Alexander the nearly great


Alexander the nearly great

I am self confessed italophile and can't understand why people think that any one city is representative of the whole country. I hate dolphins and swimming with them would be my idea of hell, unless I am fully armed. I eat too much, drink sparingly and think real life socialising is as important as having a prescence on facebook.
My dog "Capone" is the reason I work. If I didn't, he'd be forced to eat squirrels.

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Piacenza November 26th 2008

I was browsing through Trip Advisor looking for a hotel to go to in Emilia Romagna and only one really appealed. I had to translate the efusive comments from the easily excitable Italians who had stayed there but as it turns out, they weren't lies! Torre di San Martino near piacenza is as big a deal as you can possibly imagine. Four poster beds always please "the blonde" as does a great breakfast and a decent bathroom. this has so much more. the only gripe i have is that many sites all said they had a pool. they don't. hell, they didn't even have the planning permission for one. try expedia, venere or if you want to go there as local comments are always better than guide books. And the folks in here that have ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice November 26th 2008

Being subscribed to a fabulous thing called I get to hear about the inside track on many stories relating to the worlds most unique city, Venice, and the travel industry in general. So by the time you lot are picking it out of the weekend supplements or blogs it is often already two weeks old. Anyhow, back to my current rant, the current mayor Salvador "something-or-other" wants to charge day trippers a visitors tax. He says it is because they come in their thousands, block the streets, don't give up their seats (which they don't pay for by easily walking past the ticket booth) on water buses for the pregnant, old or infirm, have huge backpacks that knock into people, bring their own pack lunch and leave litter everywhere and basically contribute little or nothing ... read more

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