Hooray, hooray it's QUIZ day.

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July 25th 2017
Published: July 25th 2017
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Stop clapping, cheering and generally going wild and get down and do the quiz. In no particular order, alphabetically, chronologically or anythingly here it comes.

Points will be awarded for correct answers and deducted if you're trying to be funnier than me. Responses may be sent via the comments or directly to my email address (hopefully for all of you Alla may not have it, then you might have a chance) and as usual neat and tidy entries may collect that much coveted bonus point, so keep your typing neat and nice!

1. There is an error in the prefix above prior to the paragraph which commences with 'stop clapping...'. What is this deliberate error?

2. What is the official name of the KLW? The 3 word title needs to be spellt corectly. I'm pedantic on speelling.

3. I have included shots of 5 or 6 town poles. What do they all have in common? And here I am talking about the poles and not the signs projecting from those poles. Why do they have this thing in common. (NB 2 part question.)

4. Photo question. Photo 1. What is just in this shot that you have never seen before, that I would like never to be seen again but will probably be seen over the next few days?

5. Why is this section of the Aschering town pole particularly ironic and annoying to me?

6. What name do I now have increased respect for? And why? (NB another 2 parter)

7. What are the thingyies on the side of this thing for? I know it's not a great shot, I don't won't to make this too easy!

8. Where was my first TMB/KLW blog posted from? I know that's easy, I'm just a big softie really. And that makes 10 answers.

Good luck.

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26th July 2017

Quiz 1 (Take 2)
1. English is a living language, it changes as it's users need and preferences change, and therefore there's nothing-ish wrong with anything in your prefixes or suffixes. 2. King Ludwig Walk, I assume (and yes I know what assuming does!) but it would make sense if there was a German version. 3a. They all have a blue/white stripe running around them. 3b. That's the colour they were all painted. (I'm sure there is an historical reason they were painted these colours, but I don't know it. Is it link to red/white barbers polls?) 4. Is that yellow thing a rain cover for your pack? 5. Did you know that if you eat only rabbit you'll die? They're probably just looking out for your well being... 6. Julie? At the risk of loosing points for trying to be funny I'll leave this one here. 7. Wheels.... 8. Wonga Park. I'd guess the armchair closest to the sliding door, but possibly the dining table.
26th July 2017

Three. And that with no deductions as nothing was funnier than me! But which three? The sad and bad news is that 3 currently leads the quiz champions table. But then again Alla is still researching a couple of questions I reckon.
26th July 2017

I'm sorry I don't have time to answer these quiz questions as I'm busy eating gluten free chocolate and drinking wine!!
26th July 2017

Suitable response. May have a special prize just for you!

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