappointed. Shame you had to let that dress go Mother - it would have looked beautiful on you! In fact, it wont look as beautiful on anyone else. You may well be the only two folks ever to return from Italy without putting on weight - with all the uphill walking and all. Love you and miss you heaps, Sare xx
22nd September 2008

The dress that got away...
But mumma - you were saving up for this holiday just to fly over to buy a dress like this one - Go buy it and feel guilty later!! xx

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