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September 28th 2007
Published: October 2nd 2007
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The first brochure I picked up at the tourist office said ~"The Happy End of Germany!" and oh my, what a happy place it is! i think i took over 100 pictures in the two short days I was here! This was on a recommendation of Jess, her sister lives near here and they like to vacation in Lindau, so i thought, why not!?!

I was absolutely enamored the minute the train pulled into town. Lindau is an island on the Bodensee (lake constance) which borders austria, switzerland, and germany. The train passed over an isthmus to get to the island and I immediately started grinning! PARADISE!! I arrived in the middle of a conference on a weekend, so there were no rooms available except the 5 star hotel on the lake on the edge of town. Darn it! 😊 It was actually still pretty cheap, 100 euros. i've been paying about 50 euros everywhere else....and by the way, the only news i've seen is that the US dollar is its absolute weakest ever! It is the worst dollar to euro exchange rate in the history of the euro! Great time to travel!?!?!?! Anyways, the hotel was awesome and i had dinner overlooking the lake and snow capped mountains of switzerland on the other side! There was an awesome pool as well, so i got to take a swim and just relax! i did laundry in the bathtub.....oh man you do not want to be able to see all the dirt that comes off your clothes! GROSS! I was able to use the handy dandy towel warming rack to dry my clothes! Worked out pretty well! they had an amazing breakfast spread the next morning, although nothing of it seemed like breakfast food to me! germany breakfasts buffets are CRAZY.....mostly cold cut meats, olives, cukes, and assorted cheeses! They also have a variety of sausages, of course! And never scrambled eggs or omelets, its only hard boiled eggs everywhere.

I took the bus back onto the island, and had called and found the perfect spot in town for the next two nights. The buses there are sooooo great, there is only 4 lines, 1, 2, 3, and 4 and there is one transfer point. They are coordinated to be at each stop every 30 minutes, and then all the lines meet at the transfer stop at the same time too! The transfer stop is hilarious, its a sidewalk in the middle of the street and the 4 buses pull up on one side going one way, and the 4 buses pull up on the other side going the other way! All the people get off the buses and casually mill around to the other side, switch buses, and within 4 minutes, they are all taking off again! Brilliant!

As soon as I got settled, I spent the rest of the day wandering around the island and taking pictures galore! i had the most fantastic lunch - again it was a point and guess - Gemuselasagne. Veggie lasagna with carrots, beans, zuchinni, etc, and cheese, cheese cheese! loved it! the harbor at lindau is so naturally beautiful, with all the hills and mountains in the background and a lion and lighthouse guarding the entrance! It took about 2 hours to leisurely walk around the entire island, and i had such a great time people watching and hanging out by the water! I was very sad to find out i had missed a marrionette play the night before - they had the marrionettes on display in the square and they were hilarious! Also funny was about 200 chairs set up in rows facing the water for people to just sit and enjoy the scenery! How clever and thoughtful!

The second day in town i hopped on the boat to take a trip to another town on the lake, Meersberg. i had no idea where the boat went or what the other side of the trip would entail, but that's the fun of traveling! I spent the entire 2 hour trip on the bow of the boat with my ipod cranked to chemical brothers, dancing up a storm! Many people were giving me looks - most were smiling! Also got the attention of the captain, because at one of the stops I looked up at the steering wheel and he did a little dance for me! Nice! Again, doing my best to serve as the ambassador of FUN! I got off in Meersberg and it was this crazy little town that is built on the side of a hill! Its full of stores selling miniature things for dollhouses! How random! Ate lunch and ice cream there and explored the town for a couple hours....had to catch the last boat back to lindau! By the way, they do not mess around with the ice cream here! There's a shop on every street and they sell these huge elaborate sundaes with like 7 different ingredients, flavors, cookies toppings, etc! They even have my new favorite, spaghetti ice cream! Its like they put the icecream through a playdoh spaghetti maker and then top it with strawberry topping....yyyuuuummmm.

PS. I added a few pics to the Heidelberg page too = be sure to check them out!

PPS. I miss everyone lots! Wish you were here!!!!

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the Zepplin was flying around all day!the Zepplin was flying around all day!
the Zepplin was flying around all day!

I think this is where they invented it - there were a few museums around the lake!

3rd October 2007

so jealous
Soooooo jealous of your spaghetti ice cream!!!!!! It sound sooooo goooooood!!! Since I can't get spaghetti ice cream here, I must have the 7 flavors sundae, baby Jack Daniel agrees, he must have ice cream too!! ooohh! He just kick me, I guess he is excited about the ice cream. miss ya!

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