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Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Chios August 14th 2019

We arrived in Çeşme in the evening and walked to our hotel (thanks to some locals giving us directions) for the evening. Lucky I only booked the hotel for one night as the only thing it had going for it was the view! We then went to buy our ferry tickets to Chios the next day, had a stroll around the Çeşme market street and relaxed on our balcony with some beers watching the world go by down by the the marina. The next day we caught a ferry from Çeşme to the Greek island of Chios. Despite being a short distance (8km and 15 mins) the immigration process on either end (the Greek side being worse) made it much much longer. The ferry itself was large and efficient. In Chios, our hotel was very near ... read more
Port of Chios
Church of Mesta

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Chios July 22nd 2019

When you think of Greek Islands you might think immediately of Santorini and its picturesque hillside splash of white buildings and stunning sunsets. When Seda mentioned taking a day trip to the island of Chios we both though, ‘ok, exploring an island we don’t know anything about for a day why not.’ Our expectations were fairly low. Well, we went for that day trip and liked it so much we returned for three more days after that and wish we could have stayed longer. We accessed the island from Cesme, Turkey via a rather short (approx.. 20 minutes) ferry. Then, both times, upon a recommendation by a friend, stopped at a small local car rental place just on the water by the port to rent a car (one day for 34 euros, 3 day for 25 ... read more
Windmills in Chios
Pyrgi village
Mesta village

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Chios June 5th 2015

Overnight we cruised 185 nautical miles at an average speed of 15 knots and this morning found us anchored off the Greek island of Chios. Yes, anchored, rather than berthed, so that meant being taken ashore in small tender boats to one of Greece's largest islands. Chios is known for its citrus orchards, mediaeval villages and groves of mastic trees. Well, yes, the island does have lots of interesting things to see but, being one of the largest islands, they are located all around the island and ... we didn't book the shore excursion. This was one destination that probably would have benefitted from a little bit more forward planning?! We could have looked into hiring a taxi to run us around the island, or been really adventurous and attempted the local bus network, but we've ... read more
Waterfront at Chios Town
Sailing drill off Chios Town

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Chios July 3rd 2014

Next stop Chios, a small island once captured by the Turks during the time of the great Ottomon wars. Here we head to the acropolis, the highest point on the island, to visit a deserted village. This Village, once the home of 20,000 Greek citizens, was completely abandoned more than 500 years ago. The Turks attacked the village and either killed or enslaved all the locals. Since that day, no one has lived in the village, save for one old woman, whom we met. She is the squatter caretaker of the village. It was amazing to see a village build in 1100's just abandoned as if everyone left yesterday. Some of the buildings had fallen down over the centuries but others, like the church at the very top of the hill, just looked closed for the ... read more

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Chios July 18th 2012

July 18th, 2012 Our second day in Chios was just as fun filled as our first day. I am writing this more then a month after our trip so I hope I haven't forgotten any important destination information. As with all my blogs, if you are planning a trip and have questions just ask. :) The morning began with a nice light breakfast on Nick's Aunt and Uncle's large outdoor balcony. If only everyone could experience this environment every morning of their lives. Lovely weather, slight breeze, and a beautiful view of the sea in the distance. Our stomachs were filled with mandarine and orange juice, greek yougurt with honey from Chios, and of course espresso! After breakfast we dressed for the beach and loaded up the cars to head to our first beach destination. Nick ... read more
View from the car
Anavatos from below
Nick and Claudia making their way up

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Chios July 17th 2012

Chios Greece Chios is the fifth largest Greek Island in the Northern Aegean. "The island of mastic, jasmine and intoxicating fragrances, the island of orchards and orange groves, the noble island with its stone mansions and their pebbled courtyards, with its unique medieval villages and their towers. (Chios The fragrant Island Book) Our 5 days in Chios were absolutely amazing and more then we ever could have imagined! The experience would not have been the same without the guidance of our wonderful hosts! Nicks Aunt and Uncle were also vacationing at their family house there and they allowed us to stay along with them for the week. They ensured we saw all the unique and isolated beaches and ate at all the best restaurants in the best locations. Our first morning in Chios (actually we were ... read more
Vrontados beach
Pickled octopus...

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Chios August 12th 2010

Hei, her er bloggen vår. Leah, Katrine og Hans kristian. Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse. som betyr Det er nødvendig å seile, å leve er ikke nødvendig. Som de fleste har fått med seg har vi nå sjekket inn på Sea Breeze hotel apartments, Chios Hellas for 2 uker. Se link for info / bilder av hotelet. Vi er som sagt på bryllupsreise her nede i Egeerhavet, langs Greske og Tyrkiske kysten. Turen hadde sitt utspring for mange år siden, en kald vinter da vi drømte om seiling i Karibien. Og at det var bare og gjøre det! Vi har hele resten av vårt liv til og leve A4 livet :) I mellomtiden så dukket Leah opp, og vi fortsatte og drømme om Karibien. Men fant vel ut av at vi skulle prøve ... read more

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Chios March 30th 2009

Stayed in Mesta for a few days, a medieval village on the island of Chios in Greece, just across from Turkey. The village has been in continual habitation since the 14th century and the castle like center of the town is still very much intact. There are only 300 permanent residents now, but it used to be a flourishing town of 2000 or so, profitting from trade of mastic, a resin from the mastic tree which apparently only grows well in the south of Chios and nowhere else. It was a great commodity with prices at its height similar to its weight in silve, and now still is about 80 euros per kg. The villages therefore are built with defense in mind, away from the shores and fortress like to prevent pirate raids. I stumbled to ... read more
Amazing painted houses in Pyrgi
Lemon trees everywhere and tomato hanging to dry

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Chios October 8th 2008

Greeting! This will be a 2 part blog because I don't have the time to sort the pics yet...sooo many pictures, so little time I want to spend in this bar with the techno music blaring! However, the Mythos beer is pretty good! Just had to re-read my last blog to remember what stories I told last entry. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time her on Chios, an Island of just over 800 sq km's! The highest Mnt is 1297 metres and we may have crossed t tonight! We rented scooters yesterday and headed for South Chios. The reason we picked this Island to come to is because of the Mastic trees which grow no where else in the world but in southern Chios. For those of you on you word origin toes, you might recognise ... read more
Church Pyrgi
Greek Orthydox Church Masta
she wants to go for a ride

Europe » Greece » North Aegean » Chios October 6th 2008

Hey I have kind of lost track of things here...had to look at the pics to see where I had been! This is going to be a long one because its been a few days and will be a while again until I write. We are having a rest day and I am in a bar that will let me use my laptop for the price of a cup of coffee, Gord is out shopping. The next 2 days we are renting scooters and will be touring Chios. I said earlier that pictures are better than words to discribe what we see here. ow I find that even the pictures are not doing justice to the scenery, especially Western Levos which we visited on Sat. We didn't actuallly plan to go there, "the book" said it ... read more
Ipsilou Monestary
Ipsilou Monastary Chapel
switchbacks all day long

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