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Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe September 12th 2012

September 11 Tuesday – Ballinasloe Back in Ballinasloe getting ready to head back to Tejas. I’ve taken every single thing out of my suitcase and am going to leave what I don’t need for a cool and rainy climate as well as anything I have plenty of at home here and will pick it up next trip. No sense in hauling it to the US and back again. It was rainy and cold last night and is cold and windy today here .What we would consider early March weather in Texas. I have had a real adventure and Ireland and England are great this time of year. Con and Phil were very hospitable and Christy and I had a great time visiting them in England. I had a great time visiting with Brian, Christy, and Noel ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe August 18th 2012

August 18 – Saturday - For some inexplicable reason I woke up around 0600 this morning and could not back to sleep. So I finally got up around 7:30 and went downstairs and did a little homework on the train trip to Belfast from Ballinasloe. The ticket will be €80 and the trip will take about about 3 ½ hours. It goes to Heuston Station. Then you have to unload all your stuff and catch the LUAS tram to Connolly Station where you get the northbound train to Belfast. The West-East trains should logically go to Connolly Station to link up with the North-South train routes but they don’t. You have to make your own way to Connolly Station from Heuston Station in Dublin to catch the North-South trains. I’m sure it has something to do ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe July 24th 2012

July 22-24 blog draft - I took some pictures of the curb on Jubilee Street in front of the house where my mother grew up in. My mother and her brother had written their names in some fresh concrete in 1936 and it is still there. M Ward and W Ward. Also I invested the 22 through the 24th doing homework on my trip to the Southwest part of Ireland. The plan is to head to Cork again and to have a good look around. I intend to invest 5 days there. Last time I went there I stayed at the Aaran House hostel. It is a good hostel and I have no complaints but decided this time to try out the Kinlay House Hostel in Cork since I had such a good experience with the ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe July 21st 2012

July 21 The castle and the bike After putting flowers on the graves one of my cousins went back to work and the other showed me some more of the graves and we then walked back to the house. Another Irish 10 minute walk. On the way we passed a huge hospital, St Brigids that had been closed down and a castle that at one point must have guarded the river crossing on the River Suck. This huge hospital except for a small part is closed down. Such a shame. It’s surprising how austerity measures always involve things that serve the needs of the people and never eliminating perks for public officials….or increases in their retirement programs as they cut ours. The castle was in pretty good condition for the most part although one of it's ... read more
July 21 (36)
Closed down hospital
closed down hospital

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe July 20th 2012

July 20, 2012 Friday I got up very early as I am still on Texas time so when I get up at 5AM it is actually 11AM according to my biological clock. I invested the time on various projects on my computer and taking some pictures. The cousins had bought a bag of chippings to put on their parents and our Grandparents graves. One bag proved not to be enough and they had to go get another for the job. I asked to be allowed to pay for one of the bags but they wouldn’t let me. I felt the chippings and was surprised with just how heavy they were. They felt like what they were…a ton of rocks. While my cousins went to the cemetery to work on the graves I walked to the train ... read more
The station platform
The crosover the track used in the Quiet Man

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe June 15th 2012

Friday 15 June - Drinking my tea and thinking things over. Cold and rainy day here. Hard to believe this is June. Good day to catch up on computer work. This weekend or Monday I will head back to Dublin and Wednesday catch that big bird back to Tejas. Quiet day here. It was raining earlier but should be over for a day or so. Christy, Noel, Maggie, and Wesley are getting ready to fly to Benidorm in Spain for a week. Sometime this weekend or Monday I will go to Dublin for a bit and then go back to Texas for a bit. I invested most of yesterday and today in setting up a new computer for Christy and Brian and catching up on my blog and doing homework on Dublin. Saturday – Another cold ... read more
Setting up compter
House Mom grew up in
St Michaels Church

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe June 13th 2012

June 13 Wednesday - Today we went out to the bog and stacked the turf. It must be stacked so that it can dry properly. My cousins had already stacked 6 rows so we only had 2 rows to go. We stacked the last two rows. Now they just have to let it dry for a few weeks and then it will be ready to bring in. After stacking the turf we came back and changed clothes and went over to Athlone to look around a bit and visit another cousin.... read more
The turf

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe June 12th 2012

June 12 Tuesday - Today I visited the battlefield for the Battle of Aughrim and then turned in my rental car in Galway then had a walkabout for a bit. I then got Mom some more dillisk and rode the 401 bus out to Salthill to enjoy the view a bit before getting the 401 again back to Eyre Square to catch the #20 bus back to Ballinasloe. When I got back to Ballinasloe I walked around the town for about an hour or so and then eased back to the house for the evening. It was sure nice to have a car again for a bit but at $550 for the week with the mandatory insurance it was a luxury I can’t afford but sparingly.... read more
The Augrim Battleground museum
Augrim Battleground museum

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe May 20th 2012

Sunday May 20 - Today took a good exploratory walk around Ballinasloe and then walked to the Tesco and bought a Printer/scanner. Since I had a scanner and some other stuff, I had to have Noel pick me up at the Tesco and give me a ride home instead of walking. I invested most of the rest of the day in setting up the scanner and scanning family pictures Christy gave me to scan. I had been planning on catching the #20 bus on Dunlo street to Athlone and have a look around tomorrow (Monday), and get lined up on a tour from there to Clonmacnoise for Tuesday. However my cousin Noel came by and said we could all go to Clonmacnoise with him in his car tomorrow. So that sounds like a good deal. I ... read more
AN Tain pub
The Lazy wall
The square and St Michaels Church

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe May 19th 2012

Saturday May 19 - Today pretty much just drove back to Ballinasloe taking a roundabout route via Enniskillen because on the map the road showed to be hugging a lake but in reality it wasn’t and most of the trip all you could see was hedges and some fields. Picturesque enough but not a lake views as we had hoped. When we got back to Ballinasloe I invested most of the evening in trying to get caught up on my blogs and doing my wash.... read more
Irish Rooster Potatoes
Irish chicken

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