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Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn May 21st 2022

Matka oli sumuinen. Pysähdyttiin pari kertaa. Höfnissä ei satanut enää. Kävin yksin uimahallissa. Oli jo kesäisen vehreää.... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn May 5th 2022

We began our day waking up in the freezing rain and howling wind that had gone on for most of the night. May is considered shoulder season in Iceland, while considered technically summer to the locals, its still late winter by all reasonable accounts and the weather is highly variable. But the trade offs are no hordes of instagramming tourists and buses of cruise ship travelers. We hiked up a few miles up into the Reykjadalur Valley, meaning “steam valley.” The valley was dotted with billowing steam vents as far as the eye could see ,amongst snow capped peaks-truly capturing the namesake of Iceland as the land of ice and fire. Our destination was a natural hot stream to bathe in the waters , what a way to start a day, and the first of many ... read more
Diamond Beach
Glacier lagoon

Europe » Iceland » South May 4th 2022

In 2018 Mom and I came to Iceland as part of a long layover coming back from Scotland that Iceland Air offers as part of their fares. We had about 36 hrs, long enough to do the 140 mile golden circle drive and to go to the blue lagoon. Truth be told we weren’t overly impressed, but I heard that to really see the beauty of Iceland you needed to drive the entire ring road around the island. That along with 50% off ticket vouchers from that first trip that were expiring, and Dennis being incredibly jealous of our trip, I decided to come back again and give it a better look. We arrived at 0600 after getting a few lousy hours of sleep on the plane leaving out of Newark, having left AZ that prior ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South April 24th 2022

EPIC day of glacier-related adventures. We have experienced a number of glacier ‘outlets’ today, none of which I have any hope of pronouncing, but all stemming from the big one that google tells me is called Vatnajökull. Started early, amid a high level of feedback, and related response. Drove for a few hours through the ‘wasteland’ where the mud/flood from the 1918 eruption had made its mark. And then, just as suddenly, we returned to fertile farmland. Arrived at our tour check in and got kitted up and headed off for our glacier hike. The first part was hot and boring as we walked through the rocky terrain the glacier had created at its front and sides. We finally reached some of the cold white stuff and learned to put on our crampons and how not ... read more
Flat out like a lizard with its arse in the air drinking
Happiness is an ice axe
And then someone makes you pose for a family photo

Europe » Iceland » South April 23rd 2022

Iceland is famous for its waterfalls so we thought we’d give them a red hot (more on that later) go in one day (other than yesterday’s taster at Gulfoss). Packed up and bade our farewells to Depill and the pregnant mares before hitting the road headed to Seljalandsfoss, famous because of it’s beauty and because you can walk right underneath it, and get a little wet. What the guidebooks fail to mention is that it’s also the ideal place to get stuck halfway up a wet, cold, muddy and slippery rock face because your 13 year old confidence exceeds your ability and foresight, which appeared to run out about half way up. Mother to the rescue! Dried out and warmed up (and calmed down) in the sun before caving at the continual demands for lunch. But ... read more
Not under the waterfall
Some thoughtful contemplation at Skogafoss
On the trail

Europe » Iceland » South April 22nd 2022

The day was filled with anticipation of snowmobiling on a glacier. After using this as incentive to drag them away from the horses and dog, there was a little feedback and accompanying moaning heard when we discovered that our tour had been pushed back a few hours. No matter, this gave us the chance to explore some of the other local hot spots…literally. First stop was actually not hot but wet - Gulfoss, translated as Golden Falls. Not quite golden but large and damp, and a sight to see nonetheless. Next stop, Geysir geothermal area, for some boiling water and mud and a spewing geyser, Strokkur, who belches forth approx 20m in the air every 8-10 minutes, or more frequently if you’re not paying attention. Very cool to see, particularly the water drop back down the ... read more
Gulfoss - no Beeb, they do not turn it off at night
Wet family
The freezing - snowmobiling

Europe » Iceland » South April 21st 2022

So we’ve tired of the rolling hills and verdant greenness (yes, that’s a word) of England, and we’ve decided to try something different. So different, in fact, that we had to get up at 3.30am just to manage the excitement and anticipation. Pleasantly surprised with easyjet’s delivery and promptness, we had landed in Iceland by 7.30 local time and we’re on our way…back on the wrong side of the road. Quick refuel at a bakery and headed straight to the recent Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption. While we missed the actual eruption by a few months, we were pretty excited to see the steam pouring out of the recent lava. Very cool (yes, ok, or hot) that we could walk right up to it and our budding geologist was fascinated by the ‘souvenirs’ she found along the way. ... read more
Beeb in her happy place
Geoff in his stinky place (also happy)
Smile for the camera…face front, don’t toss your head, don’t walk away, don’t eat grass etc

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn August 28th 2019

We're moving around the island in a counterclockwise direction, so we are at the south part of the island. The storms hit from the south and the wind picks up alot of moisture. As the air rises over the mountains it drop the precipitation as snow which is why the largest glaciers are on the south side of the island. Then volcanoes erupt and push through the glaciers which causes massive floods. We drove by massive lava fields; some had moss all over them and some looked like they happened yesterday. We also went by areas that massive glacier floods had brought tons of debris, boulders, and ice. The shoreline was actually pushed out by debris from glacier outflow. From GuidetoIceland website: "The vast Eldhraun lava field (“Fire Lava“), in the south of the Icelandic highlands, ... read more
Tundra plants
Waterfall near entrance to park.

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík August 26th 2019

We had alot to do today - and all of it in cold, windy, driving rain. After all the participants of the tour with Arctic Adventures were picked up, we were on our way. Our guide is Sindri, and he is the driver and guide for this trip. He is a wealth of information and he talks the whole time he is driving through this horrible rain. My cousin said all the photos are not coming through. I don't know why, maybe the wi-fi connection? Sorry about that. I killed you with iceberg photos, now I'm going to kill you with waterfall photos. First stop: Thingvellir. From Wikipedia: Þingvellir (Icelandic: (img= read more
Thingvellie area
A fault
Fault you can walk through.

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn May 24th 2019

Welcome back! Here is another short story of my trip to Iceland. These past few days have been a bit hectic, yet, full of magic as I got to see so many interesting spots already. You are probably wondering if I felt sore after hiking at Landmannalaugar. Well, the truth is that I had quite an intense day back there, in fact, my legs were a bit shaky when I woke up the next morning. However, the incredible views and the natural pool, truly made that pain worthwhile. Join me on this new adventure, which I promise will make you want to pick Iceland as your next holiday destination. Here is a summary of today’s itinerary: 1- Skaftafell (Glacier walk) 2- Jökulsárlón (Zodiac tour) 3- Dinner in Höfn, staying at Nýpugarðar guesthouse. I left the small ... read more
Hello seal
Seals resting

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