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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík June 22nd 2014

Day One (06/20): Jay and I boarded our plane At 630 pm and it arrived in Reykjavik at 630 am the next morning. A first I thought tat the plane ride was going to be great; everyone got blankets and pillows to keep comfy on the ride. ooooh and a free water bottle. But alas, like every other flight these days we didn't get any food. Not even peanuts or pretzels for heaven's sake. needless to say we were exhausted by the time we got to the airport. Day Two (06/21): We took at shuttle bus from the airport, which was 45 minutes away from the centre of town. Reykjavik has only about 200,000 people but it is very spread out. Our hostel is rig the centre of the city which is great. the reception floor ... read more

Europe » Iceland June 17th 2014

Two things brought us instant joy inIceland: hot pots and ice cream. I made sure our departure from Northeast Iceland should include both things. We stopped at Selardalslaug, a riverside swimming pool and hot tub in the middle of nowhere. We did have to wait for a children’s swim class to be over, but then we got FREE access to the pool and the lovely view in the river valley. Afterwards we stopped for gas and ice cream in Vopnafjörður before heading south towards the eastern fjords. East Iceland We made a pit stop in Egilsstadir. We had to wait until the thrift shop opened at 4 pm – seriously do not understand Iceland business hours – where I struck out, but Josh found a killer homemade sweater for $15. Although he is only 26 - ... read more
It just pooped on me
Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík June 15th 2014

Today is my first official day in Iceland as part of the 2014 Snorri Program. We arrived in Iceland around 8:30am GMT (I think that's the time zone Iceland is in... at least that is what it says according to Google), which is 5 hours ahead of North Dakota. The Keflavik International Airport is about 30 minutes from Reykjavik, so we got a short drive to see some of the countryside driving to town. First thoughts on Iceland - it is beautiful, unique country. Not only is the city of Reykjavik stunning with interesting architecture and beautiful views, but the countryside is lovely, and the people are absolutely beautiful! Even the children are strikingly beautiful. I have seen numerous toddlers who would objectively be considered way more stylish than myself. We immediately checked into the Guesthouse ... read more
Snorri Intro Packet
Icelandic Lunch - Whole-grain bread, meat, cheese and cucumber sandwich, Pear flavored Skyr and coffee.
Iceland vs. Bosnia - Handball

Europe » Iceland » North June 10th 2014

We said goodbye to the West Fjords and its silent gravel roads and found our way on the busy but beautifully paved ring road. We made a detour to Hvammstangi where the lovely folks at the visitor information told us low tide was in an hour making for a good pit stop at Hvitserku, a 15 meter high funky rainbow shaped rock covered in bird shit. We were told it was one of three seal colonies on the peninsula and while it took us a few minutes to find them, we were thoroughly entertained by a number of seals who were curiously checking us out. We booked an adorable cottage off air B & B in Skagastrond. The claim to fame is their country music bar which sadly was not open in May. We were in ... read more
Hvítserkur (bird poop rock)
morning birth at Skagaströnd

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes May 13th 2014

Why Iceland? When Icelandair announced direct flights to Reykjavik last year I had to book. Never one to resist a good deal, I was overjoyed when my Australian friend Josh who I met on the Inca trail and travelled with in Bolivia, BA, and Brazil, who is currently living in Berlin, said he would come meet me. His German friend Simon asked to join, and so a trio was created. Funny how a date we chose, nine months ago, to fly out would also be the day that Icelandair's pilots would decide to strike. Thankfully my flight wasn't cancelled and instead was just 5 hours late. Add in an eight month old baby in the seat behind me and it was wonderful red eye. I was so out of it when I arrived that I left ... read more
Sun-Craft Monument in Reykjavik
Meeting my first Iceland Horse
building a stone man

Europe » Iceland May 6th 2014

03-06 May 2014 We have had a superb four days celebrating Janet’s birthday. Amongst much eating drinking and socialising the main events were: A walk up to the megalithic passage burial tomb on the summit of Seefinn Mountain in the Wicklow Hills. The birthday party with 70 family and friends held in a marquee attached to the house. Supper at Ellen, Janet’s daughter and her husband Declan’s house which is set in a beautiful location overlooking the Blessington lakes.... read more
The marquee
The party
The birthday cake made by Ellen

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík May 6th 2014

I decided to get a travel blog since, well, I'm going to be travelling. Right now I'm home in Iceland, planning on some trips for this year. 1) Svava and I are going to Paris on the 28th of June, for four days. I've never been there before so I'm super excited. After that, 2) Italy (part 1). Svava and Andrea and I are going to Castelraimondo to study at Campus Magnolie. I was there last summer and it was fantastic, so when I realized I had the opportunity to return I didn't have to think twice. I'll be doing my C1 level, which is fantastic since I remember my first Italian lesson ever, where I learned how to say "Buongiorno, io sono Freyja". The course covers June, with lots of different exciting excursions all over ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes May 3rd 2014

I awoke and met up with a Polish traveler named Karolina that I had met the previous day in the hostel. She and two other companions, Adam and Magda, were planning on renting a vehicle and setting off to explore more of the country and I was definitely in! We discovered that Riley had gotten stuck in some sand with his rental car the night before and needed assistance to get free. He only returned at four AM but he was also in for the journey. I didn't know the rest of them very well yet, but they seemed decent enough, and in any case this is one of the main reasons to travel since you never know what kind of people you'll meet. We rented another Toyota, but this time a station wagon so we ... read more
Snaefellsness Peninsula
Snaefellsness Peninsula
Snaefellsness Peninsula

Europe » Iceland » South May 2nd 2014

I had to get up incredibly early because I'd booked a tour to the south part of the island at a glacier called Solheimajokull, about two hours away from Reykjavik by bus. We would be doing some trekking through this ancient frozen ice and some ice climbing as well. I got picked up at my hostel and then to the main bus station. From there we set out with our guide Oscar and four others who would be making up the group. As I expected, we were greeted with beautiful scenery along the way. We stopped near the glacier to pick up some supplies and once there Oscar pulled out all the equipment we would be using and we walked towards the towering mounds of snow and ice. Being that it was already May and the ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík May 1st 2014

I'd been dreaming of visiting Iceland for a few years now. Not sure exactly why, but maybe it has to do with the remoteness, or the vast scenic beauty, but as the plane came in for the landing at Keflavik airport in the southwest tip of the country, I was ecstatic. I was hoping I was saving the best for last on my brief one month backpacking trip, and soon enough I would know. The plane had flown over most of the country since I was coming in from the east and I already had a chance to see some incredible views during several breaks in the clouds as the place was making its descent. I caught the shuttle towards the capital of Reykjavik, about 40 minutes away. Reykjavik is a small city by most standards, ... read more

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