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May 12th 2018
Published: May 12th 2018
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A day of recovery for me. Tired and the symptoms of a head cold and with a long way to go I stayed back at the hotel while Jane, with a late start, walked into the city to Volcano House to watch, “Eyjafjallajokull” which erupted in 2010 causing enormous disruption to air travel throughout the world with over 200 000 flights cancelled. The second film she watched was “Eldfell” which erupted in 1973 in the Westman Islands causing the evacuation of every resident by the fishing fleet which by good fortune were in harbour. From there she wandered and found the little café we had had lunch at a few days ago before heading to the “Laugardalur Outdoor Thermal Pool” for a swim and spa in water of various temperatures. Before entering she, like all others, had to shower.

We had been told on our first day in Reykjavik that if we wanted to swim in the pools or have a spa that you must shower. All men together. All women together. No private cubicles. You are stringently watched that you wash very well. If you head to the pool/spa and the person observing thinks you haven’t washed well they
come up to you in full view of everyone and point out the parts on your body that you didn’t wash well. It is motivation for everyone to “wash every part of your body very well.”

Travelling is a lot more enjoyable when your football team back home is winning too. “We’re the Eagles, the West Coast Eagles …”


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