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July 23rd 2017
Published: July 23rd 2017
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We start the KLW where KL died. Strange but true. But then much of the story of KL is a paradox. Was he crazy and a spendthrift or was he ahead of his time and innovative? Was he assassinated or did he drown simply by misadventure? Lots more. Anyway we are walking the KLW and today we walked from Starnbert to Berg where there are 2 crosses and a 'votinkapelle' that mark the spot where KL did not swim enough! I'm yet to check what a 'votinkapelle' is but it has to be some type of church, maybe it hasn't been consecrated or something but it adorned with crosses and symbols that are pretty suggestive and indicative of churchy things. Sorry to get technical on you but...

The train trip from Munich to Starnberg should be an uneventful 40 minutes. It wasn't. Trains were cancelled on the line so we dodged, weaved and kept our fingers crossed. Fortunately we were not in a hurry and eventually ended up in the correct spot. Starnberg is quite pretty. Bordered by a big lake there are some very impressive residences here nestled among the verdant green forrest and the walk today was easy and really pleasant. The KLW has an official start near Berg so the 6 km there (and obviously the 6 km return) was a good way of easing into the routine of the next week or so.

Our hotel here is very comfortable, another very good shower (in fact I haven't had a bad shower yet. Good temperature, good water pressure and none with controls that require a PhD operate) but their restaurant service is woefully slow. Just spent over two and a half hours having a good (but no better than good) meal that was only 2 courses plus coffee. We waited an hour and twenty minutes for a soup course! And their prices did not match their menu out the front! Not fair!

Tomorrow we head off on the KLW and do not return, so as such it's our first real walk day. The day's walk concludes with a ferry trip so there's a sort of time constraint on us. The guide book anticipates 5 hours of actual walking so it will be interesting to see how our pace matches the expected. If we miss the ferry it's not a big deal as there are are two more before stupid late time. The elevation gain tomorrow is only 315 m which is relatively small compared with the TMB so we think tomorrow should be pretty comfortable. Surprisingly the distance is greater than most days in the TMB but the gradients, surfaces and conditions should make for a comfortable day's walk.

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23rd July 2017

And they're off........again!
Hi Rob (and Julie). Looking forward to your new walking adventure. Seems like you are off to a great start. Glad to hear you are feeling more like yourself again Rob! Enjoy!
24th July 2017

All very good. I hope you can tell we are having a ball. The KLW has started really well.

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