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May 22nd 2022
Published: May 22nd 2022
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Waiting for the BoatWaiting for the BoatWaiting for the Boat

See the hat I bought for protection from the sun? I think it was an ok price for one that fits well. Ten Euro
Hot day here. I walked to the beach and decided to take the boat ferry to Piraeus. A better choice than trying to hike up that huge hill, and it was going to be too hot to lay around.

I was told it was five euros for the boat ferry. I had time to go buy a hat for some protection from the rays. The boat came to shore and we crawled up the ladder (good thing I was wearing walking sandals). On the boat the fellows demanded seven euros 'What?!! I was told five at the Hook store' One of the guys explained that the price of gasoline was more expensive now. He got on the phone to warn the business owners.

It was a pleasant trip traversing the water, rounding the outcrop. Amazing to see plants clinging to the rocky edge and birds making nests in whatever hole they could find. Today is Sunday and local families were coming to the black beach of Piraeaus. It is a small town with the same restaurants and tour rental offices as every other town. I had a snack and debated taking the boat back, or catching the bus all
On the waterOn the waterOn the water

Inflation hit hard on the boat, ride went from five to seven Euros. I have not listened to any news for a week, so I do not know what is going on in the world.
the way to Fira, then back to Kamari. I chose the bus for 2:60 Euros (and no more wet feet).

I made one more pilgrimage to the best view of the caldera, had a gelleto, then came back to the Internet cafe for one more blog.

OK, advice for travelers....don't depend upon one device!

I thought I was set, with an ipad and adapter for camera card, connection to personal Gmail and messenger, experience with online check-ins....yeah, I was prepped for six weeks abroad. And then ipad's keyboard freaked out and I could not do anything but set the clock alarm. I decided to proceed on to Santorini because I had printed all the info for flights and hotel here. So number one: use paper when you can. I chose to get the paper version of Euro-rail pass, so that means of travel is not threatened by a broken device and if I can't fix it, I can still catch the train to any destination in Europe.

Number two: If your cell phone or ipad falls into the sea or over a clift, make sure your back up system is available outside of your country. Me....nope...I
Early morningEarly morningEarly morning

That is the boat, the water ferry.
relied on my previous workplace, the school board webmail which is solid if you remain in Canada. But now, when I try to get into my Gmail from Greece, and choose the option for a code to be sent to my other email.....dismay hits when I read that although I have correct user name and password, it will not grant me access 'at this time'. What the Hell??!!!!

Third option is for Google to send code to my home phone. Crap!!! I have to get in contact with someone in my house or within a few kilometres to be at my phone at a chosen time when I am trying to access my Gmail in Vienna (if I am forced to buy a new device). Then that person has to convey the code back to me. That will be a technological acrobatic act that I will worry about in Vienna. People near my house...stay tuned!!

Number three: Memorize phone numbers and email addresses. Me...the only phone number I remember is my vet. AAarrrrgh!!! I suppose being in a small village in Nova Scotia, I can ask the vet technician to get in touch with some people there. I
nice place to waitnice place to waitnice place to wait

until the boat comes to shore
think I remember a couple of email addresses, if they involve just people's real names. But to get online, I need access to my own emails. I can't remember my icloud password because it was automatic on the ipad. SEE the problem?? I cannot create a new account without access to my own phone or back up emails.

Number three B: Print out contact phone numbers and email addresses. ((I did, but lost that paper along the way....kill me now)) If you think you have a better system of storing most valuable pages, please do this in case your precious cell phone dies.

Number four: Have a back up for your back up system. Me, I think I can remember user name and password for a work Facebook page. If push comes to shove, I will get on that platform and reach out to people in my community. I have two international sites (this one) and Servas, but the messaging systems seem flawed. When I try to reply to people's comments here, it seems that the comment is directed to only me. (Joanne, Lynne, Heather, let me know if you can read my replies to your comments). On
Boat guysBoat guysBoat guys

get on the cell phone to update locals about the increase price
the Servas site, the replies from people go to my regular Gmail account. *groan*

Number five: perspective. Realize, that if you cannot regain communication with regular people....keep on traveling. This is the reason why you left your country, to see, meet and interact with other people. Whatever is going on at home can't be affected much by you in another country. Let yourself be vulnerable and reach out for help. You are always surrounded by good people. Me...I have to get up super early to catch flight out tomorrow morning. I realized that by leaving the broken ipad in Vienna, I have no means to set an alarm to get up on time. The hotel is small so there are no phones with wake up calls. I'm relying on the manager to find an alarm clock, or come bang on my door. He will find a way to help...its in his job description... ha ha...and he seems to be a good man.

I'll give more travel advice about Santorini in another post. Off the cuff, I'd recommend getting place in Kamari, and will post info about my hotel later. Kamari is an easy bus drive to all the other places, and has a definite beach vibe. There are no cruise ships parks offshore.

OK...time to post this blog and go into radio silence. Until I find a working computer in Vienna, I am not available online.

Final note...just tried Thinkers facebook page....I need a way to confirm so I can access it from here...........give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Additional photos below
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can yo usee the dingy?can yo usee the dingy?
can yo usee the dingy?

I wonder if they rent those, too, or it it is a tour that you can book.

The dingy gives perspective for the height of this outcrop.
Always beautiful bluesAlways beautiful blues
Always beautiful blues

will be a favourite memory of this place
Tried to get artsy shotTried to get artsy shot
Tried to get artsy shot

With a Greek church through the life preserver....failed....

The boat bounced around a bit. Buddy took several photos and this was the best one....sad... ha ha
Old and newOld and new
Old and new

Nice to see a working church with same design as the one in Oia. This one, too, is surrounded by venues for tourists from around the world.
On topOn top
On top

Somewhere there is a monastery and Byzantine town ruins up there. And on other side is Kamari.
Black beachBlack beach
Black beach

And somewhere's else there is a red beach.

It was nice to see local families here, too, today
One more bus rideOne more bus ride
One more bus ride

Hey, I actually made this bus conductor laugh. Passing him change so he could pick out the needed coins, I said 'like a baby'. This Sunday bus must have been the milk run because we traversed all over the island. I didn't mind, I was catching my final views of the island.

23rd May 2022

looks like a wonderful day, Teresa. I hope you are able to get your ipad working again or get online when you get back to Vienna.

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