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July 22nd 2017
Published: July 22nd 2017
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Short or tall, fat or skinny, young or old you dress a Bavarian in frilly shirt, braces, lederhosen, fancy socks and shoes and despite the fact they appear they are on the way to a gay pride march thsee guys look like as though you should not mess with them. One even wore Harry Potter glasses and still looked tough! Don't tell Tracey's Mal but they all looked like him and that's after they had had a few beers and before I had any. And there are plenty of them around. All charming, all good but yo get the feeling they would be a bit of a force.

Again I ate the best part of half an animal with a couple of litres of beer. Tonight it was roast pork with potatoes (I know you probably guessed the potatoes bit) and a dumpling. Julie had the 'gross wurst with frites', I think the pork wins but... Sausage is everywhere here and the toughest bit is working out what varietal to get. Often the strategy is I'll have the same as them but the point and hope works pretty well as well.

The beer is good here. Despite the fact it comes by the litre it stays fresh and crisp and is drinkable to the end. Tonight there was an om pah band playing and after 2 litres of Augustena wheat beer they sounded OK (but then again so did the elevator music at the hotel). The locals were right into them recognising and responding appropriately to any drinking song but even we were caught up,in the festivities a bit (it is tough to refuse a dance invite!).

But it back to hotel for some really good cake that I purchased earlier in the day. Surprisingly good and surprisingly tasty, they were quite French rather than the heavier German pastries we've had lately.

Any way that's our quick meal at Augustena Beer Gardens. Tomorrow it's KLW start.

See you tomorrow.

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22nd July 2017

Only 2 pieces of cake?!! Bad luck-it seems you've learnt your German numbers!! Sounds like a wonderful time!! xx
23rd July 2017

Only 2! That's enough after 2 litres of beer and half a roast animal. Even I thought I was doing pretty well.

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