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August 2nd 2016
Published: August 15th 2016
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Day 10 &11 Tuesday & Wednesday

August 2 & 3, 2016

Momma’s birthday

I roll over and look out the window. It’s raining lightly; I close my eyes we are sleeping in today. The rest of the boat is taking a tour to Heidelberg. Kirsten has seen the city; me I’m a wanted man in Heidelberg. The last time I was there… Lori and I were trying to get out of a parking garage. I broke off the parking garage arm that keeps you in. Yea, I’m sure the Poliezi are still looking for me.

Kirsten and I sleep in and meander to the breakfast buffet in the front of the boat. We sat there having a nice quite breakfast. Three of the wait staff were there and waited on us hand and foot. I couldn’t drink a cup of coffee with out them filling the cup. I felt like I was someone until Kirsten told him we didn’t need all this attention. What, I like it. No, we don’t need this much attention.

After breakfast we just cruised down the Rheine for the next 2-3 hrs. It was raining and it was so nice and relaxing just cruising and watching the rain come down. We dosed in and out of a nap with soft rocking of the boat.

Soon we pulled into Miltenberg. It’s still raining; we grabbed a couple of umbrellas and headed into town. We strolled up and down the main street. To dry off a little…. we ducked into the cathedral and listen to the choir practicing. We decided to sit down and enjoy the singing.

After 30 minutes, we lit a candle and headed out to find a place selling beer. Around the corner and up a small hill we found this nice looking Gasthaus and yes they have beer. We ordered a couple beers and pretzels. Of course they were gross (meaning large) in Germany and most of Europe.

After and hour and another beer we walked back to the boat. I was ready for a nap.

Everyone returned from Heidelberg, this one group of folks from Texas said they saw a poster in the train station with my picture. It was in German and they couldn’t make out why. Yea, I know everybody wants a piece of me. I famous but don’t tell anybody.

When we get to the dining room for dinner we hear German music and everyone dressed in Lederhosen and Dirndles. It’s German night, all my favorite German meals. Yum Yum Yum….

We ate till we couldn’t eat any more then I had one more bite. I’ll have to loosen my belt tomorrow.

Off to bed we go…

Day 11 Wednesday August 3, 2016 Momma’s birthday

Man did I sleep good Kirsten on the other hand is getting very tired of the hard bed. Sorry!

We’re still sailing and arrive in Mainz around 9 am. We pulled up next to the Hilton. This is where we’ve stayed before and Bea stays here when flying to Frankfurt.

After docking, we grab two umbrellas and off we go. Now there is slight issue. Whenever we get off the boat everyone gathers around his or her assigned lollie pop holder (tour guide), Kirsten and I; we head off in the other direction. The leader of the Texas group yells “hey where you guys going”? I look back wave and say “never travel in a packs, you are way too obvious looking that way” as I’m laughing.

Walked around town for an hour plus. The first time we saw the Dom without scaffolding. It’s nice more of a Georgia red clay color. We continued to stroll around and found this one cathedral that was bombed out and never rebuilt. Just the outside walls are standing, the ceiling, windows and doors gone. The city built up around this cathedral it here as a reminder. Very sobering.

We arrive back on board for lunch, I had a nice asparagus soup in fact I had two bowls. It warmed me up nicely from the inside out.

We started sailing toward Rudesheim, which is famous for a specialty coffee. Ok, it’s a cappuccino with liqueur.

There was a Rudesheimer coffee demo in the lounge with some great desserts. Kirsten had a Beninschict (Bee Sting) and zeuschen kuchen (Plum I think).

They were both good! I’ll have another!

Rudesheim is also famous for this alley that you walk through that sells shots for the restaurant windows. Did I walk through that alley, twice!

After walking through the alley we took the cable car to the Germania statue. It’s from some famous German – French war. Good thing there was a beer garden up there.

Around 6 pm we were back on board for dinner and sailing.

I had Mahi and Kirsten had steak. Our wine glasses never went dry.

After dinner we Face Timed momma, Happy 94th birthday, we love you.

Oh by the way Kirsten is getting pretty comfortable and plotting ways to just live on this boat. I reminded her Will, Mark and Caroline are in Florida.

I’m just dreaming, can’t I just dream.

Sure you can for 5-6 more days.

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