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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Miltenberg August 2nd 2016

Day 10 &11 Tuesday & Wednesday August 2 & 3, 2016 Momma’s birthday I roll over and look out the window. It’s raining lightly; I close my eyes we are sleeping in today. The rest of the boat is taking a tour to Heidelberg. Kirsten has seen the city; me I’m a wanted man in Heidelberg. The last time I was there… Lori and I were trying to get out of a parking garage. I broke off the parking garage arm that keeps you in. Yea, I’m sure the Poliezi are still looking for me. Kirsten and I sleep in and meander to the breakfast buffet in the front of the boat. We sat there having a nice quite breakfast. Three of the wait staff were there and waited on us hand and foot. I couldn’t ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Miltenberg May 15th 2015

After a peaceful "locked" morning, we docked in Miltenberg, Germany, our first stop in Bavaria. It's a quaint town (pop 9176) nestled in some beautiful mountains along the Main River. It looked like something from a German post card. Our walking tour guide was funny and filled with lots of historical facts. The town has been a tourist destination since 1590. One of the oldest working "Inns" in Germany is here. There's a wonderful brewery here and this is where the pretzel was created. The story about the pretzel is pretty cool. This is a strongly Catholic community with a monastery in the hills. The monks used to make heart shaped "pretzels" that reflected their love for God. But when they decided that you could pray with your arms crossed (to keep your hands warm in ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Miltenberg March 9th 2007

...the last days in my hometown After the last weekend with my great friends in France, I went back to the cold "South" of Germany in order to prepare my journey and to say goodbye to my family and the friends I still have here. In the moment I'm in my hometown Miltenberg in Bavaria, Germany. It's a lovely, very little city along the river Main 70km South of Frankfurt. In the moment I spend my days here sorting my visa & stuff, packing my backpack and getting ready for leaving. Only a few things get on my nerves such as the bank who wasn't able to send me my creditcard which I demanded in December and the Iranian Visa agency who desperately wants a letter from my university that I study there....and another 20€ for ... read more
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