The graves , the castle, and the bike that tried to kill me

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July 21st 2012
Published: August 1st 2012
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July 21 The castle and the bike

After putting flowers on the graves one of my cousins went back to work and the other showed me some more of the graves and we then walked back to the house. Another Irish 10 minute walk. On the way we passed a huge hospital, St Brigids that had been closed down and a castle that at one point must have guarded the river crossing on the River Suck.

This huge hospital except for a small part is closed down. Such a shame. It’s surprising how austerity measures always involve things that serve the needs of the people and never eliminating perks for public officials….or increases in their retirement programs as they cut ours.

The castle was in pretty good condition for the most part although one of it's walls was crumbling. I heard a veteranarian lives in it now.....I guess veteranarians do well in Ireland.

After we got back to town I went by to pick up the bike I was going to borrow. It turned out to be a racing bike and before I went 50 feet when I applied the front brake it locked up and I went head over heels onto the concrete. That took care of my wanting to borrow the bike.

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