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Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Piacenza November 26th 2008

I was browsing through Trip Advisor looking for a hotel to go to in Emilia Romagna and only one really appealed. I had to translate the efusive comments from the easily excitable Italians who had stayed there but as it turns out, they weren't lies! Torre di San Martino near piacenza is as big a deal as you can possibly imagine. Four poster beds always please "the blonde" as does a great breakfast and a decent bathroom. this has so much more. the only gripe i have is that many sites all said they had a pool. they don't. hell, they didn't even have the planning permission for one. try expedia, venere or if you want to go there as local comments are always better than guide books. And the folks in here that have ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Piacenza October 16th 2008

My plan to escape the rain had worked, as I had awoken to overcast skies, but no rain. After the funfilled supermotard track of the previous day, I decided to head up into the Ligurian hills and explore. I finally encountered some motorbike worthy roads. I came away very impressed with the hills around Genoa. I must make it a point to explore this region with more thoroughness The final day on the road dawned with cloudy skies yet again, but the clouds had yet to unleash their damp revenge. After a leisurely breakfast with one last dossage of Italian cappuccinos, I head towards Parma across the autumn-hued Appenine range. All in all, I enjoyed wonderful scenery, excellent food and wonderful people. I love Italia! ... read more
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