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Europe » Gibraltar December 4th 2019

"Territorio d'Oltremare Britannico" sotto la sovranità di Sua Maestà Regina Elisabetta II. E' questo che vuole il 98% degli abitanti di Gibilterra, più britannici degli stessi inglesi, tra pub, fish & chips, autobus a due piani e cabine telefoniche rosse; peccato che poi il 96% di loro abbia votato risolutamente contro la Brexit, perchè far parte del Regno Unito va bene ma è ancora più conveniente avere qui a - letteralmente - due passi la Spagna, con il suo basso costo della vita e grandi opportunità per traffici più o meno consentiti: evviva le frontiere aperte con l' Europa allora! Ma non troppa Europa pero', poichè Gibilterra rimane comunque uno spudorato paradiso fiscale per una moltitudine di società off - shore e poi di pagare l' IVA neanche a pensarci. In poche parole i gibilterrini sono ... read more
Attraverso la frontiera
Horseshoe Pub
Frontiera chiusa

Europe » Gibraltar October 18th 2019

Gibraltar 10-12-2019 Gibraltar Nhu vay la toi den Gibraltar tre 1 ngay khong nhu du dinh Gibraltar la Oversea territory of England 1 trong 14 Oversea Territory cua Anh.. Truoc kia la vung dat cua Spain va Spain nhuong lai cho Anh nam 1713 trong hiep uoc Treaty of Utrecht de roi Anh tuyen bo Gibraltar la colony cua Anh nam 1830 cho den ngay nay mac dau Tay Ban Nha nhieu lan lam du moi cach de lay lai. Mot nuoc Tay Ban Nha chiem dong nhieu nhat cac nuoc tren the gioi ma khong chiem dong duoc lanh tho cua chinh minh la Gibraltar nam ben canh lanh tho cua minh la dieu buon cuoi. Nam 1967, 2002 va 2004 nguoi dan Gibraltar trung cau dan y deu muon soing duoi su bao ho ... read more

Europe » Gibraltar April 3rd 2018

Monkeys, Fish and Chips or limestone caves. Gibraltar has it all and more Ake has for many years been thinking about visiting Gibraltar. Emma however is less keen on visiting the British little chunk of territory in the southeast corner of the Iberian Peninsula. This year we weren't able to coordinate our plans for Easter because our respective schedules mismatched. So Emma went one way and Ake went to Gibraltar and some other places nearby. Here comes the first blog entry from Ake's trip. Gibraltar is a so called British Oversees Territory, which basically means that its British but it is nowhere near Britain. Gibraltar borders to Spain in the north and with the Mediterranean Sea surrounding all other sides. With this location you don't need to know much about international relations to realize that Spain ... read more
Red telephone booths
British pub in Gibraltar
Fish and Chips

Europe » Gibraltar November 21st 2017

Friday November 17 and Saturday November 18th Algeciras and Gibraltar With our all-too-brief stay in Seville over, we once again loaded up the car and drove south to visit Gibraltar. We were staying at the Marriott across the Bay of Gibraltar in the Spanish port city of Algeciras. Barry found the busy loading dock, viewed out our 7th floor windows, fascinating. (We could also see Gibraltar and "The Rock" seemed to have a permanent cloud hovering over it.) We walked to nearby Plaza Alto along a pleasant pedestrian street and had delicious club sandwiches, beers and decadent desserts at an outdoor cafe called "Okay". Happy hour continued when we returned to the hotel and we hit the sack early. The days when we change locations are always tiring...Saturday we would tackle Gibraltar. After checking out of ... read more
Welcome beers in Plaza Alta
Old man posing in the square
Young boys playing in the square

Europe » Gibraltar September 30th 2017

Since Lisbon the ports have been daily. While other passengers headed off to Seville, ML and I enjoyed a spa special. I have never felt to pampered in my life. Full body exfoliation and massage, and facial. After, I lounged in the thermal suite reading and used the thermal pool (like a giant hot jacuzzi). I could have had a steam bath or sauna but I was much too relaxed to try. I had visited Gibraltar last fall so some of the touring stops were repeats but…. This time we saw the rock from tip to toe. Visited the siege caves built when the Spanish tried to starve the British off the rock. It didn’t work. There are massive fortifications around the rock to protect it from invasion and guard the entrance to the Med. While ... read more

Europe » Gibraltar September 1st 2017

The Rock of Gibraltar Friday morning, we were off for the "tour" of the Rock of Gibraltar. What AMAZING views! We found it was easier to park the car at a marina in Spain and walk across the border. The entire country is only 3.85 square miles, so it wasn't really a long walk. The border sets at the edge of the Gibraltar airport runway. A few of the pictures don't seem like much until you understand we are walking across the runway! We arrived early in order to avoid the crowd up the mountain. As we approached the border, I noticed a huge cloud hanging over the island. This cloud is apparently a characteristic of Gibraltar's weather and is called a Levanter Cloud. Moisture-laden Mediterranean air is pushed by the wind against the Rock. The ... read more
09-01_02a_Levant Cloud
09-01_02b_Levant Cloud
09-01_03a_Gib airport runway

Europe » Gibraltar November 13th 2016

Tuesday, November 8 Today we visited Gibraltar. The bus rode along the coast past the playgrounds of the sun bunnies and the rich and famous. We passed a toney club where the elite meet and greet and Julio Inglasious appears every August. George Clooney owns a home here and Sean Connery plays golf. The King of Saudi Arabia built a replica of the White House here and left it to his son Prince Faud. One of Faud's pleasures is shopping but he hates crowds so the upscale shopping center stays open at night just for him. The day was chilly but the sky is severe clear blue and the sun is warming. After about two hours we crossed the boarded from Spain and the boarder into Gibraltar, looked both ways before driving across the airport runway, ... read more

Europe » Gibraltar September 16th 2016

Diary of a 14 year 7 month old teenager - I am just over 14 years old and feel very adult and grown up. A week ago I packed my small bag with a few belongings, filled my purse with £20 I had saved hard to collect and in my blue, red and white striped school summer dress and regulation blue Clarkes sandles I set off for the docks at Liverpool. This was the starting point of a voyage of discovery on the school cruise on the SS Nevasa . Its the 9th October 1966. The big cruise ship set off around the coast of North Wales, between Wales and Ireland and round the coast of Cornwall before heading out to sea into the Bay of Biscay. Yes I did want to go home when I ... read more
SS Nevasa out in the Med  looking from Gibraltar.
The western casemates
Shopping Gibraltar style

Europe » Gibraltar July 5th 2016

A day trip to Gibraltar, this is another experience I had once when I was just around 12 years old. It was in February, and with those monkeys, it was as if it was yesterday. We spent the night in Algeciras, just on the other side of the "Rock", where 50 euros give you a huge room in a Mercure. Gibraltar, and land mass is pretty small on Gibraltar, so accommodation comes at a premium. It's actually like three times the price you will find in Algeciras. They have even brought in a cruiseship and are using it as a permanent hotel...for more than 200 euros a night! /we had a short 20 minutes queues in the morning to get the car into Gibraltar, truly easy process. I was expecting huge queues to get back to ... read more
On top of Gibraltar!
Postcard time!

Europe » Gibraltar May 11th 2016

My day ended rather well with a toffee vodka, which is more than I think I can say for Ricardo, my guide, who by the end of the afternoon wouldn't even look at me.... It all started sunny, as I had a good long chat with one of the hotel cats whilst waiting for the tour bus to Gibraltar. And then the cat slapped me but I think it was all a misunderstanding, my Spanish isn't all that good. Once again we were being guided by 'Rushing' Ricardo, and a new bus driver but still named Pedro like yesterday. We met some older ladies who were on the Morocco trip yesterday whose sole reason for visiting Gibraltar was to get cheap fags. They had smoked their way around Tangier and they are now known as the ... read more
Moorish castle on Gibraltar
Narrow tunnels of Gibraltar
Rave in the cave

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