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Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn July 9th 2018

We started our day with some take out coffee from the hotel restaurant and a hike up behind Klausterhof Guest House to view the beautiful waterful coming down the mountainside behind it. Then a short 11 km drive brought us to Fjaoargljufur Canyon. It’s a moderately easy hike up the canyon to see some dramatic views and unusual land formations. Leaving the canyon we had to drive back past our guest house and another 48km to Vatnajukull National Park to view glaciers and iceberg lakes. The landscape was as usual, various types of lava fields surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and now glaciers too. We stopped several times along the road to take photos of waterfalls and the various glaciers all around us. We passed by the remains of an old bridge from when a volaca... read more
Fjaorargljufur canyon
Icelandic horses
Icelandic sheep

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn July 8th 2018

We left Reykjavik in our Toyota Rav IV after filling up with Diesel at the nearby N1 gas station. Navigating the numerous roundabouts to leave the city wasn’t too difficult and we were soon on the open highway on a cool, windy and drizzly day. We chose to circle the country heading east first, along the south side of the island with the coast more or less on our right. In this direction, we found ourselves spotting waterfalls regularly, crashing down off of the hills and cliffs that were constantly along our left side. Our first stop after 90 minutes or so was Seljandfoss waterfall. Clearly visible from the highway, this group of 3 waterfalls was quite impressive. All of the tourist sites or points of interest are signed, but only small signs located at the ... read more
Chris and Adrienne soaking in Seljavallalaug
Puffin on the cliffs at Dyrholaey

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn June 26th 2018

Waterfalls and glaciers and icebergs and more hot springs! And more rain...but the morning I did a boat our of the glacier lagoon, the sun appeared! The glaciers and icebergs were one of my favorite things in Iceland - there's a huge icecap here (largest in Europe, and outside of the polar regions) called Vatnajokull. It has tons of glacier "arms" that reach down towards the ocean - they're huge, stunning, and often end in "lagoons" with icebergs. In new things learned about icebergs, they are constantly moving/shifting/flipping. If the ice has recently been underwater, it appears blue; if it's been above water for awhile, it gets whiter. Anything black/brown is sediment it picked up as part of the glacier. This site won't let me post videos, but a few big ones flipped while I was ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík May 11th 2018

We did not know what to expect today except that the weather was going to be “not pleasant”. It turned out to be extremely cold with temperatures varying during the day between below zero to 7 degrees plus the icy rain and wind with low cloud made conditions just a little less than comfortable! We didn’t shirk any walking to sites, particularly the Katla Glacier, where the conditions were at their worst. This glacier has receded nearly a kilometre since 1990 due to global warming. We visited Skogar and Seljalands Waterfalls, neither as powerful as yesterdays but they had height. Due to the wind, the spray from both was not refreshing to say the least. Reynisfjara, the black beach, was exactly as described; black. Black rock, black stones, black pebbles, black sand. The sea was rough ... read more
Skogar Waterfall.
Skogar Waterfall.
Skogar Waterfall.

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík March 2nd 2018

Do you enjoy waterfalls? Well we have 'em, lots of 'em. Your trusty travelers obtained a very early start this morning thanks to HP-11:45. Yes, all morning the two birds in the caravan complained bitterly to HP-poor fella. At any rate we traveled ESE along Highway 1, otherwise known as the ring road as it completely circles the island. This is Islanders conception of a super highway-two lanes with a speed limit of 90km (56 mph). The road was actually quite fine for us as we repeatedly stopped during waterfall alerts. All of the falls we will show you are within a mile or so of the coast and quite close to the road. Most can actually be viewed from the highway, so the birds were often chirping "oh, how beautiful, stop, stop", and HP dutifully ... read more
Several Falls
Turf House
Secret Falls

Europe » Iceland » South January 3rd 2018

Full day today! Time for the South Shore. The tour was cancelled yesterday because it was so windy in the south that they literally closed sections of the main highway - it's not that they get too much snow or anything, but they don't have lights on the roads (and honestly they don't really have barriers... they just have yellow sticks every 20ft or so), so if there's a snow drift you are screwed because there is nothing to guide you or even indicate you're still on a road rather than veering off into a lava field lol. We were ready to roll today though - we got the monster truck-bus :) I've seen them before in the summer, usually used for the glacier hikes and tours that are a bit more "adventure" based. Basically it's ... read more
These aren't tiny little baby waves

Europe » Iceland » South October 27th 2017

Again up & out by 8:30am. My turn to drive again which was interesting as it was still very windy so I took it steady. We first visited Fjarđrárgljúfur canyon which was cool, but as with other sites the light was a bit too dim for good photos. Although that didn’t stop a couple of professional(?) photographers who had camped out in the best position waiting for the sun to make an appearance! We think some of Game of Thrones was filmed here too. We continued heading west along the 1 to Vík where we stopped for a toilet break and then realised we’d accidentally parked by the track to the beach we had planned to visit! We braved the wind & rain to get to the black sand beach at Reynisdrangar to see the basalt ... read more
Icelandic horses
Fjarđrárgljúfur canyon

Europe » Iceland » South October 26th 2017

We woke to a frosty morning, very suitable as today we set off to visit glaciers & glacial lagoons in Vatnajökull National Park! Vatnajökull is the largest and most voluminous ice cap in Iceland, and by area one of the largest in Europe, dominating south east Iceland. All the glaciers we saw today were offshoots of Vatnajökul. We drove past Vestrahorn (where they filmed Vikings!) to reach our first stop at Jökulsárlón – the blue icebergs in at the base of Breiđamerkurjökull. We also walked down the incredibly short river to see the icebergs washed up on the black sand beach, shining in the sun. We then stopped just up the road to see Fjallsárlón, another glacier lagoon where icebergs calve from Fjallsjökull.So lucky we had a sunny day for this bit as the ice just ... read more
Another beautiful sunrise
Snow is sighted!

Europe » Iceland » South October 13th 2017

We had quite a few plans for today before we met our tour in Vik at 11:00, so we got up early and were on our way shortly after 8. A short drive from our hotel brought us to Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. A very tall, beautiful waterfall right next to Iceland's main ring road. We put on our waterproofs (rain pants and jackets) and went to walk around the falls. You can get all the way behind these falls, which is pretty cool (and wet). We walked behind the falls (I went all the way around) enjoying the view and the spray before heading on to our next location, Skógafoss. Skógafoss is another huge waterfall close to the ring road. It's wider than Seljalandsfoss, and although you can't get behind the cascade, there's a path leading up ... read more
The path behind the fall
Sheep next to Skógafoss

Europe » Iceland » South » Hella August 23rd 2017

Blog 6 Our last two days of driving Snaefellsnes Peninsula/Reyjkavik Today is our biggest day of driving – 460 kms on not the best roads. After our amazing breakfast we headed down the road across the bottom of the fjord to Blonduos and onto Pingeyrar. My reason for stopping at Pingeyrar was to do with a book I had read called Burial Rites (thanks to Sue Thompson). The book told the story of the last 2 people to be executed in Iceland in the 1830’s. Amazingly the book was written by a young Australian author Hannah Kent. We found the little marker on the side of the road and just like her story, the historical marker pointed out where the execution of the young man and woman took place. It is amazing to think that Australia’s ... read more
Place of execution - just where the animals are
One of Iceland's longest bays is the Breioafjorour. About 50km wide and dotted with 3000 icelands
There are islands everywhere you look in this beautiful bay

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