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July 31st 2008
Published: September 30th 2017
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The chill room inside of Wombat's hostel.
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It's a small world - in the hostel, I saw a Korean lady, her daughter, and her mother, that I had seen on the boat to Hallstatt's train station. It actually happens a lot more often than you might think.

I tried napping on the train to Nurnberg, without much success - didn't sleep well last night because of the heat. I originally considered passing through Nurnberg en route to Rothenburg and staying two nights there, but it's a pretty nice town, and I'm glad that I'll be staying the night. It was a long, hot, uphill hike to the hostel - I needed to pause a couple of times for a breather. At least much of the walk was shaded, and the temperature may not have cracked 30 today.

I arrived at the hostel, which is located inside the castle, in the former stables. My room was on the 5th floor - after such a long walk, my only thought was "noooooooooooooooo!!!!!", but luckily for me, there was an elevator. I felt like a king, staying in a castle, but was disappointed that there was no Spanish Queen waiting for me in the room 😞

First up, the

Breakfast isn't included at Wombat's, which isn't a bad thing - it's time to try something different for breakfast, and hopefully NOT feel like puking after! I wandered toward the Viktualienmarkt again, and picked up an almond crescent that had a macaroon-like interior. Covered in glazed, slivered almonds and dipped in chocolate on each end, it was a little too sweet. It really needed to be eaten with some milk or coffee.
City Museum - I arrived just as the continuously-repeating intro movie was finishing up, and wasn't going to bother with it, but the security guard was so nice (despite his limited English), that I felt bad for not staying. He told me to sit while he re-set the film so I could watch it in its entirety, and even directed me to the best seats. Once the lights went out and he left, I quietly ducked out.

There wasn't much of interest here, but I really only went because the Museum Combo card is such a great deal - individual admission to any of the museums is 5 Euros, but the card grants you access to all the museums, for the same price. Since I'm planning on going to the Nazi Documentation Centre later, any other museum I visit is basically free.

Before lunch, I squeezed in the castle - kind of boring but granted, I didn't pay to go inside the exhibits, because I really didn't care. I quickly popped into St. Lawrence church, only to briefly escape the heat, before having a fast-food lunch.

For dessert, I had some rockin' melon gelato. I desperately needed to lower my

I went back to the same shop as yesterday, where I had that awesome roasted pork - I had it once more, but this time in a sandwich. It was quite dry, as being one of the first customers of the day, it was an outside piece. The crackling was still unbelievable, but such a greasy breakfast didn't sit too well with me and once again, I felt sick after eating breakfast! Karma is karma - that's my new favourite saying after starting to read Shogun.
body temperature, otherwise I would've passed out, cracked my head on the sidewalk, and my brains would've oozed out and scrambled themselves on the sizzling pavement. I only ate the gelato to prevent this horrible death, not because I wanted to eat it ....

On to the tram to the Nazi Documentation Centre - it was like an oven on board! Despite being cooler earlier, the temperatures climbed to over 30, once more. It's a good thing that I had just eaten that gelato ... The Documentation Centre was very interesting, but information overload! It's different from other Nazi museums, in that it doesn't focus on the holocaust, but how the Nazi movement started and came into power.

Back to the old town - it started to rain fairly heavily, a welcome sight, as it cooled things off significantly. Still wanting to make good use of the Museum Card, I went to the Albrecht Durer house - pretty boring and still pretty hot inside. But hey, it was included, right?

Back to the hostel for a quick siesta, before dinner. The hostel had been taken over by a huge Korean religious group. Doug and Carmen had recommended a restaurant near the train

The hostel in Nurnberg.
station, saying that it had amazing food, but I wasn't sure if I had found the right spot, so I decided on Burgwachter instead.

Back when I met the first Virginia on the train to Mannheim, she suggested that I try the special Nurnberg beer, but they had no such thing on offer. The waitress suggested a popular brew, and I tried that instead - pretty good. I wanted to start with the Franconian potato soup with stone fungus and smoked Nuremburg sausages. Sound good? I'll never know, because it was forgotten!

But that's a good thing, because there was no way I could have finished that and the massive entree - roasted pig shoulder with raw dumplings. It was a bit cool, but still nice sitting on the patio. A young couple and their son was sitting nearby, and the kid fell backward off his stool, smacking his head hard on the pavement. That must've been painful, you could see his head bounce off the ground and hear the sickening sound it made. The mother immediately grabbed the kid and took him outside to console the kid. The father just sat there, making some casual remark and continuing to

The castle.
eat his steak. He didn't even bother to check on the kid until five minutes later, but in all fairness, mother and son were only 15-20 feet away.

Despite being stuffed, I went back to the Gelatone eis shop, where earlier I had that life-saving melon gelato. This time it was amaretto, with some yummy bits of amaretti cookies mixed within. I wanted to try a different place, but with so few days left in Europe I figured that I should stick with the place that I knew was good.

As I ate my gelato, I wandered over to Eis Cafe Roma and browsed their selections - they have a caipirinha flavour! I'll have to check it out if they are open tomorrow, but I doubt they will be open by the time I leave. I walked around a bit more and it was back to the hostel for some reading and sleep.

Additional photos below
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City Hall, I think.

The Frauenkirche, I think.

St. Lawrence Church.

The Ship of Fools - creepy sculpture.

The Beautiful Fountain - apparently, it's packed with allegorical meaning, but I really didn't care to learn about it. There is a gold ring that supposedly brings you good luck if you spin it three times.

There is also a black ring, that supposedly brings fertility if you also spin it three times. Being a gentleman and seeing this fine young lady obviously in need of help, I offered to assist with her fertility problem, but was rudely declined! I was only trying to be helpful!

I finally had lunch at 3 PM, meaning that anything I ate would probably taste great - case in point, a crappy slice of pepperoni pizza that somehow seemed tasty.

Not filling enough, I tried the local Nurnberg sausages - three little bratwurst stuffed in a bun. The crusty roll was great.

The life-saving melon gelato.

Nazi Documentation Centre, housed inside a wing of Hitler's unfinished Congress Hall, the largest surviving example of Nazi architecture.

Had the Congress Hall been completed, this catwalk overlooks the part of the hall where 50,000 Nazis would have gathered.

Model of the never-completed German Stadium, which would have held 400,000 spectactors.

The Silbersee - a lake created out of the whole that was dug to be the foundation of the never-finished stadium.

Back in Nurnberg - the Frauentor, one of the four medieval entrances to the old town.

Craftsmen's Courtyard - touristy street built in 1971 to celebrate the 500th birthday of Nurnberg's most famous painter, Albrecht Durer, considered my some to be the best German painter.

A store called Mister Lady - sounds like a place to get clothing for transvestites.

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