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Europe » Iceland » South » Vík August 9th 2017

Hello from Iceland – Blog 1 Canberra/London/Iceland Before you start reading the blog we want to say a big hello and super hugs to Lucas, Flynn and Liam. Also hi to Ollie. So we have tried the direct flight from Canberra and it is a no brainer – straight to Singapore. Not sure if Singapore Airlines think it will last given the aircraft is a bit old and the seats are a bit on the hard side!! But that said they have plenty of space and the flight was very smooth. Premium Economy from Singapore to London was much more comfortable and the extra touches were appreciated. Did note however that the quality of food and booze on SA was not quite what it used to be – more European type food and ordinary wine. Arrived ... read more
Barn and restaurant at Efsti Dalur Farm
beautiful boiling pool with blue cave
Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

Europe » Iceland » South July 29th 2017

Till about a decade ago, Iceland was not a hot tourist destination that it is becoming now. I guess, it was not even that well known country. Iceland has been in international spotlight only a few times as far as I can remember. In the 80s, Reykjavik, Iceland's capital city, hosted two superpower's leaders, Reagan and Gorbachev, for their many meetings that began an end to the cold war. Then about a decade ago, there was a financial crisis involving Iceland's banks. In 2010, a volcano erupted that spew ash in the direction of Europe grounding many flights in Europe for a few days. Then of course Iceland provided some fireworks in Euro 2016 beating England to reach quarter-finals! But the social media coverage in the last few years has put Iceland in the map as ... read more
dirty glacier
Fjadrargljufur Canyon
black sand beach

Europe » Iceland » South » Hella July 4th 2017

Drove to the url=,-19.5135328,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x48d73b9c99ea5019:0xd3774676fcda8b91!8m2!3d63.5314751!4d-19.5113441Skogafoss Waterfall (1 hr 55 min from Reykjavik),url=,-19.1510622,13z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x2725ca255462e772!8m2!3d63.4022069!4d-19.1307163Dyrhólaey Arch lighthouse (30 min from Skogafoss) the black sand beaches at url=,-19.1495639,12z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sReynisfjara+Beach!3m4!1s0x0:0xe07954a3f4b36bd5!8m2!3d63.4057421!4d-19.0716219Reynisfjara Beach (23 min from the lighthouse), and on to url=,-18.1740046,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x48d0e5f0594291dd:0xa420ecc171... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík June 12th 2017

I asked my kids to write today's blog but they fell asleep on me so you're stuck with me again. I'll try this get their perspective another night. Spent the morning at Skaftafell National Park - a popular place for camping, hiking and glacier tours. We did a relatively short hike to Svartifoss water falls. The unique feature of Svartifoss is the hexagonal basalt columns surrounding the falls. Very picturesque. From here, we drive back down highway 1 to Vik. Highway 1 is Iceland's "ring road" circling the entire island. I hope to return some day and spend a month exploring all the other regions we missed this trip. I recommend it for anyone traveling here in the future. Vik is a large town compared to most we've seen. By large I mean it has a ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn June 11th 2017

Day 4. Time is flying and yet we also agree that if we wrapped up the trip now we'd be fulfilled. Today was special even by Iceland standards. They call this place the land of fire and ice. Don't know about the fire part - no active volcanoes at the moment thank god - but we got to experience the ice part first hand today. Started out with an amphibian boat (aka frog boat) on the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. Icebergs calve off the main Vatnajökull glacier (the largest glacier in Europe) at an increasingly alarming rate and float into this Lagoon that didn't exist 80 years ago. The good folks of Iceland live the impacts of global warming every day. It makes for amazing pictures as white and blue icebergs laced with dark stripes of volcanic ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn June 10th 2017

So its my turn (Ginger) to jot down our adventures for the day. I may not be near as witty but definitely funnier than my wonderful husband. Where are we? I woke up at 7:30 thinking it was at least 10am and no way of telling. No alarm clock, no dinging of a text, no wall clock and the sun had rose but then again it never sat. I decided to venture out on my own in search of a grocery store or something that I could grab eggs, pb&j, milk etc. So after 1.5 hrs later passing by roundabouts I've already seen I decided to hit the gas station/convience store. $50 later (things aren't cheap) I headed back to our airbnb with no Google, maps or cell phone, to find family still sleeping. Made some ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík June 7th 2017

Heute sind wir relativ früh, also gegen 08:00 losgefahren. Zuvor habe ich noch die beiden etwa 0,3l-Gläser Bier von gestern Abend bezahlt. Die haben über 20 Euro gekostet. Wenigstens war es isländisches Bier vom großen Gletscher. Heute habe ich dann im Supermarkt für etwa 6 Euro zwei 0,5l-Dosen Tuborg Bier aus Dänemark mit etwa 2,25% Alkohol gekauft. Isländisches habe ich im Kühlregal nicht gefunden. Nach der Abfahrt sind wird zur Gletscherlagune Jökulsarlon. Diese ist sehr sehenswert und es haben dort schon zwei James Bond Filme gespielt. Dort haben wir eine Bootsfahrt gemacht. Das war ganz interessant und ist auch nach Lonely Planet ein großes Highlight. Anschließend sind wir zum Nationalpark Skaftafell wo wir teilweise zu einem mittelinteressanten Wasserfall gewandert sind. Es haben nicht alle Teilnehmer den ganzen Weg geschafft, ich aber schon. Aber wie schon vor ... read more
Bei Kap Dyrholaey.
Im Nationalpark Skaftafell.
Das große Lavafeld.

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn June 6th 2017

Heute konnte ich bis kurz nach 09:00 ausschlafen und war dann beim Frühstück einer der wenigen letzten. Trotzdem war ich der erste beim Bus nachdem wir an Land gegangen sind. Das verstehe ich unter perfektem Timing. Es gab am Hafen auch viele Abenteuerurlauber, die Autos gemietet haben oder mit dem Fahrrad, Motorrad oder als Anhalter unterwegs waren. Hier habe ich mich wieder geärgert, dass ich mit diesem Gruftieclub auf Tour war. Aber ich habe es bisher überlebt. Das freche ältere Ehepaar, welches mir gestern für eine Stunde meinen Platz weg genommen hat, hat durch Herunterfallen seinen Fotoapparat eingebüßt. Ich müsste lügen, wenn ich sagen würde, dass ich mit ihnen Mitleid habe. Jeder türkische Kleinkriminelle zeigt mehr Respekt vor seinen Mitmenschen. Vom Hafen sind wir über einen teilweise schneebedeckten Pass zur sogenannten Ringstraße, die um Island herum ... read more
Die Gletscherzungen des riesigen Vatnajökull.
Ankunft mit dem Schiff in Seydisfjördur.
Von der Küste über den Fjardarheidi-Pass zur Ringstraße.

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn May 5th 2017

The day started with a quick tour of Reykjavik and then we left the city to go further south. We pass many areas of large greenhouse installations using geo-thermal heating and hydro-electricity growing the fresh vegetables for Iceland. The landscape is desolate and vegetation sparse. The result of 1000s of years of volcanic activity. The countryside then changed to fertile farmland. We then visited the Gulfoss waterfalls where huge volumes of water spray and fall. We then moved onto Iceland's largest geyser which spouts every 8 minutes or so. Then more waterfalls and a black sand beach with its sea stone arch. The whole day we were driving with the huge glaciers in sight including the one which erupted in 2010 which caused chaos in Europe with ash. Interestingly Iceland had no ash but severe flooding ... read more
Troll in charge
Black sand beach
Sunset over Vik

Europe » Iceland » South » Oreafi March 10th 2017

Next stop Iceland. That's the Wild Atlantic Way done. Thank yo Ireland. It has been an incredible adventure. Now it is time to move further north west to the very edges of the European continent. It's time to experience Iceland. A land of fire and ice - maybe a little like something you might see in Game of Thrones. Hopefully there won't be any white walkers or members of Lannister family hanging out up there. Jokes aside, we have heard a lot about this amazing little island. The stories speak of a stunning and unspoiled landscape - nature at its most extreme and pure in its form. And of a people who are warm and welcoming to all. We cannot wait to get there. Our adventure will begin in Rejkjavik - the capital city on the ... read more

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