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September 18th 2016
Published: September 19th 2016
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Ireland Day 9.
As I write this the sea is gently lapping against the foreshore with the sun on my back. My wife Stephanie would think it heaven, and I must say it is pretty good. The day did not set off very well with rain until 1pm when I was having my second brew in Bantry Bay outside the Gas Station. Earlier I was having withdrawal symptoms since the Spar in Glengarriff was not selling warm sausage rolls today. I asked for a ham salad, as usual, and got a whopping triple decker which I could not eat in one go. I struggled to open my jaw enough to bite it, is was that thick. I saw a dead fox at the roadside today, which makes a change from the workman's gloves and wellingtons seen earlier on this trip. Again today I mostly stuck to the main roads ,which are not over busy, except for one point and I knew within 500 metres it was a mistake since I was grovelling in my lowest gear of 26/32 for much of the time. To be fair there were some good views of the coast and islands which I would not have
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seen otherwise on my 90 km ride with climbs adding to 1000m. That is climbing kilometre into the sky. In retrospect it was worth it but at the time I was muttering under my breath and reaching ’Max Heartrate’. Of course the cape was on for most of the morning but mid afternoon. The sun shone and it makes such a difference to the journey and it also allows good photographs, assuming the sun is in the right place, since lighting is everything. The rocks, land and villages remind me of Norway and sometimes the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides. Magic. The Schull Harbour Hotel and leisure centre is very good, mind you I had to dip into next year’s pension to pay for it. The receptionist was giving me all the blurb about the pool and gymnasium. I told her that I had seen enough water this morning and had enough excercise this week without the bell bars and cross trainer. Washing now done and used two towels to remove most of the water, so hoping for it to be dry in the morning. Bar meal at Schull Harbour was excellent, chicken on rice with mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots to give me power for tomorrow's climbing. I have decided I love the Irish, they give you such a good measure of the Cabernet Sauvignon, not the paltry 125cl you get in England. At least half as much again for 6 euros , and the Guinness goes down like velvet, bargain. Now, where is my room, where is my room key, what day is it?

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