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July 25th 2017
Published: July 25th 2017
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Strange. Travel blog is not sure where I am. I thought we were still in Bavaria and really I still do but the town is not mentioned in the long list of destinations so that spot remains blank (you can insert the destination that you like). Make it nice though as we have walked from a delightful little spot and this town isn't far from being just as scenic. The fact that our hotel is easy to find, comfortable, warm and dry and with an excellent shower sure helps the town reputation as we have arrived a little wet after being a lot wet through the day's walk. It poured at one stage heavily enough for us to seek shelter, it rained persistently (yes I cleaned that up) and at other times it simply dripped from the trees. So yes we were wet. There were brief periods of sunshine and wind that dried us pretty well in time for the next downpour.

We ate lunch in the brief period between rain bursts and had a glorious view back over as far as the Anrechs Klosters Tower that we had been at yesterday. Also in frame was the lake we crossed by steamer and the countryside we had traversed that morning so it was quite a vista for us yet probably as boring as bat droppings to anyone who had not walked it. Perspectives are strange things.

Wessobrunn is small but our hotel as mentioned is again comfortable and welcoming. Our accommodation has been 3 star equivalent and always good or better so there are certainly no grumbles about that. Here they even know what a double espresso is so does it get any better than that? I'm sitting in our room which would have to be 8 m X 8 m and easily big enough for all the KLW walkers we meet (there aren't many but it is a huge room) and I'm watching the rain, hoping it pours now and rains itself out. The forecast is not great but I know it's beyond my control, despite the fact I put a few coins in the collection box at Marie Munster back in Diessen.

Well I have a little map and guide book checking to do and I'm hoping enough time for a quiz. So Caio for now.

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26th July 2017

Would you mind not showing me things you could have bought me and then telling me no you didn't!!! Very mean!! When are you catching up with Hanne Lorre?
26th July 2017

I could not have transported them. Sunday about 2:30 at our hotel. Karsten should be there as well.

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