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Europe » Greece » Attica » Marathon June 10th 2014

After crossing nine time zones from Calgary, Alberta, here we are finally in Greece for one week of relaxation on Marathon Beach before starting the planned tour of this ancient country. After picking up our rental car at Athens airport and following the directions given, we headed off to the resort, or so we thought. First of all, we landed earlier than planned which gave me my first opportunity to use my new international phone to call Kosmos Car Rental. Anyway, the employee brought the car to us and he said that I should follow the sign to Marathon. I recall bypassing a sign which said "Marathon Avenue" without realizing that that was the one I needed and sure enough Jeanette eventually picked up that we were headed in the opposite direction. A quick retrace to ... read more
The Bay of Marathon where the fleet sent by King Darius 1 landed its army to battle the Greeks in 490 BC.
One of several homes that line Marathon Beach near our resort.
One of several restaurants on the beach, Isidora's is famous for her cuisine.

Europe » Greece » Attica » Marathon January 6th 2009

After 4 nights in Athens we are now leaving for a villa outside the small town of Marathonas, 26 miles north of the city. This is where the Battle of Marathon took place around 500 BC between the Athenians and the invading Persians. I know it's 26 miles from Athens because this is where, supposedly, Pheidippides ran from the plains where the battle took place into the city to announce the great victory for the home side, thereby running the first marathon. The story isn't one hundred percent true but it works in Greece. The villa is managed by a local couple, Stavros and Rosa, that lives right next door and they offered to pick us up straight from our hotel in the centre of Athens. The trip takes about an hour and the traffic is ... read more
The Villa
The Villa
The Villa

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