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Europe » Italy » Campania » Agerola October 16th 2019

Welcome to my final blog for 2019! We made it to the end and this is our last night in Italy, before heading to Rome tomorrow for our 10pm flight home. We Facetimed with Matt and Chris today and apparently there was a last minute wild party at our house last night so they were in full on cleaning mode when we talked. Let’s hope it’s ship shape when we arrive on Saturday morning. The last week has been pretty calm with our only dramas being the habitual driving challenges and paying unnecessary tolls because we accidentally leave a highway and have to get back on it to go a few kilometres to the turn we were meant to take. After leaving Padua we drove to Florence and I had cleverly pre-booked a car parking space ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Agerola October 15th 2018

Première journée à San Lazzaro, on décide de donner un peu de temps à Romy. On va donc passer une petite heure dans le parc près de l’appart avec des jeux pour enfants. On fait ensuite une petite randonnée de 2km pour aller voir un vieux château. On rencontre en chemin un dude passionné de ses tomates qui nous fait goûter lesdites tomates (délicieuses) et nous dit qu’il a un resto avec des produits de son jardin. On lui demande s’il est ouvert pour dîner (au retour du trek). Pas de chance. Seulement le soir. Tant pis. Au retour du trek, on décide de gâter Romy encore un peu (elle en aura besoin plus tard dans le blog) et on revient faire la sieste à l’appart. Sa première vraie sieste (pas dans le porte-bébé) du voyage. ... read more
Vue à partir de San Lazzaro
Randonnée des dieux
vue sur la mer

Europe » Italy » Campania » Agerola May 18th 2017

The sun is shining, the sea is Mediterranean blue, we have a lovely little apartment in this hilltop town. Life is bliss. Why would you want to drive anywhere today. So we are staying at home and enjoying the local surroundings. A short walk takes us to the edge of a cliff face overlooking the rocky Amalfi coast line. The white wake from boats stands out from the blue of the sea. In the distance a cruise ship is anchored off the town of Amalfi. We make friends with two women sitting in the shade of an olive tree. One speaks English quite well, the other much older woman nods and smiles. Our new friends tell us about the town especially the local restaurant where her son works. We say our farewells and climb a little ... read more
San Lazzaro
San Lazzaro
San Lazzaro

Europe » Italy » Campania » Agerola June 18th 2011

Another big wedding anniversary, but a trip of the magnitude of the last major milestone was never really an option. We need somewhere memorable. A quick check of the fixture finder revealed a full Angolan league programme. It was instantly declined ……… probably with good reason ….. they shoot footballers, don't they? ..........just ask Mr Adebayor whether he would contemplate a return trip. The title of the blog might be the closest we come to a football match. Beirut perhaps? Or how about Libya ……… that one went out the window with the “international” community deciding to increase the national debt by dropping a serious level of high explosive on the Colonel. The objective was downscaled somewhat to avoid a major family party – no fuss required here! One of us doesn't really do fuss. A ... read more

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