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Europe » Greece » Crete » Akrotiri September 21st 2012

Today was going to be hot. Not necessarily because the forecast had indicated a temperature over 30 nor because of the high predicted humidity. Rather, today's walk was going to be wild and lonely, through dramatic hills and gorges near the north-west coast of the Akrotiri peninsula, just east of Chania. Much of the walk was going to be hard and stony underfoot with very little shade. This was why it would be hot. The weatherman may have said 30, but that's in the shade. I was expecting to add another 10 degrees to that figure. My taxi arrived on time and soon I was heading towards the airport and up into the remoter hills beyond. It seems amazing that, this close to Chania, many visitors don't head out in this direction. Having paid my fare, ... read more
The Church of the Bear
To the Sea!
Katholiko Monastery

Europe » Greece » Crete » Akrotiri May 11th 2012

Akrotiri, meaning bit that sticks out, lies to the east of Chania and contains many caves and monasteries. It has also been inhabited since Neolithic times.... read more
Deserted Village

Europe » Greece » Crete » Akrotiri May 4th 2012

Guess what? Another hot and clear day! After breakfast, another Mercedes took me up to Akrotiri, north east of Chania, leaving me within a plate's throw of the Gouverneto Monastery. Hat on and water bottles full, I headed towards the monastery and stopped by the modern war memorial, erected to memory of the local villagers for their sacrifice in the 1940s. Then, walking down on the newly restored cobble path, I made my way to the Cave of the Bear which had been cleverly converted into a little church, complete with natural cistern which filled with drips from stalactites. Leaving the coolness of the cave, I continued down eventually experiencing something similar to the first view I had of Petra's Treasury, when, rounding a corner, I had the amazing view of a hidden, deserted monastery. Descending ... read more
Petra? No Katholiko
View of Katholiko

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