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October 26th 2015
Published: June 24th 2017
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This year we decided to stay at a place in Thira/Fira because the place we had stayed last
year was not available. The owners are super friendly and gave us a map and information
about various places to go while we were here. Offered us both wine and coffee and we
declined but they sent a carafe of white wine with Robert. Our room is on the outside and
we have a small view of the ocean. Put us in a suite with king bed, kitchenette, table and
chairs outside, and nice bathroom with plenty of hot water!!!

Santorini is the remnants of a collapsed volcanic crater with incredibly awesome views from
the rim of the crater. For us, the beauty of Santorini is found walking along the edge of
the rim and looking down at the Aegean Sea below. Fortunately the weather cooperated with us and we had sunny cool days and a little cooler in the evening. We were there the end of
October and many of the places were closing up for the season but did get to go back to our
favorite places.

Started out our visit by going back to Volcano Blue for our first evening out. Dimitri was
still working there and we got to visit with him and enjoy our dinner. Did not stay out
late because still not 100% for Laura. Santorini gets their water from desalination plants
and the taste is not easy to stomach. As a result, we bought bottled water. Because of
this, we got to meet an interesting Greek shop keeper whose store was at the top of the
alley we walked down to get to our room. The store was about 25 feet wide and was crammed
full of a wide variety of foodstuffs as well as wine, cheese, fresh fruits and veggies. He
also had fresh bread. Quite the salesman as well as very entertaining. One night, wanted
to buy some cheap wine but not sure if good; he opens the bottle so we can have a taste.
The day we left he gave us a small souvenir as a remembrance.

A couple of the days we took the bus to the top of the island to the town of Oia and from
there walked back down to Fira. On all the walks stopped and had lunch at various places
overlooking the Aegean and you could see the cruise ships coming and going. In Oia, we ate
at Meteor that had a very nice view from inside the restaurant and the food was excellent as

Another day we walked some of the inside streets of Fira heading up toward Oia and ended up
in Firastefani! Walked back down the hillside taking pictures to Restaurant Irini that was
hanging on the side of the cliff. Ordered greek salads and shared an appetizer plate of
tzatziki spicy garlic dip, fava bean dip and taramasalata. All very nice and walked back down
to town.

Most of the times we ate out was for lunch and fixed our dinner in the room. Our new treat
this time was a drink at sunset at the Palia Kameni bar that also hangs off suthe cliffside
and has wonderful sunsets, wine and music. We also visited with several people that were
also enjoying the sunset including the young couple that got engaged that night to our
applause and best wishes.

Our last day we took the bus back up to Oia and had lunch at Skala and was another good
meal. Did some packing and then out for the evening. We had dinner at Zavros and the same
funny guy that was there last year was still there and viisted with us. Decided to go to
Murphy's for Halloween because they had advertised they were having a celebration and not
far from our room.

They had done a good job of decorating for the event and there were many people in costurmes
as well. One of the waitresses had determined we were from the United States and came over
and asked me how did they do. She explained they did not celebrate Halloween usually and
this was their first try. Assured her they had done a great job. Danced for awhile and
then headed back to the room.

Our plane did not leave until 15:30 so we had time to finish packing, move out of the room
and go up to Cafe Classico for final breakfast and view on the rim and then had a cup of
coffee with Leftaris, owner and George one of the workers before they took us to the

Santorini airport is not very well organized and you get to practise a lot of patience but
finally you are through and waiting for take off. Are flying from Santorini to Vienna and
then on to Paris. Our first leg we had the bulkhead seats with lots of leg room! Girl next
to us complaining about noise of the engines, etc. and asked to be moved. A girl moved up
next to us with cast on, bruises on face and arms......had a moped accident in her short
weekend from her studies in Vienna. We had a nice visit until the girl who first was
sitting there came back because the people around her were too noisy. Hope she had a good
day. As we were landing you could see the Eiffel Tower out the window but did not manage to
capture a photo.
Oh, and for those reading these stories, we did receive the credit card while in Santorini. We had told the front desk we were expecting a package and sure enough it arrived!

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scenes from walks  around islandscenes from walks  around island
scenes from walks around island

enjoyed watching the sunset here with a glass of wine
scenes from walks  around island scenes from walks  around island
scenes from walks around island

one of the evenings here, a young man proposed to his girlfriend to the applause of those in attendance!

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