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July 24th 2017
Published: July 24th 2017
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Bye Starnberg. Well it wasn't quite that quick or easy. Macs, the company that I booked through had not sent over our vouchers for the ferry from Herrsching to Diessen despite 3 emails and plenty of time, so our hotel was good enough to follow up with the German company that Macs had sub let to. Sort of sorted in 2 minutes except the email didnt come through and didn't come through and didn't come through then finally came through. The hotel printed it off for us and all good except it took nearly an hour. We were on a bit of a schedule because missing one convenient time meant waiting 2 hours till the next (OK) or 4 hours till the last one (not really OK). The most frustrating thing wasn't the 3 emails, the week worrying about it or the hour wait at the hotel it was the fact that no one came near us to check if we had tickets at any time, prior to boarding, whilst in transit or after we had disembarked.

The good news is it didn't rain for the first half hour. The bad news, it did for the rest of the day. The walk was great, the weather wasn't. But that is the first inconvenient rain we have encountered so we still have smiles. Can't guarantee smiles if it rains for 2 or 3 more days though.

The KLW lead us through forrests, along streams, through meadows and small villages and we were surprised at how flat and gentle the walk was. We pretty easily more than double our km per hour rate from the TMB. The signs always intrigue me and I posted a 'sign' blog just prior to this one so it may interest some of you (well Alla and Capt Matt specifically).

We walked to a major Klosters or Abbey at Andechs which is quite impressive size wise and Baroque wise. I know a lot of people subscribe to the ABC (another bloody church or anything but church) but we see so few compared with normal tourist that they still hold some awe and besides that that are dry.

From Andechs to Herrsching is again pretty easy and through verdant green forrest. Then it's on the ferry with a couple of others doing the KLW and off to the Hotel Seefelder Hof. It's not small but it family owned and operated and again more than comfortable. The place looks like a Chinese laundry with our stuff drying but it will provide the environment that will enable us to be ready for tomorrow. The forecast is not great but if we are dry at the start that's pretty good.

Tomorrow we head for Wessobrunn, a significantly smaller village but with a good reputation. We'll see.

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25th July 2017

Town poles
Oh I love those town poles!! Gives the town council a chance to have a laugh!!! Have you managed to find rabbit on any menu yet?!! xx
25th July 2017

No. I saw a rabbit and shooter on one of the poles and minutes later I saw a rabbit whilst walking but none on any menu. Last night though I had pork in dark beer and vegetable (almost like a thick soup) that was poured over rosti and it was really good.

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