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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre July 15th 2017

Our plan for Saturday was to get the 10am hydrofoil to spend the day in Esztergom, a small town on the Danube Bend on the boarder with Slovakia. The Danube Bend is meant to be possibly the most beautiful bit of the whole Danube & Esztergom a lovely town to visit there. We were also planning to stroll accross the bridge in to Štúrovoin Slovakia & up our country count for the holiday. Because of the swimming championships in town I double checked the website on friday night & found no reference to any disruption, however on turning up at the ticket office at 9:30am we were told "no boat", looking around there was an A4 sign up next to the counters (inside the building which was shut when i last walked past or I'd have ... read more
View of Buda from the Danube
Heading up river!
Szentendre square

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre February 9th 2014

This past weekend, I decided to plan a day trip to Visegrad and Szentendre. Normally Darcy plans things and I navigate, so I'm not the best at planning. After a fun night on Friday, I met Joe, Sam, Chaz, and Niamh at the Nyugati train station at 9 am. We bought tickets for a train to Visegrad and set off. Joe ate his first McDonald's breakfast ever and was so American about it (he's from London). The train was where the insults between Sam and Chaz started. The next 20 hours ended up being about who could insult the other the most. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. We got off the train at Nagymáros where we could see the Visegrad Castle up on a hill. We walked towards it and found the ... read more
The castle in the fog
Foggy hills
Niamh waiting for the ferry

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre July 27th 2013

It was a long journey across Slovakia to the first of the Danube Bend towns in Hungary. Two buses followed by two trains. Felt like we were on some completely off the tourist route journey. At one of the stops we had an hour to spare and had a coffee in the platform café, very pleasant but the views were of a run-down old station with trains sitting around for the few journeys that happened each day. Felt like I’d disturbed the café owner from socializing with her beer drinking friends. Across the border in Hungary the basilica on a hill in Esztergom is stunning. It’s a huge building on a small escarpment above the Danube with the small town below. The town had some lovely old buildings but we had the feeling it was hoping ... read more
Inside the basilica

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre July 8th 2008

Kirándulás hajókával szentendrére... read more
Akedvenc Margit hídi szobrom
CSak anya tartotta a lelket:)
Lyukas híd

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre September 11th 2007

Szentendre (pronounced Sen-Ten-Drey) is a quaint little town 20 km from Budapest. The streets are all cobble stone and some of the buildings are 500 years old. Apparently it used to be something of an artist commune. Then the tourists started coming and the artists left, but all the art and art galleries are still there. There is also a famous wood worker that still lives there and many of the houses have custom hand carved doors. Well worth the visit.... read more
Paprika up close
Drying Paprika
Iron Man

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre July 15th 2007

I met the girls for breakfast this morning and said goodbye to Joelle. Kim, Yujin, and I decided to take the HEV (Hungarian railway) to a little town on the outskirts of Budapest called Szentendre. It was a blazing hot and humid day. The train ride took only 45 minutes, but due to the lack of air conditioning, we looked like we just left a Bikram Yoga class once we stepped off the train. Szentendre is a quaint town, full of open-air cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops that sit on narrowly lined cobble-stoned streets. We spent half the day there and we all agreed that it was a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the big city of Budapest. We stumbled upon a restaurant called LaBirintus and the menu intrigued us enough ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre May 21st 2007

At 1pm, we met part of our group and the local guide to visit SZENTENDRE, a cute town with cobble-stoned streets and many little shops, all in one area. Two girls from the other Cosmos group were late, so our bus left them. We toured the MARZIPAN MUSEUM that had many things on display made of marzipan from the House of Parliament, kings and queens, cartoon characters and even a life-size figure of Michael Jackson! Imagine having to eat him! No thanks!!!! We enjoyed a drink and cake with chocolate icing at an inn and then climbed narrow steps to a Greek Church. Our guide pointed out that people grew their gardens in the center of their homes. Up here we had views of this and many red rooftops of the village. There was also a ... read more
Wedding cake
House of Parliament

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre May 27th 2006

You know when you meet someone, and you just like them straight away? You're not sure why, and you feel a bit silly, but it's like... like... it's been that way forever. That was what I felt when I met Cesar and Angel. Peruvian born Cesar can turn a mean card trick, and Dominican Republic born Angel is well practised at feigning ignorance. I'll admit, I was curious, but fancying myself as a street wise, tough and cycnical woman of the world, I refused to believe the power of my inner mind can read cards. But, enough prodding, and anything's possible. I allowed myself to be cajoled and wooed into a false sense of security - only to be bought down like a house of cards (pun intended) when Cesar threw the final blow. I never ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre September 18th 2005

Walking down the cobblestone streets of Szentendre, a small town outside Budapest, I was lucky enough to stumble right into the middle of some festival. I have no idea what it was celebrating, but it was great. Old women, men, families, they all were dressed up, riding around on these little horse-drawn carriages, sloshed on the local wine, singing songs and handing out wine and grapes to me and all the other spectators. A bunch of teenagers were swinging each other around, jumping and spinning in what I assume was some kind of traditional Hungarian dancing while everyone cheered them on.... read more
Teenagers dancing
Sloshed old people in parade
Church tower through the trees

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre June 4th 2005

Acordamos tarde novamente. A balada tinha sido muito pesada, não tinha como ser diferente. Fechamos a conta no albergue e nos despedimos de BUDAPESTE. O plano era conhecer a pequena cidade de SZENTENDRÉ (o nome da cidade significa “Santo André” em húngaro), que fica bem próxima a Budapeste, de onde seguiríamos para Siófok, às margens do Lago Balaton. A idéia era deixar os mochilões pesados no guarda-volumes da estação de Szentendré, conhecer a cidade e, então, pegar o trem para Siófok. A viagem foi bem rápida, algo como ir da Praça da Sé até a estação Jabaquara, só que de trem, não de metrô. Chegando lá, tivemos uma surpresa desagradável: não havia uma estação propriamente dita, era apenas um ponto de parada do trem. Havia apenas alguns bancos e a bilheteria, nada de guarda-volumes. Consensualmente, decidimos ... read more

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