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May 21st 2011
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Day 3 of our trip was a busy day which started late since we overslept. We were going to try to get to Pompeii by 9:00 or so but didn't wake up until after 10:00. At least we are now caught up on our sleep! Pompeii was great. So much to see there - all the while looking up at the active volcano that caused all the damage. We spent about 4 hours there and still didn't see everything.

Then it was on to Naples. From all I had heard, I thought that Naples was going to be one big trash bin with unsavory characters at every corner. We walked around the city for several hours and encountered neither. I think the army had came in last week and cleaned up a lot of the trash. There was still some around but nothing like I had seen in videos of a few weeks ago. It was interesting walking through some of the narrow streets filled with shops and crowded with people. We never felt unsafe. I liked the energy of the city. Very chaotic and edgy. Definitely closer to some of what we experienced in Asia. Definitely glad we went.

And yes, while in Naples we channeled our inner Julia buy eating at Da Michele's Pizzeria. I really liked their pizza but then again I like light pizza. It was like the opposite of Costco pizza which has about a pound of cheese on each slice that I have to scrape off. The crust was even light - almost like Indian Naan bread. Was it the best pizza I've ever eaten? My favorite is still Arrividercci in Hillcrest. But this is number 2.

Tomorrow it is on to the island of Capri. From what I've heard, Capri is a pretty island which is filled with tacky tourist shops. Sounds like our kind of place so we can't wait!

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23rd May 2011
Photo 21

What a classic shot!!!
The two italian pizzas + the "life is good" t-shirt.... I would say: "life is awesome" Enjoy guys!

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