Wheels Down in Dusseldorf, Germany – Wednesday July 3, 2018

Published: July 8th 2018
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I wake up after an OK night’s sleep, well as good as it can be flying 30 thousand feet over the pond. That’s Kentuckian for large body of water.

We land and make it through customs, well Kirsten and Omi are, I truly think they like messing with me. I get the 3rddegree and by the time I make through Kirsten and Omi are discussing leaving me. Kirsten gives me the WHAT THE look and I just shrug and shake my head.

We wind our way through the airport and pick up the car. Kirsten goes to the garage and gets the car; Omi and I decide to wait in the pick-up zone with the luggage. In less than 5 minutes, Kirsten comes up to a screeching stop in front of Omi and says .... Uber? Omi waves her hand and turns her head saying Nein..Nein looking the other way. I’m loading the luggage and still Omi is looking for Kirsten. Kirsten finally say “OMI”! ACH! I didn’t see you, someone was trying to get us into an Uber.

We exit the airport using three of our four wheels and Kirsten is talking with Omi in the back seat, I’m trying to load the Falz’s address into the Navi, all the while Kirsten is giving me instruction on what I’m doing wrong. Her Darden management skills haven’t dulled at all.

Between the Navi, my map skills and Omi giving instruction from the back seat we pull into the Falz’s driveway an hour later. Uli and Gudrun greet us and are so excited to see Omi, Kirsten and the guy carrying the bags.

After all the hugging and kissing, we have some cake and coffee. I’m starting to fade so I make my way up to the room and take a nap. Kirsten wakes me asking would you like to have dinner at a beer garden? YEA! I’m up and the first one in the car.

Uli treats us to a wonderful meal and we talk and have a wonderful time. Simone and her girls meet us for dinner as well. I’m picking up every 10thGerman word. Kirsten and Omi blend in like natives; me .... I fit in like an immigrant looking for a job washing dishes.

After about 4 hours we are back at the Falz’s house. I make a bee-line to the bedroom and I’m out. Kirsten, Omi and Falz’s stayed down stairs talking and planning tomorrow.

Me I’m reading the back of my eyelids.

Good night........

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